Travel Morocco with Desert Nomadexperience: The Best Tour Operator in Morocco


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Travel Morocco with Desert Nomadexperience: The Best Tour Operator in Morocco

  1. 1. Desert Nomadexperience Celebrate 2014 In Morocco With Nomadexperience Enjoy your winter holidays with the Tours Morocco organization of Nourdine El Jakani of Nomadexperience and Discover Morocco's magic! The relaxed atmosphere will recharge you for the next year. Your personal mix of cultural excursions or pure relax in the best places. Contact us to define your dream holiday!
  2. 2. About Desert Nomadexperience Desert Nomadexperience sarl is a tour operator based in Ouarzazate, which offers personalized tours according to your tastes, budget and time availability. Nomadexperience group is originally from Morocco, in particular comes from the desert near Merzouga, with a rich cultural heritage and is proud of its history and its country. All components of Nomadexperience speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Berber fluently. Let us show Morocco as we know it and we do, the places, people, food, history and culture: we are eager to share everything with you! Nourdine El Jakani, founder of Desert Nomadexperience sarl, is a guide and a native of Morocco, half Nomadic and half Touareg His curious personality, his sense of humor and his history helped make Desert Nomadexperience an unconventional tour operator.
  3. 3. website is about tourism which offers personalized trip to their clients according to your tastes, budget and time availability. Desert Nomadexperience group is originally from Morocco and is a tour operator based in Ouarzazate. It is founded by Nourdine El Jakani. Desert Nomadexperience arranges the best trips in Morocco showing its culture, history, food, places and many more things.
  4. 4. Beaches of Casablanca: Beaches of Casablanca is very famous in the world. These sandy beaches of Casablanca are located on the coastline of Atlantic Ocean. These beaches are very popular and always crowded with the people of all around the world. There you can get plenty of places where you can have the opportunity of water sports and other water activities. Here also you can have the fun of other activities like beach clubs, cafes and restaurants and there salt water pools are also available. There is disco, tennis and volleyball courts are also available at this beach. Tour Morocco Beach of EL Jadida: EL Jadida beach is also the one of the best beach in morocco. This is also a most crowded beach in morocco. If you are planning to visit morocco for your tour on New Year and then this could be the best choice you have ever made. Here during the whole year people from all over the world comes to morocco for a hangout at the beach in the summer. There is a long history behind this beach. When French arrived to morocco they transformed this place into famous and popular beach resort. EL Jadida beach is best for swimming and this beach is a long strip which runs from the city to the port. If you are planning your Tour Morocco then it is gone your best and memorable tour to morocco.
  5. 5. Tangier Beach: Tangier is the one of the most famous place in the morocco having fantastic and beautiful beaches. This is also a most crowded beach in the morocco and it is located on the coast of Mediterranean sea where Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. This is the most popular beach and it is just next to harbor of Tangier. This beach is surrounded by the mountain and the whitewashes houses which makes it the best beach of morocco. And this is the best place to celebrate your new year with your family, friends and your loved one.
  6. 6. NOMADEXPERIENCE MERZOUGA TOURS: The dromedary is the only and available means of transport in the desert. When we arrive at the dunes, we leave our 4x4 landrovers behind and take part in a camelride with the native camel driver. This excursion can take place at any time during the day; early in the morning we can admire the colourful sunrise from the top of the dunes, in the day we meet nomads or in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset and a bivouac (in nomad tents) in a oasis inside the erg. We can also go for a camelride for more than one day starting from one of the Berber village near the erg like Merzouga or Hassi Labiad. These itineraries will allow us discover the villages and fossils sites and also the nomad camps. A lunch with nomads is an experience not to miss Vip Tour Operator Marocco .
  7. 7. Morocco Tour Packages: 3 Nights In Erg Chebbi Merzouga: This trip begins after a relaxed lunch (depending on when you arrive). The camels will be packed with food, blankets and everything else we will need. The trek will start right into the desert, towards a completely secluded area. The path we take will lead us to a small oasis right in the middle of the dunes. This is where we will spend the night. You can expect a magical night when the sky is clear of cover and stars sparkle and shine with intensity. During the first night, there will be a wonderful dinner around a campfire with a drum party. In the morning, after having breakfast we will have around 2 hours to reach our next destination. We will stop for lunch next to the 'Tamarist' desert tree for about 1 1/2 hrs. In the shadow of this tree, we will have our lunch. After lunch we will head towards the home of a Touareg family with whom you will spend your second night and share some time with. The next day after having our breakfast with the Touaregs we will head towards another small oasis which is in the middle of the desert. Before reaching the camp we will stop on the way for lunch. Your 3rd night will be spent with a Berber nomad family living at this particular oasis. During dinner we will have a fantastic drum party. After breakfast we will travel back to your village or to your hotel.
  8. 8. Contact Desert Nomad Experience There are several way to contact Desert Nomad Experience organization you can visit or you can simple go to the contact us page and contact us by contact form for this just simple click here Email ID : info@nomadexperience Contact no : +212661683465