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How to create a corporate blog that engages and informs employees and the media.

It is extremely challenging to create a company blog that interests and entertains, while it also informs and delivers a corporate message. Who will blog? Who has the time? How much will it cost to run? But building and maintaining a stellar corporate blog can be done.

Marcus Nelson, director of social media at, will reveal the secrets of writing different and engaging content for your company blog.

In this session, you'll learn how to:
• Master the don'ts and do's of corporate blogging
• Create a team of enthusiastic bloggers
• Make your corporate blog more social
• Generate fun and creative content
• Master pro tips: Post length, keywords, media, etc.
• Keep it interesting: Do NOT over-market your company

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Blogging for Business

  1. Blogging for BusinessCreate a corporate blog that engages &informs employees & media @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  2. O hai.@marcusnelsonDirector of Social @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  3. In this session, youll learn how to:1) Master the do’s and donts of corporate blogging2) Create a team of enthusiastic bloggers3) Make your corporate blog more social4) Generate fun and creative content5) Master pro tips: post length, keywords, media, etc.6) Keep it interesting: Do NOT over-market your company @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  4. Before we begin... @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  5. Read this. Remember this. Tweet this. If #Content is King, #Marketing is Queen, and your Blog is the Castle. #raganSocMed @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  6. Your blog should be the....Single Voice of Authority @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  7. So... @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  8. The do’s and donts of corporate blogging @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  9. Do @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  10. Ask your team lots of questions1) What are you not doing now that you wish you were doing?2) What messages does your team wish customers & prospects knew about your business?3) What value could be placed on insuring customers & prospects know this information?4) Who will have ownership over the blog(s)? @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  11. Create a blog hierarchy COMPANY COMMUNITY STRATEGY & INDUSTRY Category Category Category Category Category Category Category Blog Happenings, heros, and events from around the Thought leadership content designed to community extend beyond Salesforce customersPRODUCT BLOGS Category Category Category Blog Blog Blog Category Category Category is our primary blog. It’s easier to maintain one big blog then many ghost towns. If a product gets big enough tohave it’s own blog we’ll write a daily or weekly digest highlighting posts that appeared across the blog network.
  12. Create Executive buy-in for the Blog1) Create a V2MOM for your executives: • Vision for the blog(s) • Values for making the investment • Methods by which you will execute the plan • Obstacles you anticipate encountering • Metrics by which you will measure success2) Put a Content Calendar in place and make it someone’s job to enforce it -- a copy editor wouldn’t hurt either @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  13. Have clear, achievable & agreeable metrics Video Views Subscribers Posts & Comments Engagement Share of Sentiment Coverage Conversation @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  14. Define what success looks like Search What Does Share of Conversation Mean? The degree to which a Soda brand is associated with the problem or need it is setting out to help with CRM @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  15. Our Success Metrics Subscribers # of MVPs Share of Voice Sentiment Awards Won Downloads Video Views # of Influencers Attendees Engaged Posts & Comments Engagement Quality of Coverage Engagement # of Employees Facebook Engagement Trained Score Audit Score Share of Conversation @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  16. How does this translate into what you do? Website Campaigns Content Creation Influencer Army Events Sales Enablement @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  17. Don’t @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  18. Do not...1) Do not fight to have a blog. Have valuable reasons, use metrics, reference competitors, and use common sense.2) Do not blog for blog sake. Blogging is creating content for your social endeavors to spark sharing & conversations.3) Do not get started before you have buy-in from everyone involved. You’ll cause more friction for yourself later if you don’t be patient. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  19. Oh, and don’t just blog about your company stuff Remember 80/20 Rule: 80% about tips, tricks, andhelpful or entertaining info - use only 20% to talk about your products @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  20. Don’t NOT reply to reader comments You started the conversation, don’t leave it. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  21. Create a team of enthusiastic bloggers @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  22. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  23. Set achievable expectations for publishing schedule Video Blogs Facebook Twitter Once a Quarter Every Two Weeks** Every Two Weeks Daily or Hourly V B F T Website Email Engaging Persistent Two Touch Rule Daily or Hourly W E N E Could also be eBooks, good infographics, or Facebook apps Cadence based on a focus on great content & channel conflict Could be more often, especially if we can get PMs engaged Command Center will help, but we need subject matter experts @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  24. Put a process around how content gets published CreateContent and add Publisher Reviews, Flips It Editor Reviews, Flips It to 1 2 3 to Content Calendar to Editorial Review Ready to Publish On Publish Date, Publisher Week Later, Content is Notes are Available in the 4 5 6 Flips the Content Live Reviewed to Measure App and Ratings Appear Success on Dashboards @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  25. Purchase or create tracking apps & dashboards The Content Calendar Social Media Dashboards @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  26. Message your success to Executives & Coworkers @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  27. Make your corporate blog more social @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  28. Make is sharesee who wrotethe articleto followoh, and lots ofphotos helps :) @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  29. Embed all of your media into the blog Infographics Photos Dreamforce Announcement on Blog Presentations eBooks Videos @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  30. Post via social everything that hits your blog Dreamforce Announcement on Blog @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  31. Example of our digital marketing from Dreamforce Website Facebook Ads Dreamforce on BlogEmail Drops Tweets Facebook @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  32. Website Integration Subscribing Sharing Embedding YouTube Slideshare Blog Feed Twitter Feed LinkedIn Recommendations Facebook Widget @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  33. Generate fun and creative content @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  34. Operation Guillaume @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  35. Kissmetrics creates infographic catalogue @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  36. Get Satisfaction Valentine’s “Love Your Customer Awards” @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  37. Pro tips: post length, keywords, media, etc. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  38. Pick a platform @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  39. Keep it brief Keep posts less than 500 words people have short attention sp... @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  40. Seriously @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  41. List 25 SEO keywords for each blogInstruct writers how to sprinkle keywords in @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  42. Success of video 2,900 video views a day = 77 Hyper-efficient Reps Assumptions a) average video view is 2 minutes b) average hyper-efficient rep pitches 8 hours a day, no breaks @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  43. Keep it interesting:Do NOT over-market your company @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  44. Content Grid @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  45. eBooks and Infographics Example: 42k Views, 155 Favs, 104 Embeds, 357 Likes... @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  46. Top Salesforce videos to date @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  47. At the end of the day... One more thing...
  48. Let’s talk about why people share? 1) Reinforces shared views & social bonds. 2) Need to proselytize or desire to connect. 3) Calm themselves or reduce uncertainty. 4) Emotional, positive, interesting, anger- inducing, or sad most likely to be shared. 5) Bolsters own sense of self.source: @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  49. At the end of the day... Broadcasting is self-focused @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  50. So content is still king You have to start with amazing content. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  51. So content is still king You have to start with amazing content. @marcusnelson #raganSocMed
  52. Thank You @marcusnelson #raganSocMed