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NewCAJE presentation resources page 1


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Resources for using Open Source and Free Culture in Jewish Education (handout from my NewCAJE 6 presentation).

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NewCAJE presentation resources page 1

  1. 1. What you can do to “Open Source” Judaism • Be explicit • Be up-front • Be realistic • Honor your users • Share in a way that makes it available (formats) Jewish Resources Jewish Free Culture Society: Open Siddur: Sefaria: HebCal: JHacker blog: Hebrew Wikisource: Culmus project (Hebrew fonts): Haggadah: jewishboston-com-presents-your-free-downloadable-passover-haggadah Havurah on the Hill Friday Night siddur: HoH-Complete.pdf (PDF) Open Source Applications Reveal.js: Open Source: or easy to use: LibreOffice: Firefox: Wordpress: (software) (hosted) Github: Free Culture Info Creative Commons: Freedom defined (“free culture”): Open Source Definition: Contact Me Marc Stober | E-mail: | Twitter: @marcstober Marc Stober, August 2015. Shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.