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Lavish Case Studies[2]


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Lavish Case Studies[2]

  1. 1. ANIMATION ART DIRECTIONWHO WE ARELavish was established in 2007 to consistently produce high ARTwORk COpywRITINgquality, design-driven communication materials, that enhancesbrand equity, fulfill business objectives and ultimately add valueto our clients’ bottom line.It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?In reality it’s far from simple, but thanks to the myriad of talents BRANDINgthat we have assembled within our company, we like to think thatas principles go, it’s one that we’ve consistently lived up to. CONCEpTs DEsIgNsWHAT WE DO FIlMINgWe are a full-service design and communications agency.1. Target the consumer 6. Get the message right HOsTINg2.3. Identify the channel Get brand know-how 7. 8. Deliver engaging design Create the artwork pROgRAMMINg4. Decide the promotional route 9. Print and programme pRINTINg HANDlINg5. Create the idea 10. Handle and deliver sOCIAl MEDIA supply wEBsITEs MARkETINg sTRATEgy
  3. 3. ‘THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX’DM CAMPAIGNCLIENT: ITV 2THE BRIEf:To supply a fun DM campaign to promote ITV2’s hit show‘The Only Way Is Essex.THE SOLUTION:We produced 2,000 ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ branded shoppingbags, each containing chocolate stilettoes and a brandedt-shirt. The inside of the package portrayed informationabout the show’s distribution figures.StrategyDeSign PrintingCOPyWriting aSSeMBLy MBL MBLySOUrCing DiStriBUtiOn
  4. 4. ‘THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX’VIP SPONSORSHIP CAMPAIGNCLIENT: ITV 2THE BRIEf:Engage the audience and advertise the success of The Only Way Is Essex,all the partnership opportunities availableTHE SOLUTION:In keeping with the entertaining TOWIE style, we created a glamorousonline nightclub. Personalised printed gold invitations to the ‘party ofthe year’ were sent out in order to get on the guest list to enter the site.The VIP part of the online nightclub held sponsorship information andan exclusive competition.The click-through results were excellent; showing a 91% take up. Thiswas over 10 times the clients expected prediction.CONCEPT EMaiL SENDSTraTEgy ra raTE PrOgraMMiNgDESigN HOSTiNgCOPyWriTiNg MaiNTENaNCE
  5. 5. PRESENTATION MOVIECLIENT: EUROPEAN PARLIAMENTTHE BRIEf:To turn a 600 page technical PowerPoint document explaining thevarious methods of Global Intermodal Transport into somethinginteresting, attractive and easy to understand.THE SOLUTION:We created a simple, light-hearted 20 minute movie presentationto showcase the complex methods of environmental internationalshipping. The presentation was different to the norm so was verywell received in what is otherwise perceived as a complicated andboring industry.CONCEPT iLLUsTRATiONDEsigN ANiMATiONsTORYBOARD VOiCE OVERCOPYWRiTiNg PROgRAMMiNg
  6. 6. ANIMATED SHOWCASECLIENT: BRITISH MARITIME TECHNOLOGYTHE BRIEf:Create an interesting visual element to accompany the CEO’s worldtour presentation showcasing BMT’s 50th anniversary.THE SOLUTION:Using it’s archive of images and video footage, we developed anslick, interactive timeline showing BMT’s milestone engineeringachievements throughout it’s 50 year history.We produced a movie version for world tour and also an interactiveonline version that can be accessed remotely in the future.CONCEPTDEsigN ANiMATiONsTORYBOARD VOiCE OVERCOPYWRiTiNg PROgRAMMiNgiLLUsTRATiON HOsTiNg
  7. 7. of Port Security The Demonstrators ANIMATED SHOWCASE Gate Main Gate CLIENT: SUPPORT Ra Inspection Line THE BRIEf: ilG Container at e Handling Area Perimiter Fence Create an dynamic presentation to help unify Port security regulations e throughout the world. nc Fe ity RoRo r cu Quay Handling Area Se Security Breach A, B, D, F, G and J THE SOLUTION: Quay We created an modern, clean interactive Flash presentation containing movies, icons and animations to engage an audience and simplify what Quay could otherwise be an incredibly complicated subject.Container & RoRo Terminal 4Life after SUPPORT 3 CONCEPT DEsigN sTORYBOARD COPYWRiTiNg iLLUsTRATiON ANiMATiON VOiCE OVER PROgRAMMiNg
  8. 8. INTERNAL TRAINING ANDONLINE INDUCTION SESSIONSCLIENT: BRITISH MARITIME TECHNOLOGYTHE BRIEf:To create a series of 5 interactive movies for the purpose of introducingnew employees to the company’s internal architecture and branding.THE SOLUTION:A clean, smart, Flash based interactive presentation containingthe following features:• Users were guided through each session by a live-action presenter• Sessions were completed once a month for 5 months• Sessions located on company’s intranet system• Timed animations in concurrence with presenter• Quizzes, mix and match activities comprised some of the interactivity• Supplementary reading and research links clickable throughout• Opportunity to give feedback at the end of each sessionDesignCOPYWRiTing FiLMingPROgRAMMing HOsTingAniMATiOn MAinTenAnCe
  9. 9. BREAK INTO MUSIC -ONLINE BRAND CAMPAIGNCLIENT: MONSTER.CO.UKTHE BRIEf:Promote as a viable avenue to start a career intothe notoriously difficult music industry.THE SOLUTION:Lavish created – a huge interactive onlinetalent competition to find the next singing sensation and open upnew job opportunities within the music industry. We built a brightand exciting, fully interactive site that fulfils all the technicalrequirements needed of it.There was a massive response rates to the email communicationand targeted banner advertising with over 5,000 responses in thefirst week and 500 videos uploaded within 24 hours of launch.CONCEPTSTraTEgy ra raTE HOSTiNgDESigN MaiNTENaNCECOPyWriTiNg SOCiaL MEDiaPrOgraMMiNg MarKETiNg
  10. 10. SOCIAL NETWORKINGCAMPAIGNCLIENT: MONSTER.CO.UKTHE BRIEf:To create a simple Christmas microsite to generate traffic over thenaturally quiet month of December. Keeping frontof mind for the new recruitment drive in early 2011.THE SOLUTION:A bright, fun, positive and original microsite encouraging usersto work on a large job together and to wish each other a happyChristmas online. Create and submit an original snowflake and helpto create a giant snowman. All designed and built in only 3 weeks.THE RESULT:The subtle data-capture worked well, with 31,846 unique emailaddresses submitted in just 3 weeks. The user’s experience wasa pleasurable one, as reflected by the overwhelmingly positivemessages shared on the site and their respective social networks.They enjoyed a short, fun experience and will as a modern, friendly brand and was kept frontCONCEPTSTraTEgy ra raTE HOSTiNgDESigN MaiNTENaNCECOPyWriTiNg SOCiaL MEDiaPrOgraMMiNg MarKETiNg
  11. 11. That’s not all! INTERACTIVE BRANDVivamus hendrerit arcu sed erat molestie vehicula. PRESENTATIONSed auctor neque eu tellus rhoncus ut eleifend nibhporttitor. Ut in nulla enim. Phasellus molestie magnanon est bibendum non venenatis nisl tempor.Suspendisse dictum feugiat nisl ut dapibus. Maurisiaculis porttitor posuere. CLIENT: TURNER MEDIA INNOVATIONut blandit odio. Proin quis tortor orci. Etiam at risuset justo dignissim congue. Donec congue lacinia dui,a porttitor lectus condimentum laoreet. Nunc eu THE BRIEf:ullamcorper orci. Quisque eget odio ac lectusvestibulum faucibus eget in metus. In pellentesque. To unify and improve their existing sales and brand presentations which were being created in many ways from PowerPoint and Word documents. THE SOLUTION: We created a single interactive sales presentation tool with an embedded bespoke CMS system. The presentation came with animations and transitions helping to make a dynamic, exciting presentation that perfectly suited their children’s television content.That’s not all!Vivamus hendrerit arcu sed erat molestie vehicula.Sed auctor neque eu tellus rhoncus ut eleifend nibhporttitor. Ut in nulla enim. Phasellus molestie magnanon est bibendum non venenatis nisl tempor.Suspendisse dictum feugiat nisl ut dapibus. Maurisiaculis porttitor posuere.ut blandit odio. Proin quis tortor orci. Etiam at risuset justo dignissim congue. Donec congue lacinia dui,a porttitor lectus condimentum laoreet. Nunc euullamcorper orci. Quisque eget odio ac lectusvestibulum faucibus eget in metus. In pellentesque. Design sTORYBOARD ARTWORK AniMATiOn COPYWRiTing PROgRAMMing
  12. 12. fACEBOOK SPRINGBOARD APPCLIENT: EDEN PROJECTTHE BRIEf:To create an online app that pushes young Facebook usersto Eden Project’s new recruitment website, ‘Green Talent’.The website advertises environmentally friendly jobs ideasand solutions to student job searchers.THE SOLUTION:We created a fast, fun, interactive aptitude test that Facebookusers took to decide which green job could be suitable for them.Once their dream job was discovered they could upload theirprofile pics and share amongst their friends creating a self-perpetuationg viral.This was also used as an easy springboard to the new GreenTalent website.CONCEPT iLLUsTRATiONDEsigN ANiMATiONsTORYBOARD PROgRAMMiNgCOPYWRiTiNg HOsTiNg
  13. 13. SALES COLLATERALCLIENT: AETNTHE BRIEf:To create a new graphical design style for all AETN sales collateralwith thought on unifying the look across their three top brands,History Channel, Crime & Investigation and AETN. Due to AETN’smulti linguistic reach, no words were to be used.THE SOLUTION:Using interesting shapes and the colours from their individual logoswe created a subtle, abstract design portraying the feeling of movingmedia images but within a still printed medium. This brought thethree brands together nicely under an purely image based umbrella. A CI LEGNÉZETTEBB MŰSORAI 48 ÓRÁN BELÜL ÚJ ÉVAD – 2010 NOVEMB ER Egy gyilkosságot követően az ügy megoldásának a felére csökken, ha esélye a rendőrség nem bukkan a bőnténytől számítot nyomra t 48 órán belül. Minden több időt biztosít a eltelt óra gyanúsítottaknak a menekü a tanúknak pedig a lésre, látottak elfelejtésére. életszerő és pörgős epizód Valamennyi valódi nyomozások kulisszá mögé nyújt bepillantást. i FOLYAMATOSAN NAGY NÉZETTSÉGŰ SOROZAT BEcSATTANT: MiÉRT GYiLkOLNAk A NŰk ÚJ ÉVAD – 2010 OkTÓBE R Mi visz rá látszólag hétközn api nőket arra, hogy öljenek? Valamennyi epizódban a barátok, családtagok, és maguk az elkövető nyomozók k segítségével feleleven eseményeket, amelyek ítjük az gyilkosságra késztett a nőket. ék ezeket NÉZETTSÉGE JELENLEG 140%- • AwArd winning ChAnn els kAL HALADJA MEG A g MŰSORSÁV • loCAlised progrAmmin ÁTLAGÁT • websites STEVEN SEAGAL: A TöRV ski ÉNY Kontakt: dominik tokarzew 46 VÉGREHAJTÓ phone: +48 (22) 547 02 om ski@chellocentraleurope.cART DIRECTION email: dominik.tokarzew ÚJ SOROZAT – 2010 SZEPTEM BER Steven Seagal nem csupán egyszerő filmbeli akcióhős Seagal közel 20 éve dolgozik teljes seriffhelyettesként a louisiana jogú i Jefferson Parishben.DEsIgN Sorozatunk elkíséri őt, miközben valós bőntény meg a való világban. eket old A LEGJOBB SOROZATiN DULÁSsOURCINg AssEMBLY A cSATORNA TöRTÉNET ÉBEN www.historytv.plPRINTINg DIsTRIBUTION AETN Hungarian Sales Sheets.indd 3 22/09/2010 13:30
  14. 14. CHILEAN MINERS COVERAGE CLIENT: BBC WORLD NEWS AND BBC.COM THE BRIEf: To communicate to media planners the BBC’s excellent coverage of one of the most important news stories to hit the headlines this year. The brief was to emphasise the BBC’s outstanding news reporting, on the spot coverage, constant interviews with Matt Frei’s confident reporting and trusted interpreting. We communicated the message that the BBC blew all the global news channels away from Sky to CNN. BBC WN had, as always, the best international coverage. THE SOLUTION: We conceived a tight and bright design with a quick programming turnaround and purchased a unique URL. Because we know and the BBC brand we ensured we hit your tight schedule.DesignCOPYWRiTingPROgRAMMingHOsTingMAinTenAnCe
  15. 15. WEBSITE LAUNCHCLIENT: BBC.COMTHE BRIEf:To publicise the launch of the new travel section for andunderline the fact that has an affluent audience and tomarket the benefit of that.THE SOLUTION:We created a gift of a very plush travel journal; high class, beautiful,colourful suede diary style book from Italy. Wrapped in a cover with anadditional branded leaflet to sell up the benefits of the newtravel section which was sent to the top 200 media planners aroundEurope and CEEMA.StrategyDeSign PrintingCOPyWriting aSSeMBLy MBL MBLySOUrCing DiStriBUtiOn
  16. 16. EMS RESULTS DM CAMPAIGNCLIENT: BBC WORLD NEWSTHE BRIEf:To promote the fact that BBC World News beat CNN in thebreakfast timeslot.THE SOLUTION:Good Newsli for all of us!We created 500 cereal boxes filled with muesli with the ratingfacts and distribution figures incorporated into a fun cereal boxdesign. The boxes were distributed to media planners globally.StrategyDeSign PrintingCOPyWriting aSSeMBLy MBL MBLySOUrCing DiStriBUtiOn
  17. 17. BRANDING IDENTITY CLIENT: BBC WORLD NEWS THE BRIEf: New programme for BBC WN in Asia; “Ideas that changed the world” an open brief to create the kernel of the creative strategy. THE SOLUTION: We developed the blackboard creative treatment and design work applying it to various media from animated banners to printed adverts. This was delivered very cost-effectively and is a perfect illustration of how we can deliver a precise solution and great ideas at speed.Throughout history, remarkable men and women have used the extraordinary power of their minds to shape the world we live in. In Ideas that Changed the World, BBC World News talks to leading scientists, architects, economists and historians about the inventions that have inspired them and changed our lives forever. Saturdays 10.30 & 23.30 HKT; Sundays 17.30 HKT and Mondays 06.30 HKT. Sponsored by Ideas That Changed the World CONCEPT Saturdays at 6:40pm (JKT), 7:40pm (SIN/HK/MAL) ideas that changed the world and 8:40pm (KOR). Premieres 15th January. Enismodolor sequis ex ercipsum in ulput prat utpat ut vent exer il ea Throughout history, remarkable men and women have used the DEsigN con venibh ercidui smodolor siestrud tinibh erat inim nulland ionsequat, quisisim augiat, conummy nulla con extraordinary power of their minds to shape the world we live in. Visit or join our In Ideas that Changed the World, BBC Knowledge talks to leading Facebook group for the latest programme dates and times. scientists, architects, economists and historians about the inventions that have inspired them and changed our lives forever. COPYWRiTiNg visit Visit us on BBC Knowledge is available in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. For more information, please contact your operator for more details. 0583 BBC ITCTW KnowledgeMag_V2 1 11/11/10 10:21:30 ARTWORK ANiMATiON
  18. 18. ADVERTISEMENTPEPPA PIG NINTENDO GAMECAMPAIGN All Peppa fans will LOVE ‘George’s Rocket’, ‘Dressing-Up’, ‘Bursting Balloons’ and much more in this BRAND NEW game that is sure to delight as much as Number 1 hit - Peppa Pig The Game!CLIENT: P2 GAMES Ninten do DS™ LiteTHE BRIEf: It’s out of this world! Buy it NOW onTo promote the new Peppa Pig ‘Fun & Games’ Nintendo DS and ADVERTISEMENTWii game across different platforms. © 2010 P2 Games Ltd/Asylum Entertainment UK Ltd. All rights reserved. Peppa All rights reserved. Trademarks Pig © Astley Baker Davies/E1 are property of their respective Entertainment UK Ltd owners. Nintendo DS 2003, under exclusive is a trademark of Nintendo. licence to P2 Games Ltd.THE SOLUTION: All Peppa fans will LOVE ‘Feeding ‘Bursting Balloons’ The Ducks’, ‘Dressing-Up’,We produced a range of sales collateral including an interactive NEW game and much more in this BRAND much as that is sure to delight as The Game! Number 1 hit - Peppa Pigwebsite with monthly competitions, offers, online games, Nin ten do DSdownloads and videos, 20 second TV spot and printed advert ™ Litecampaign. Quacking good fun this Easter! Buy it NOW on licence to P2 Games Ltd. 2003, under exclusive Entertainment UK Ltd Pig © Astley Baker Davies/E1 is a trademark of Nintendo. All rights reserved. Peppa owners. Nintendo DS Entertainment UK Ltd. are property of their respective © 2010 P2 Games Ltd/Asylum All rights reserved. TrademarksDesign AniMATiOnARTWORK PRinTingCOPYWRiTing PROgRAMMingsTORYBOARD HOsTing3D MODeLLing MAinTenAnCe