Dreamforce 2012 -- 10 social media tips for small business


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There is a lot of talk about using social media for business but does the investment really make sense for small business or is it just a distraction? Take away 10 tips on how we believe social can help your business in this must attend session.

Marcus Nelson, Addvocate
Andrew Hogg, salesforce.com

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Dreamforce 2012 -- 10 social media tips for small business

  1. Top 10 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small BusinessAndrew Hogg, Salesforce.com, Marketing Operations, Senior AnalystMarcus Nelson, Addvocate.co, CEO & Founder
  2. Andrew HoggMarketing Operations, Senior AnalystLinked-in: linkedin.com/in/AndrewHogg
  3. Marcus NelsonFounder, CEO@marcusnelson
  4. All About Addvocate.co Were building the first employee management service for social media. Find timely and relevant content for coworkers Route suggestions to teams, departments, or individuals Measure which users are truly making an impact Were aggregating & connecting employee personal social channels to extend the reach and impact of company messages.
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  6. WhySocial?WhyNow?
  7. Social Customers…• Control the conversation• Are more informed than ever• Want to be understood, not sold to
  8. Social Media Tips:Best Practices…
  9. #1 Own Your Social Brand Presence Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang Reserve your name on popular social sites. You never know when you might want to use those accounts & prevent squatting. #10SMBTips #df12
  10. Tools: Namechk or Knowem
  11. #2 Have An Email & SEO Strategy First Jason Keath @jasonkeath Have email strategy 1st, SEO 2nd. Social 3rd. Focus on one platform at a time, either a blog or Facebook. Direct all your energy there. #10SMBTips #df12
  12. Example: Pick A Destination, In This Case A Blog Infographics Photos blogs.salesforce.com Presentations eBooks Videos
  13. Content is King Marcus Nelson @marcusnelson If #Content is King,#Marketing is Queen,and your Blog is the Castle. #10SMBTips #df12
  14. #3 Convert Social to Email Clara Shih @clarashih You dont ‘own’ social channels. Get fans into a system that you do, like email. Still best way to connect when you want to. #10SMBTips #df12
  15. Example: Slideshare Lead Capture Form
  16. #4 Make Your Corporate Site Social Tyler Willis @tylerwillis Add social sharing to your website & emails, such as sharing buttons, tweet widgets, facebook ‘like’ box, etc. #10SMBTips #df12
  17. Example: Share Buttons & Follow Links salesforce.com salesforce.com/socialmedia Subscribing Sharing Embedding YouTube Slideshare Blog Feed Twitter Feed LinkedIn Facebook Widget
  18. #5 Become A Curator Of Content Carri Bugbee @CarriBugbee Dont have time/resources to create sharable content? Set up systems to curate; RSS, newsletters, & lists on Twitter/FB #10SMBTips #df12
  19. Be Interesting, not sales-y Remember 80/20 Rule:80% about tips, tricks, andhelpful or entertaining infoReserve 20% to talk about your product or service.
  20. #6 Don’t Advertise, Editorialize Jesse Thomas @JesseThomas When creating or curating content, think like an editor, not an advertiser. Include visuals whenever possible. #10SMBTips #df12
  21. eBooks & iBooks
  22. Infographics
  23. Photos - Facebook, Flickr, & Pinterest
  24. #7 Engage Your Biggest Fans Esteban Contreras @socialnerdia Engage w/ advocates & influencers often — look for ways to reward them or give them props. Start with your most avid customers. #10SMBTips #df12
  25. #8 Enable Your Employees To Engage Jay Baer @jaybaer Dont be afraid to empower employees, but you MUST give them guidelines and training first. #10SMBTips #df12
  26. Employees distribute & share new content
  27. #9 Automate & Personalize the Response Jason Miller @JasonMillerCA Use tools to schedule posts when you cant be online and then check in frequently via your mobile device to moderate comments. #10SMBTips #df12
  28. Examples: Buffer App, Yahoo Pipes, Dlvr.it
  29. #10 Feature Your Customers & Content ANDREW SAUNDERS @atSaunders Develop a simple content strategy featuring your consumers to build stronger relationships and increase Word Of Mouth. #10SMBTips #df12
  30. Example: Eloqua Social Media Pro Book
  31. Bonus #1: Make Reviewing Your Brand Easy Leslie Bradshaw @LeslieBradshaw Get reviews. Make it easy online AND offline. Set up iPad at check- out. Put QR code on receipts direct customers to Yelp. #10SMBTips #df12
  32. Bonus #2: Listen To Your Customers Ekaterina Walter @Ekaterina If youre in B2B, pull social information into your CRM system and look for new, non-creepy ways to engage with customers. #10SMBTips #df12
  33. In Summary: 1. Own Your Social Brand Presence 2. Have An Email & SEO Strategy First 3. Convert Social to Email 4. Make Your Corporate Site Social 5. Become A Curator Of Content 6. Don’t Advertise, Editorialize 7. Engage Your Biggest Fans 8. Enable Your Employees To Engage 9. Automate & Personalize the Response 10. Feature Your Customers & Content
  34. Social Media Tips:Salesforce is Social…
  35. May I suggest…Social Listening Content Curation I was hoping to find… May I suggest… May I suggest… Social Engagement
  36. Social ListeningSocial CRM:Leads, Contacts, AccountsDisplayed within recordsConnection based on User’srelationship with Contact, andsocial profile security
  37. Content CurationSocial Content:Store, collaborate, share withinSalesforceSupports versioningShare multiple files within aContent PackShare with customers viaContent Deliveries (incl. contentexpiry, password protection)
  38. Social Engagement – Email TemplatesReusable Templates:Controls your brand messagingAllows for Share to Social buttons(within HTML)Can be emailed to hundreds ofContacts at once (Mass Email)Historical send tracking
  39. Social Engagement – Social SupportDesk.comAdd-on via AppExchangeConnect with customers via social,along with phone, email, web, andchatRespond to customers via mobileaccessSetup in minutesFree to try, flexible / low cost licensestructure
  40. Social Engagement – Customer CollaborationChatter Customer GroupConnect & collaborate with yourCustomersPrivate, firewalledCan be used to further engagementwith existing prospects & customersPotentially used to engage withsocial advocates