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BGSOB 2012 Newsletter

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M 120402 Bgsob Nl 2012

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2012 Junior Common Room, Bury Grammar School, Bridge Road, Tenderden Street, Bury, BL9 0HN Bury Grammar School Old Boys’ AssociationAccompanying this newsletter is the invitation to theAnnual Founders’ Day Dinner, which will be held Sir David A Trippier RD JP DL, businessman andthis year on Friday 4th May at School. Dinner is £27 former MP for Rossendale & Darwen, has beenwith a discounted rate of elected to the rank of£18 available to recent Guest Speaker ~ PHILIP COLLINS Provincial Grand Master forleavers still in full-time Philip Collins left BGS in 1985 and then, after a t h e E a s t L a n c a s h i r eeducation. Please return degree in History, worked briefly for London province of Freemasons. Weekend Television before taking up a job as ayour completed application research assistant to the Labour MP, Frank Field.f o r m , t o g e t h e r w i t h After 3 years in Parliament, during which he also I was delighted to hearappropriate payment, to secured a MSc at Birkbeck College, London, Philip from Prof. Tony TavillSteve Crompton, as soon as went to St John’s College, Cambridge to do a PhD (1947-54), a professor ofpossible. in Political Philosophy. After Cambridge he medicine & nutrition and worked as an investment banker for 5 years eminent liver specialist inEdward Lord has stepped before taking up a post as Director of the Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Hedown as London Dinner independent think-tank, the Social Market remains in touch with OldOrganiser after many years, Foundation. From there, Philip went to work at 10 Clavians where possible due to pressure of Downing Street as the Chief Speech Writer to the and is the proud Honorary other commitments. Prime Minister Tony Blair, a position he held from Founding President of the We thank Edward for 2004 to 2007. After leaving Downing Street, he Henry Dunster Society at established a speech writing company, High his service over the Harvard University. Windows, of which he is the chief executive and years. Plans for this then, in 2008, went to work for The Times. He isyear’s London Dinner are currently a weekly political columnist and the M y c o m p a t r i o t J a s o nstill being formulated and Deputy Chief Leader Writer at the Times. In 2009 Clynes is serving in awill be co-ordinated by the he was voted after dinner speaker of the year and support role in the militaryDevelopment Office at BGS. Philip has also published a best-selling novel, The base at Camp Bastion,Regular attendees and Men From The Boys, about growing up in Bury. Helmand Province,members living in the south We look forward to welcoming him back to Afghanistan.should receive notification School.directly, but please contact Derek Calrow, inMichelle Bradshaw for further info on 0161 764 1733 celebration of his 70th birthday, completed a freefallor at michelle@bgsdev.demon.co.uk. parachute jump, raising significant funds for SSAFA Forces Help.On the subject of the London Dinner, I attended theHouse of Commons last year. It was an excellent Her Majesty The Queen appointed Nigel Bird (1987)evening, with around 60 attendees, including the to be a Circuit Judge on the advice of the LordHeadmaster. Alistair Burt was asked to present a pair Chancellor, the Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke QCof cufflinks to David Armsbey, on behalf of the OBA, MP.in recognition of his support over many years. Former London Dinner Secretary Edward Lord was made an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. OLD BOYS’ NEWSThe current membership of the Old Boys Association David Stringer-Lamarre (1976-83), a stalwart of thetotals 800, although there are a number for whom London Dinner, was elected as the Vice Chairman ofwe no longer have up-to-date information. Life the Institute of Directors, City of London.Membership is only £25 and we’d be grateful formore applications!President: Rob Yates Chairman: Melvyn Ince Treasurer: Howard Marsh
  2. 2. ...STOP PRESS….prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail??? please let me know...bgsoba@me.com………Spencer Howarth would like to get his boys of1955-62 together! Ten years ago, 38 managed to Old Boy & former joint proprietor of the Bury Times,attend the Founders’ Day Dinner - hes hoping to Harold Tomlinson, died in January 2012 aged 89. Heimprove on that!!! joined the Bury Times before WW2, returning after wartime service to eventually become generalDoctor Chris Babbs, 53, was knocked unconscious manager then joint owner. In his younger days heafter a 200ft fall down a cliff, as he tried to retrieve had played for Ramsbottom Cricket Club andhis Golden Labrador Oscar, who was the first to fall Greenmount Golf Club.over the edge of the cliff. But it was the six-year-oldfamily pet who saved the day when he barked to Popular Old Boy Ian G Smith (Iggy) died in Januaryalert coastguards to their location at Little Cliff, near 2012 aged 55, just 7 months after being diagnosedScarborough in West Yorkshire. with cancer. The son of Manchester City forward George Smith, Ian, known as ‘Iggy’, was a keenRichard Ali (1986) has followed a career in sportsman, representing Lancashire at tennis andagriculture where he now holds the position of Head playing golf off a nine handicap, once bagging aof Sustainability at British Sugar. hole-in-one. In his days at BGS, Ian quickly rose toDavid Potter (1942-49) was the Liberal Candidate in become a key player in both his football and Tennisthe 1945 “mock election” at BGS, when Geoffrey careers, winning numerous honours in both.Moorhouse (Lab) and David Hill (Cons) stood againsthim! He lives in Teignmouth and would like to learn FINANCIALof the whereabouts of David Hill! We can report that the Old Boys are stillWe welcomed Sir Brian Cubbon (1938-46) to helping to support a second boy through hismembership of the Association recently. sixth form studies at BGS by means of a half- bursary.Keith Robinson (1974-81) is now a fund manager at Aside from membership subscriptions, theAXA Investment Managers. Association aims to make a small profit at the Founders’ Day Dinner to provide funds for theI had the pleasure of re-connecting with Andrew general benefit of members and the School.Yates (1986) recently - an excellent rugby player,Andrew has had a successful entrepreneurial careerin computer software. Geoffrey Bradley DuckworthDEATHS – It is with great (1929-34) died in May 2011,sadness that we have learned Visitors  to  the  School  Dining  Hall  will   aged 92, in Hampshire. Atof the death of the following have  noticed  the  growing  displays   school he was a goodOB’s… featuring  Sports  memorabilia  and  team   spor tsman, playing both photographs  from  days  gone  by.  If  any   tennis & football. He played reader  has  any  old  photos  or  items  to  William Walker (leaver of football for the Old Boys and display,  please  contact  the  Secretary.1964) - late of Peterborough, maintained a lifelong interestdied in January 2011. in BGS - for many years acting as Secretary for the London Dinner.We learned of the death of David Kirkman(1951-56) - David had lived in USA since 1967 and in Norman Wolstenholme (1941-46) died in AprilGeorgia (Atlanta area) since 1986. 2011, aged 81. He used to enjoy football & cricket for the Old Boys and attended numerous events overAdam Kenneth Fletcher (2000-2007) died tragically the years. After school he joined the Bury Treasurer’syoung on July 12, 2011, aged 23 years, after a long Department, subsequently joining mercantile creditbattle with cystic fybrosis. before retiring to Blackpool.Bill Turner, who joined the OBA last year at the age Keith Millett died in Spring 2011, aged about 77.of 78, died in January 2012. He was brother in law ofBarry Henstock, and last year attended his first Old Alexander Birtwell, the eldest of 3 BGS brothersBoys’ Dinner in 15 years. (Ian & Stuart being the others), died suddenly at home in September 2011 aged 70-71. In his careerWe learned of the death of former teacher, Brian he was a PE teacher at Birkdale HS.Crowther, aged 76 - he was a talented altosaxophonist, who taught woodwind at BGS. 2 Secretary: bgsoba@me.com
  3. 3. ...STOP PRESS….prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail??? please let me know...bgsoba@me.com………We learned of the sad death in September 2011 of but in the interim please contact the Secretary forIan Holder, aged 49. further information.We also learned of the passing of Richard A Hockey Club (Sameer Sheikh, Junior School).Fairhurst, aged 67, from throat cancer. P22 W19 D1 L2 F73 A22 Pts 58 The season has now finished, with BGS winning the league by 5 points - with the SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUBS best goal difference in the league. This is the team’s 4th straight promotion andFootball: third consecutive league title.www.clubwebsite.co.uk/burygrammaroldboysafc/Old Boys interested in playing are invited to contact The Table-Tennis section fields 2 teams in the BuryAndy Jackson for training details Table Tennis League (www.burytabletennis.org.uk/) -(ajackson@olsj.blackburn.sch.uk), especially school- The A-team has finished its season comfortably mid-leavers and Old Boys returning to the area after table with Barry Warburton top ten runner-up; The BUniversity. Follow the fixtures, results and tables at team ditto with John Greenhalgh high in the top ten.www.lancsam.fsnet.co.uk - also regular matchreports appear in the Bury Times. The Old Clavians Golfing Society has a packed calendar for 2012, starting with the Captains Day onAfter finishing runners-up in 2011 by 1 point, as we Friday 15th June at Willesley Park, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.enter the final stages of the 2011/12 season, the 1st Contact: Melvyn Ince – 0161 482 4016 - LifeXI has enjoyed another fantastic season and is membership is only £40.00. Howard Manwaring hascurrently top of the Lancashire Amateur League been elected Captain of the Old Clavians for 2012.premier Division. However Castle Hill, in 2nd place, is The Annual Trip is again at Portals Hotel in Tarporley3 points behind with 3 games between 18-20 Septemberin hand so the title is by no 2012 and places are stillmeans won yet. The 2nd XI has PLEASE  STAY  IN  TOUCH! available.battled well in Division 2, We’d  love  to  hear  from  you  with  career  currently 9th out of 14, in a very updates,  memories  of  your  time  at  BGS   Results 2011: the Invitationcompetitive league, often and  stories/news. Day was played at Nelson,facing first XI’s of other clubs. Remember  to  update  your  details  -­‐   where Melvyn Ince & StuartThe 3rd XI is currently 9th out of especially  e-­‐mail  addresses! Clegg took the honours. The14 in Division 5. The 4th XI (the Challenge Trophy was wonVets) has also improved and by David Freeman atenjoyed another season - currently lying 8th out of 11 Harwood GC, with Melvyn Ince runner-up and Mikein Division 7. Sherlock in 3rd. Nearest the pin was won by John Holland.The club enjoyed a curry night in December and aDinner Dance at the Red Hall in March. The Winner of the Captains Day at Chorleypresentation night is arranged for May, with Duncan GC was Melvyn Ince (for the secondMackenzie as guest speaker - the Old Boys will return year running). Unfortunately theto Liverpool Ramblers over the Easter Weekend., Silver Swan Trophy (Vs BGS Old Girls)having finished runners-up in 2011. did not take place during 2011, but it has been reinstated for 2012. The End of Season The swimming pool is available for Tour at Portals, Tarporley, was extremely successful, OB’s every Wednesday evening with 20 attendees - the overall champion was Peter between 7 and 9pm. Having Kenyon (of Turriff, Aberdeen)recently started to go myself, I can confirm it is £1well spent! Please contact Rob Yates for info (0161764 7626). SCHOOL NEWSOld Boys Bridge Club: The members have, for many www.bgsboys.co.ukyears, enjoyed the clubs unique and congenialatmosphere. After 28 years at the helm, Stephen & Thanks to the hard work of the Parents’ AssociationPhyllis Bleakley are stepping down as organisers and at the FIFTH annual Summer Fun Day, over £6,200applications are sought for the vacant role! We hope was raised for School Projects, including a weatherthe club continues to thrive with fresh organisation, 3 Secretary: bgsoba@me.com
  4. 4. ...STOP PRESS….prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail??? please let me know...bgsoba@me.com………station for the geography department and a pond To join the BGS Old Boys’ Association, you need to make afor an ecology project in the Biology department. separate application and pay a £25 lifetime membership fee (for which you receive this newsletter and may useStaff: Helen Grundy retired in Summer 2011 after 27 club facilities). School-leavers can enjoy free membershipyears of of service as a specialist peripatetic teacher of the Old Boys’ Club for the period of their furtherof horn, trumpet, euphonium and tuba.  education – contact the secretary for details.Other departing staff included Mrs Faulkner (DeputyHead, Junior School); Mr Richmond; Mr Cawtherley WE ARE GRATEFUL TO THE DEVELOPMENT(Geography); Mr Barker; Mr Mulviel & Mr Jones. OFFICE FOR THEIR CONTINUED ASSISTANCE IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE OLD BOYSThe school football 1st X1 reached the Manchester MEMBERSHIP RECORDS AND THE LONDONcup final at Flixton FC. DINNERThere were many sporting achievements during theyear, including the 1st XI football reaching the semi-final of the ISFA Cup in 2011, being beaten by Eton WITH ROYAL MAIL POSTAGE COSTS SET TOCollege by 2-0. SOAR, WE WOULD APPRECIATE EVEN MORE CO-OPERATION FROM MEMBERS BYThe inaugural meeting of the Henry Bury Society RECEIVING THIS NEWSLETTER BY E-took place in Spring 2011, to meet & hear papers on MAIL...PLEASE CONTACT THE SECRETARY ONa wide range of topics with the aim of providing a BGSOBA@ME.COMforum to enhance critical thinking amongst thestudents; Revd Henry Bury was the School’s firstbenefactor, leaving an endowment in his will in 1634.Exam Success 2011: MERCHANDISE:A-Level: the overall pass rate was 99% (up from 98% The  new  design  BGSOBA  CUFFLINK  is  in 2010), with 40% (38%) being awarded A* or A selling  well.  They  will  be  available  for  sale  grades. 21% (24%) of the year-group achieved at at  the  Annual  Dinner  and  I  will  gladly  least 3 A grades and 28% (22) achieved at least one send  a  photograph  to  anyone  wishing  to  of the new A* grades view  before  they  buy. The  cufQlinks  are  priced  at  £35.00  plus  GCSE: the overall percentage of entries graded A* to £3.00  p&p  and  can  be  obtained  directly  C was 89% (96%) and 93% of boys achieved at least 5 from  the  Secretary  or  from  the  A* to C passes, including Mathematics & English Development  OfQice.Language. In 2011, 38% (48%) of entries weregraded A* or A and the percentage of entries gradedA* was 18%.The WORLD CHALLENGE EXPEDITION went toIceland in Summer 2011. There  is  a  very  healthy  community  of  Old  Boys  (&   Girls)  on  Linked-­‐In,  the  professional  Social   Networking  Site.An impressive 5-minute DVD of the School has beenproduced and is available to view on the web-site. Itis well worth it! ALUMNI DEPARTMENT www.bgsalumni.comAlthough closely linked, the BGS Old Boys Association and Many thanks for reading, please let methe Alumni Database are separate entities – all old boys know your news:are automatically classed as alumni, though only recent Martin Entwistleleavers will have their data automatically recorded. Please bgsoba@me.comvisit the ALUMNI WEBSITE to register your details. 8 Greenmount Drive, Bury, BL8 4HA 01204 882502 4 Secretary: bgsoba@me.com
  5. 5. London  Dinner  Guests  on  the  Terrace  at  the  Commons Bury  Founders’  Day  Dinner  2011L-­‐R:  School  Captain;  Ray  Swinnerton;  Headmaster;  Melvyn  Ince;  Paul  Kenyon  (Guest  speaker);  Rob   Yates;  School  Vice-­‐Captain 5