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FOSS4G 2017 Boston LocationTech; Big Data at the Heart of Geospatial Innovation


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The rapid growth of Big Data (sensors, satellites, social networking) poses challenges to make the plethora of data more actionable intelligent: to process, monitor, manage, interpret and edit. As most information is tied to a location the geospatial information processing and management faces the same challenges regarding the trinity 'volume, velocity and variability'. Effectively the limits of traditional open spatial software components and tools have been reached. Thus necessitating cloud-based, distributed solutions.
In a relatively short time the Eclipse Working Group LocationTech has become the home for the much needed Big Geospatial Data innovation. Projects like GeoMesa, GeoWave, GeoTrellis, GeoGig and others enable temporal-spatial solutions for IoT, Automated Car, Earth Observation, Precision Agriculture, Disaster Management etc.
Please, check us out at or follow us on Twitter @locationtech

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FOSS4G 2017 Boston LocationTech; Big Data at the Heart of Geospatial Innovation

  1. 1. Big  Data   at  the  Heart   of  Geospa1al  Innova1on   (and  Loca1onTech)   Marc  Vloemans   Director  Ecosystems   Eclipse  Founda1on-­‐Loca1onTech   FOSS4G  2016,  Boston  
  2. 2. Eclipse  Founda1on   FOSS4G  2017   2   •  One  of  the  top  open  source  founda1ons   •  Organiza1onal  and  individual  members   •  Collabora1ng  on  innova1ve  technology   •  >330  open  source  projects   And  we  are  growing  towards   •  ‘A  community  of  communi1es’   •  Focus  on  industry  sectors  and  markets   •  Industry  Working  Groups  
  3. 3. Eclipse  Founda1on  and  Loca1onTech   •  Eclipse  Industry  Working  Groups  (IWG)   •  collaborate  and  innovate  on  the  crea1on  of   commercially  friendly  technology,  specifica1ons  and   best  prac1ces  for  a  specific  industry  or  market.   FOSS4G  2017  
  4. 4. What  we  do   FOSS4G  2017  
  5. 5. Loca1onTech   •  Partner  of,  among  others  OGC,  OSGeo  (FOSS4GNA,   projects,  sponsoring)   •  More  than  just  a  community  of  developers   •  An  ecosystem  of  service  suppliers,  projects  and  end-­‐ user  organiza1ons   •  Collabora1ve  market  development  for  OS  geospa1al   •  Commercially  friendly  temporal-­‐spa1al  aware   soware   •  Special  focus  on  Big  Geospa1al  Data   FOSS4G  2017  
  6. 6. Focus   •  Mission   •  To  be  the  interna1onal  pla]orm  for  sustainable  technical   and  commercial  collabora1on  for  open  geospa1al   •  Focus   •  Commercial  and  technical  value  add  to  members   •  Diversity  of  end-­‐users  and  partnerships   •  Big  Geospa1al  Data  tools  and  applica1ons   •  Strategic  execu1on   •  Recruit  projects  for  por]olio  gaps  (e.g.  3D,  Geocoder)   •  Create  projects  in  house  (JTS2,  RPE)   •  Increase  and  broaden  the  user-­‐base   FOSS4G  2017  
  7. 7. The  Loca1onTech  Working  Group   Steering  Commi,ee  Member   Par1cipa1ng  Member   Guest  (Academic)  Member   FOSS4G  2017  
  8. 8. The  future  is  Big  Geospa1al  Data   •  Sensors,  satellites  and  social  networking   •  20%  growth  rate  per  year   •  The  80-­‐20  rule   •  The  geospa1al  component   •  Ac1onable  intelligence   •  monitor,  manage,  interpret,  edit   •  The  limits  of  open  spa1al  components  and  tools   •  Volume,  velocity,  variability     FOSS4G  2017  
  9. 9. Loca1onTech  GeoMesa   FOSS4G  2017   •  A  collec1on  of  libraries  and  modules  which   can  be  used  to  solve  Big  Geospa1al  Data   challenges.   •  Management  of  billions  to  trillions  of  vector  data   •  Well  suited  for  streaming  vector  data   •  Spark  SQL  support   •  Improved  support  for  HBase  and  Cassandra  backends   •  New  Cloud  Storage  support  (S3,  Azure  Blobstore,  etc)  
  10. 10. Loca1onTech  GeoWave   •  A  soware  library  connec1ng  scalability  of   distributed  compu1ng  frameworks  and  key-­‐value   stores  with  modern  geospa1al  soware  to  store,   retrieve  and  analyze  big  geospa1al  datasets.   •  Scalabel  design   •  Interac1ve  1me  and/or  loca1on  specific  queries   •  Mul1-­‐dimensional  indexing  to  ao.  Accumulo,  HBase,   BigTable   •  GeoServer  plugin  to  share  and  visualize    geospa1al  data   in  a  GeoWave  datastore  via  OGC  standard  services   FOSS4G  2017  
  11. 11. Loca1onTech  GeoTrellis   •  A  framework  to  process  large  and  small  data   sets  with  low  latency  by  distribu1ng  the   computa1on  across  mul1ple  threads,  cores,   CPUs  and  machines.   •  ability  to  rapidly  process  and  distribute  processing  of   raster  data   •  data  import  and  conversion  tools  for  the  ARG  data   structure   •  designed  to  help  create  simple,  standard  REST  services     FOSS4G  2017  
  12. 12. Loca1onTech  GeoGig   •  A  Distributed  Version  Control  System           specially  designed  to  handle  geospa1al  data   efficiently.   •  inspira1on  from  the  source  code  versioning  system  Git   •  import  raw  geospa1al  data  (currently  from  Shapefiles,   PostGIS,  MS  SQLServer,  or  Spa1aLite)  in  to  a  repository   •  every  change  to  the  data  is  tracked   •  versioning,  branched  into  sandboxed  areas,  merged   back  and  pushed  to  remote  repositories.   FOSS4G  2017  
  13. 13. May  2018   FOSS4G  2017  
  14. 14. More  informa1on  online   •  Online   •  Website;   •  Twiier;  @Loca1onTech   •  Mailinglists;  see  website   •  LinkedIn;  hips://   •  Mail   •  Thea.Aldrich@eclipse-­‐  (Dev.  Advocate)   •  Marc.Vloemans@eclipse-­‐  (Dev.  Ecosystem)   •  Paul.white@eclipse-­‐  (Member  Services)   FOSS4G  2017