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Marco zoi artist presentation


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Marco Zoi Artist presentation

Published in: Art & Photos
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Marco zoi artist presentation

  1. 1. MARCO ZOIMarco Zoi is illustrator and photographer from Italy, where he live and work between Rome and Tuscany. He works mainly in digitalmedia, Zois work are a mixture of his photography, digital painting, sometime 3D elements.He enjoys creating surreal images and portraits from his own visionary world, rather than reproduce whats visible in the real world.Sometimes oneiric, sometimes bizarre often appear in a striking surreal setting. “The importance of the iconographic construction isas essential as attention of the subjects”.He was studying photography in London at Westminster College then in Rome at "Istituto Superiore di fotografia". He has worked inMilan collaboring with several photographers in fashion photography and still life for magazine, he was assistant photographer atVogue studios.Marco Zoi is a Freelance available for any collaborations. The artist develops his works for Art projects. He took part to several Artexhibitions around the world.
  2. 2. Tiger Girl
  3. 3. Clown Killer
  4. 4. Kleptomaniac Vampire
  5. 5. Fighting After the Movie
  6. 6. Miky’s World