Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 Paydays


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Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 Paydays

  1. 1. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 Paydays Mobile Websites inMinutes for $500 Paydays By Marcus LimBy Marcus Lim Page 1
  2. 2. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysIntroductionMobile is hot these days. Morgan Stanleys analysts believe that, basedon the current rate of change and adoption, mobile will be bigger thandesktop internet use by 2015. This means that more people will besurfing the web from mobile devices than on the desktop. 51% or morewill be doing it on a mobile device.Many mobile web users are mobile only in that they do not or veryrarely use a desktop to access the web. Why? Not everyone can afford acomputer, but everyone has a phone anyway.But then the question is, are they using apps or browsers? Research alsoshowed that for every shopping activity, they prefer browsers to apps.i.e. website not app. Apps are for games.So some people are telling you apps are hot. And yes they are, butmostly for games. When looking for information online, people usebrowsers.Consider this. Mobile searches have quadrupled in 2011. 1 in 3 mobilesearches have local intent. 9 out of 10 have taken action as a result ofBy Marcus Lim Page 2
  3. 3. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 Paydaysdoing a mobile phone search. Local info seekers take action within a day(88%).Another interesting piece of information - 71% do a mobile searchbecause they saw an ad on the newspaper, TV or on the radio.The ProblemThe problem is that most mobile web sites are not optimized for mobile.The common problems include poor navigation and slow loading of thesite. Scrolling is an issue and some do not allow zooms. Some have flash,so if you are on ipod, you cannot even see it!So most local business sites are not mobile friendly.So what is a mobile friendly site?It is one that loads fast, is easy to read, easy to navigate, has minimumscrolling, avoids flash and appeals to mobile specific consumer behavior.This means that all irrelevant information is stripped out. Rememberthat mobile users have a different demand than desktop users, they justwant the relevant information right now.By Marcus Lim Page 3
  4. 4. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysLet’s consider each of these in turn.Loads fast - 3g is not the most reliable or stable internet connection.Only 21% of US mobile users have unlimited data so bloated sites costmore to access. This results in extremely high phone bill!Easy to read - average mobile phone screen size is 320x480. The desktopscreen size is at least 1024x768. So imagine squeezing a site on a screenthat is one fifth the size. Font size is totally unreadable. You have to beable to zoom.Easy to navigate - menu items have limited space and need to be big!Minimize scrolling both vertically and horizontally. It is best not to havelong pages that require scrolling on a mobile device.Avoid flash. Sure, it will work on an Android device but the deal is thatSafari is the highest percentage of internet mobile browsing right now.Make Google Happy – Your OpportunityGoogle knows that all these problems exist with current sites. It wantsyou to give mobile friendly sites too. In fact, it will penalize you if yoursite is not mobile friendly.By Marcus Lim Page 4
  5. 5. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysSo here is your opportunity. Find sites that are not mobile friendly andbuild mobile-friendly versions for them.This is how it works.If you are on a desktop, and you go to a site, you get there as normal. Ifyou are on a mobile device, you need to be redirected to a mobilespecific version.The mobile version is a different version. Do not cram the same siteonto a small mobile device screen. If main site is, thenthe mobile version is - we do not want to touch theirmain site. We want to host on our own. Just email them two lines ofcode and have their developer put on their site to do the redirect.As an example, head on over to They are doing it theright way. The site looks good on desktop AND on a mobile device.So you are probably thinking how long will it take to build a site like this?We’ll answer this later.But know this. Your market is used to spending thousands on similarservices. You can easily demonstrate their problem to them. They needBy Marcus Lim Page 5
  6. 6. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 Paydaysyour help and no one is helping. This is why this is such a goldrushopportunity. This is like walking around and seeing $100 on the ground!What you do is to take 3-6 things off their main site (no new content)and copy and paste it to the mobile version. It’s easy for you, and highlyvaluable for them. Win-win for both. Build these tiny little sites in lessthan an hour or you can outsource it all!So go find local businesses in less than 60 seconds who need mobilesites. Charge them upfront $500 a site + $50/month hosting + 30minutes updates, $100/hour after for additional updates.This really is stupid money. Let’s do a simple calculation. There are 260work days a year. You can easily do one mobile site a day for a clientminimum. This is $500 per day, which equates to $130k a year. Anddon’t forget in a year, all 260 clients will be paying for hosting whichequates to $13k a month of continuity!Getting the Clients Method #1Recall that 71% of mobile searches come about after an ad on tv ornewspaper or radio. You see these ads and you go to the site and if theydo not have a mobile version you immediately contact them with thismessage.By Marcus Lim Page 6
  7. 7. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysSUBJECT - Problem with your websiteHello,I recently saw your newspaper ad in the (). I went to your site from thatad on my mobile device and your website is kind of broken (seeattached image).This is a problem, because according to Google 71% of people do asearch on their mobile device to find your website BECAUSE they sawyour ad in a newspaper...(Source - Mobile Movement Study, I am also a local business person and one of our firmsspecialties is helping local businesses optimize better for the web.I took the liberty of creating a mobile website example of what your siteSHOULD/COULD look like. Let me know and I will send it over to you...Thanks,Your nameWhen they reply back, you send them a mockup of this site and thismessage.By Marcus Lim Page 7
  8. 8. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysHello,Ive attached an example of what your site could look like on any mobiledevice. See the radical difference?Im sure you know how important a mobile site it, since Morgan Stanleyanalysts have said by 2015 mobile web will be bigger than desktopinternet and that on average 1 in 7 searches are done on a mobiledevice currently, and that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent...and9 out of 10 searches have taken action as a result of a mobile phonesearch.Anyway, if youd like to proceed we can talk about how to implementyour mobile website seamlessly so when people go to () on a regularcomputer they go straight to your current site but when mobile users goto () theyre shown the mobile version instead...Plus I can show you some neat tricks that might double your business inthe next 12 months JUST from mobile web...If interested, email me back.Thanks,Your nameBy Marcus Lim Page 8
  9. 9. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysThe tone is pretty soft. But think about how many people a day you cancontact? Is it reasonable to say 10, 15, 20? What if only one said yes?That’s already 130k a year.Getting the Clients Method #2Google is penalizing people whose sites are not mobile optimized.This means they are being penalized more per click! Will they be gratefulif you can help them? You bet!So help them do it better. Theyre already doing hard. They already havea site. You are just offering to fix it.So here is the message to send them.SUBJECT - Problem with your websiteHello,I recently saw your google pay per click ad when I searched for ().I went to your site from that ad and its basically broken on my mobiledevice...(see attached screenshot).By Marcus Lim Page 9
  10. 10. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysThis is a problem because I cant access any of your information andALSO because Google openly states that they will penalize and chargebusinesses more who do pay per clicks to mobile unfriendly sites...Anyway, I am also a local business person and one of our firmsspecialties is helping local businesses optimize better for the web.I took the liberty of creating a mobile website example of what your siteSHOULD/COULD look like. Let me know and I will send it over to you...Thanks,Your nameConclusionsFinding sites with no mobile friendly version is easy. There arethousands of opportunities in local businesses alone. Have a look at thislist –LocksmithTowingTaxisPizza DeliverySpasHotelsBy Marcus Lim Page 10
  11. 11. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysBarsGolf coursesPlumbersReal estate agentsHotelsSo the problem is not finding them. Theyre there already!It’s not selling to them – that’s easy – show them before and after.The problem is actually building the mobile sites for them. Now thisdoes require specialized skills to build sites that display well and loadfast, that look equally good on landscape and portrait (and all the otherproblems we talked about) on a mobile device.You can go ahead and try some of the mobile builders out there,however lots of them have monthly fees and also have restrictivelicenses.The honest truth is that mobile web development is not easy. Howeverin the resources section, I have listed some of the best and mostaffordable solutions so you can start taking part in this mobile sitegoldrush today!By Marcus Lim Page 11
  12. 12. Mobile Websites in Minutes for $500 PaydaysResourcesJason Fladlien and Wil Matthos’ WP Mobile Pro pack is the best solutionout there right now for building mobile-friendly sites in under 1 hourwith no programming experience required! Note that you want to getthe developer version so you can start developing sites for unlimitedclients using the methods described in this report. Check it out now.By Marcus Lim Page 12