Planning	                                                                   DreamTeam	  Strategic	  Planning	  Intro	  	  ...
HERE’S	  	  THE	  	         PLANNING	  	    TALENT	  	   TO	  WIN	  A	  	  GRAND	  PRIX	          AT	  LEAST.	  
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Junior	  Strategist	             THE	  WONDERKID:	             The	  Fool,	  The	  Climber	...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Digital	  Strategist	             THE	  SATELLITE:	             The	  Valet	             	 ...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Lead	  UX	             THE	  CHOREOGRAPHER:	             The	  Ar;st	             	        ...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Senior	  Strategist	             THE	  ROCKET	  SCIENTIST:	             The	  Inventor,	  T...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Planning	  Director	             THE	  ALCHEMIST:	             The	  Mentor,	  The	  Lighth...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNING           Head	  of	  Planning,	  Global	  Strategy	  Officer	             THE	  PROPHET:	             ...
ARCHETYPESINPLANNINGStrategy	  and	  Planning	  department.	  	  THE	  CONTEXT:	  	  Within	   the	   current	   markets	 ...
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Planning Archetypes


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Planning Archetypes

  1. 1. Planning   DreamTeam  Strategic  Planning  Intro    Although   there   isn’t   a   recipe   for   success   in   the   Ad  land,  there  is  a  specific  skillset  we  require  for  the  strategic  department.  The  skills  needed  go  across  the   main  blocks  of   a  full-­‐service   interac?ve   digital  agency;   account   management,   crea?vity,   design,  produc?on  and  research  in  the  core.        In  my  opinion  the  whole  adver?sing  thing  is  about  people.   Agencies   are   full   of   people,   and   if   you  think  about  it  even  brands  try  to  act  like  people.      However,   we   are   emo?onal   beings.   We   aren’t  really   ra?onal   when   it   comes   to   make   decisions.  Probably   that’s   the   reason   why   adver?sing  constantly  defines  itself.    
  2. 2. HERE’S    THE     PLANNING     TALENT     TO  WIN  A    GRAND  PRIX   AT  LEAST.  
  3. 3. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Junior  Strategist   THE  WONDERKID:   The  Fool,  The  Climber     Most   recent   addi?on   to   the   team,   the   Wonderkid   represents   a   new   genera?on   Y,   the   unorthodox   approach  and  the  passionate  ques?on  maker.       The   kid   has   an   hybrid   background   gaining   1-­‐2   years   of   experience,   ideally   in   between   client   side,   account   management   and   research.   Driven   by   crea?ve   craV   and   roman?cism   the   kid   projects   an  idealis?c  new  frame  of  strategic  planning.          
  4. 4. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Digital  Strategist   THE  SATELLITE:   The  Valet     Represents  the  interpreta?on  of  large  amounts  of   data,   the   implementa?on   of   digital   poli?cs   and   the  democra?za?on  of  coding.       Driven  by  figures,  the  Satellite  Is  a  mid-­‐level  data   analyst   with   broad   knowledge   in   coding   and   research   methodologies.   Naturally   interested   in   social   networks   the   satellite   transmits   the   people’s  voice.      
  5. 5. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Lead  UX   THE  CHOREOGRAPHER:   The  Ar;st     Tradi?onally   defined   as   a   Visual   Designer,   the     Choreographer  personifies  the  design  of  emo?ons   and   experiences   and   the   desired   engagement   with  the  consumer.       Driven   by   strategic   insights   the   Choreographer   has   a   deep   heritage   in   crea?vity   and   graphic   design.   The   Choreographer’s   apprecia?on   for   both  visual  and  emo?onal  detail  along  his  passion   for  story-­‐telling  make  him  an  excellent  client-­‐face   individual.        
  6. 6. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Senior  Strategist   THE  ROCKET  SCIENTIST:   The  Inventor,  The  Architect     Represents  the  ability  of  building  amazing  things,   the   achievement   of   free   publicity   and   buzz.   Personifies  business  efficiency.       With   recognized   interna?onal   experience   across   all   channels   and   a   wide   range   of   markets,   the   Rocket   Scien?st’s   background   in   technologic   and   in   innova?on   makes   him   an   inspiring   asset   for   both  crea?ve  and  produc?on  teams.          
  7. 7. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Planning  Director   THE  ALCHEMIST:   The  Mentor,  The  Lighthouse     The   Alchemist   stands   for   collabora?on   with   the     client,   the   day-­‐to-­‐day   leadership   and   the   management  of  resources  as  well  as  the  talent.     The   Alchemist   is   a   natural   leader   with   proved   value   across   winning-­‐award   work   around   the   globe.  Formed  in  research,  account  management   and   cultural   studies   or   similar,   the   Alchemist   gathers   the   knowledge   of   the   whole   planning   team,   he   is   a   person   of   ac?on   and   a   recognized   partner  for  clients.          
  8. 8. ARCHETYPESINPLANNING Head  of  Planning,  Global  Strategy  Officer   THE  PROPHET:   The  Soul,  The  Oracle     Personifies   the   culture-­‐brand   connec?on,   the   spiritual   and   poli?cal   leadership   and   wisdom   through  high  standard  strategic  /crea?ve  work.     The  Prophet  is  a  renamed  individual  in  the  hall  of   fame   of   crea?vity   and   adver?sing.   With   papers   published,   jury   memberships   and   uncountable   workshops   in   Universi?es   and   Associa?ons,   he     gathers   experience   in   mul?ple   award-­‐winning   campaigns  across  the  best  agencies  in  the  world.   He   awakes   fascina?on   and   blind   faith   among   his   team  members  .          
  10. 10. ARCHETYPESINPLANNINGStrategy  and  Planning  department.    THE  CONTEXT:    Within   the   current   markets   and   social   implosion  the  walls  in  agencies    are  now  windows.      The   planning   department   has   to   be   seen   as   a  complex  and  flexible  chain  of  lineal  and  bold  skills  with  a  gap  for  intui?on  and  serendipity.      Hybrids   and   specialized   individuals   are   wanted.  New   blood   to   change   evil   paradigms   and  ul?mately   re-­‐shape   how   strategic   planning  evolves  along  culture  ad  economy.  
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