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SMX Session - State of Search 2023

  1. State of Search From a Data Perspective 🚀😍
  2. Who am I? Marcus Tober SVP Enterprise Solutions @Semrush 22 years SEO experience 17 years experience building SEO products (founder Searchmetrics) Inhouse, agency and PE experience /marcustober @marcustober
  3. The State of Search 2023 Search is evolving But how much has it evolved? Even with ChatGPT, Google is our go-to Search Engine, so what can we learn?
  4. Total traffic trend (US) for 2022 In Q4 traffic is almost back to normal level Q1/Q2 for 2022 was pretty low compared to 2021 in the same time frame
  5. Search traffic trend (US) for 2022 During the year the relative share of Search traffic slightly dropped
  6. Search traffic trend (US) for 2022 Generally Search is one of the most important channels
  7. What are typical ratio of Search traffic? 33% 26% 77% 10% 17% 13% 32% 11% Ecommerce Ecommerce B2B Informational Video Video News Social
  8. Winner Electronics, Beauty, Media and Food industries grew YoY Slightly down Retail, Online Education and Travel decreased in size a little bit Loser Service & Technology and Fashion decreased more significantly Winner/Loser for Search Traffic
  9. Any changes for Google Updates?
  10. Number of major Google Updates per year 10 confirmed updates in 2022
  11. Google Updates split by different types All updates are more nuanced than the former broad Core Updates Since 2021 Google officially introduced different types of updates
  12. Update diversity Google has become more transparent what kind of update they are releasing Many different types of updates
  13. Continuous decrease in impact of Google updates There is a visible trend that each update has less impact
  14. How are the SERPs changing?
  15. SERP features—Mobile (US) SERP feature occurrence related 94% people also ask 72% Images in Organic Results 71% Videos in Organic Results 52% Review 50% featured images 47% popular products 29% knowledge panel 28% videos carousel 28% FAQ 22% Popular Products Fastest growing SERP feature
  16. Popular Products ● The only chance to get market share for ecommerce queries ● Almost 1/3 of all mobile queries show this integration
  17. SERP feature occurrence related 91.70% review 77% people also ask 65% images carousel 63% Videos in Organic Results 62% Images in Organic Results 47% videos carousel 35% FAQ 25% knowledge panel 23% featured snippet 18% SERP features—Desktop (US) Desktop is becoming more visual
  18. Visual Desktop results
  19. 2.51% 10.77% 51.06% -16.13% -35.06% -25.40% 107.14% 21.74% -20.00% -12.00% -16.67% 366.67% 11.11% -100.00% -50.00% 0.00% 50.00% 100.00% 150.00% 200.00% 250.00% 300.00% 350.00% 400.00% r e l a t e d p e o p l e a l s o a s k I m a g e s i n O r g a n i c R e s u l t s V i d e o s i n O r g a n i c R e s u l t s R e v i e w f e a t u r e d i m a g e s / c a r o u s e l p o p u l a r p r o d u c t s k n o w l e d g e p a n e l v i d e o s c a r o u s e l F A Q f e a t u r e d s n i p p e t p e o p l e a l s o s e a r c h l o c a l p a c k Delta SERP feature Mobile Desktop related 94% 92% people also ask 72% 65% Images in Organic Results 71% 47% Videos in Organic Results 52% 62% Review 50% 77% featured images/carousel 47% 63% popular products 29% 14% knowledge panel 28% 23% videos carousel 28% 35% FAQ 22% 25% featured snippet 15% 18% people also search 14% 3% local pack 10% 9% Difference SERP features—Mobile vs Desktop
  20. How has the Search Intent changed?
  21. Source: Semrush Organic Research—159M Keywords US Desktop Slow but visible shift towards more commercial search results Google transforms the SERPs with more transactional SERP features
  22. Visual results, full of product listings
  23. Visual results, full of product listings Google is great at entity recognition to show even more ads
  24. Question is, are conversational results better?
  25. Distribution of Search Volume by Keyword Length We will see how long-tail will change with new conversational search behaviour Majority of search is still 1-2 words, most likely as Google understands intent so that the user query can be short
  26. How many new domains are there since Covid hit?
  27. Number of different domain rankings is decreasing since 2 years Google has less diversity or less spam…
  28. Search traffic by domain is growing Building a brand and become and authority is more important than ever It proves again that SEO is a long-term game
  29. Volatility up, but number of new domains down Most likely it‘s getting harder to rank with new domains/content
  30. What are new Google SERP features?
  31. 1.64% occurence Short Videos Carousel feature for mobile searches which suggests watching videos from TikTok and other short video platforms Short Video Carousel
  32. 1% occurence Appears almost exclusively for informational searches Things to know integration
  33. 0.3% occurence Appears almost exclusively for commercial searches Buying Guide integration
  34. What about SEO in 2023?
  35. CTR has not declined in 2022—SEO is not dead *Based on 30 million keywords Avg. CTR 2021 Mobile: 6.5% Desktop: 6.1% Avg. CTR 2022 Mobile: 7.4% Desktop: 6.2%
  36. Stay tuned for our upcoming State of Search 2023 study