Facebook for Marketing - Bigger Opportunities Ahead


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Over the years we've seen trends in consumer applications open the door to much more dynamic and collaborative enterprise-class products. With profiles, feeds, file sharing, and many other social features, business-class apps will never look the same again. Join us as we discuss the vision and tactics behind Facebook marketing, as well as where the platform is going to take us. We'll also offer practical tips for marketers and Q&A time to ask the experts how you can leverage the platform to extend the reach of brand, connect to customers, and grow communities.

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Facebook for Marketing - Bigger Opportunities Ahead

  1. 1. Facebook is big million users
  2. 2. Lots of people of US adult Internet users are on Facebook
  3. 3. Average user spends 11 hours per month on FB 1350 1350Average minutes per month 8450 5040 2010 700 facebook eating watch tv other work sleep
  4. 4. Huge amount of time spent billion minutes spent on Facebook per month Last year that number was 150 billion minutes
  5. 5. How many pages areyou personally a ‘fan’ of? Average: 5-20
  6. 6. How many times have you revisited those pages? Average: 0-2
  7. 7. Harsh truth Never return to your page Source: http://pagelever.com
  8. 8. I know what you’re thinking to yourself…
  9. 9. So what’s the value? Access to their newsfeed Remember, they don’t come back to your page.
  10. 10. You have to get into their newsfeed of comments & likes come from newsfeeds Source: http://pagelever.com
  11. 11. Start by making them fansThis is a “Fan Gate” »
  12. 12. Tell them what you want them to doReplaces the old “Become a Fan”Replaces “Share” by auto-posting to your wall
  13. 13. This is why we need the ‘like’Getting posts into thenewsfeed is critical tobuilding impressions
  14. 14. Average impressions per postSource: http://pagelever.com
  15. 15. Why do you think this number is so low?
  16. 16. Edge Rank is Facebook’s algorithm• Ranks on relevancy• Shows 3-5 most interesting posts (FB randomizes it slightly so it doesn’t seem so stalkerish)• The majority of fans NEVER see your status updates
  17. 17. How does Edge Rank work?•  Affinity score -  the affinity between the user and the creator of the item -  number of times the users profile was checked•  Weight -  comments & likes add points -  my comments are worth more than those of my friends -  comments are worth more than non-friend comments•  Time Decay -  as time passes, stories lose points
  18. 18. Curious little note here:The native “Edge” score treats photos &video better by default than it does with text-only posts
  19. 19. You can’t SPAM it as hard as you may try•  EdgeRank is between an object and a user unlike SEO, an EdgeRank score is different for each user•  No such thing as generic “Edge Rank score” the architecture of the algorithm makes it impossible•  Real-time score competes with everything in the newsfeed… as long as a status update is in the top 3-7 posts, you’ll probably be shown until time decay reduces points OR other posts push you out
  20. 20. You CAN optimize your contentThe native “Edge” score treats photos &video better by default than it does with text-only posts
  21. 21. Ever think about posting on Saturday mornings?•  Best time to post
  22. 22. Write at a 9th grade level•  Content
  23. 23. Video & photos work best•  Format (text/photo/video/link)
  24. 24. Target friends of friends with campaigns•  Localization / relevancy
  25. 25. And target content to your users & friends of users1.  Customer service2.  Friends of fans interested in biz/tech/news3.  Fans of Salesforce pages
  26. 26. Marcus NelsonDirector of Social Media@marcusnelsonRich LiuGlobal Marketing Solutions