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  1. 1. Montana Colors is the reference in the worldwidespray paint market. 18 Years of constant innovationthat represent the most complete and professionalrange of products designed for Graffiti, Art Supplyand Industrial Paint. Check out their factory.
  2. 2. London is a hot bed for street art.People understand and appreciate graffiti.
  3. 3. Two different social perceptions ART EXPENSIVE RECOGNITION CONTENT SOCIAL LEGAL BUSINESSCloud Cuckoo Land gallery,LONDON SOLO by XENZ.1-4, December- 2011
  4. 4. Two different social perceptions CRIME EXPENSIVE VANDALISMMEANINGLESS ILLEGAL DAMAGES Boris Johnson launching LOVE CLEAN LONDON (to help clean up graffiti, litter and fly tipping in the capital.)
  5. 5. “Graffiti involves an unacceptable cost to Londoners.The cost of graffiti to the London economy each year exceeds £100m.“ ‘Report of the London Assembly Graffiti Investigative Committee’ 2010. When the police catches a person painting with graffiti, that person will face a fine over £300, regarding damages and punitive costs. In case they can’t afford the payment, the city would ask them to erase their work plus order picking up trash on our streets so they learn about properties values and rights of others. There is an absence of alternative, legal and creative for the young people whose energies are currently misdirected into illegal graffiti.
  6. 6. Presenting an alternative.NO MORE VANDALISM,JUST ARTRe-branding Graffiti
  7. 7. Introducinga new business model
  8. 8. MTN GRAFFITI SCHOOL: THE OTHER SCHOOL-This is a creative career by choice.-Extracurricular activity for kids.-Educational institution to embrace youngsters’ artistic skills.-Academic and practice.-Workshops with professionals writers.-Legislation Lessons and other Relevant Modules.-With multidisciplinary career opportunities.-Connected with the largest creative network by MTN.-And completely legal and respected by society.
  9. 9. MTN GRAFFITI LAB Online.-Informing about current graffiti legislations.-Mapping up to date all the approved walls in the major cities of the world.-Hub between official institutions and the graffiti environment.-24h Desk Help informing on available galleries, lawyers contacts, where to exhibit, underground gigs…-Access to a professional Network within the industry with galleries, MTN product reviews and relations.-Graffiti Library – blogs and websites, magazines, movies, media coverage, songs, documentaries, books, talks, art pieces…-Discussion forums. MTN GRAFFITI LAB App. -Will provide users with in situ graffiti information about the range of colors, type of paint and caps used. -As well will show you the technique and some other tricks used via video, to review whenever you need it. Share/ Comment
  10. 10. MTN GRAFFITI MARKET Online.-Graffiti Market aimed to sell the art pieces done by the ‘students of the MTN School’.-The market will be a Dinamic Gallery exhibiting different pieces every week between music, beers and open tables for discussion.-Also it would be showrooms with demonstrations and new tricks using MTN products.-By creating a microsite within Ebay we could take the concept world wide connecting talent around the globe and responding to an increasing demand onGraffiti Art.-Part of the money will be used to clean illegal graffiti in London.
  11. 11. Alternative to young vandals to re-direct their artistic skills. MTN will revolutionize the graffiti movement. Again. And London will be the capital for Legal and recognized Graffiti. Do not waste talent and money on this anymore, let’s just frame it and make it useful and legal.