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An Emotional Unboxing Experience - Are (Emotional) Designers the Perfect Gift for a World in Change?

  1. An Emotional Unboxing Experience Are (emotional) designers the perfect gift for a world in change?
  2. An Emotional Keynote presentation Unboxing given at Factor Clave Congreso 30/09/2011 Experience Querétaro, Mexico Are (emotional) designers the perfect gift for a world in change?
  3. Twitter: @demadera Emotional design Experience design Tools & Methods Strategies/ ideation Teaching/ workshops Not design itself
  4. Products Web Services Bic, Energizer, Decathlon, Fidelity, KLM, Lenovo, Mars, Microsoft, Toyota, Unilever, Wilkinson....
  5. Story ‣
  6. Unboxing ‣
  7. The Independent 14/01/2009 The ultimate geek porn
  8. “Hardcore” Photo: Swat Blog
  9. “Softcore” Photo: Gadgets & Tech
  10. Unboxing ‣ the world
  11. Facing economical, ecological and social challenges
  12. Economy ‣ The financial crisis creates enormous uncertainty Photo credits: le/mhein73
  13. “Self-interested pursuit of wealth, which is the basis of many economies in the West, is not sustainable...” (Dr. Victoria Thoresen) Photo credits: le/ColinBroug
  14. Ecology ‣ Environmental and ecological threats become evident Photo credits: Luis Parades
  15. Ecology ‣ Exhaustive: 20% consumes 80% of resources Photo credits: le/lonniehb Parades
  16. Social ‣ Dense population and increase of ‘share’ puts society under pressure Photo credits: Emily Ellison
  17. Global Village ‣ Not more challenges, but our connected world increases the impact Photo credits: le/jeinny
  18. ‣ Anxiety Despite unprecedented wealth there is vast insecurity, unrest and dissatisfaction Photo credits: le/demonteiro
  19. ‣ We are the world We feel that we are the world. We can shape our world according to our design Photo credits: USA for Africa
  20. ‣ We are our stuff The things that we own often define who we are. We identify with them Photo credits: le/Moon_Beam
  21. ‣ Stuff 99% of stuff that is mined, purchased and used ends up on a landfill within 6 months Photo credits: Chris Jordan
  22. ‣ Responsibility Why do we feel we need so much stuff? Do designers have a part in this? Photo credits: Tofslie
  23. The world is a challenging gift... facing economical, ecological and social challenges However, we have ‘designed’ our world that way ... and should take our responsibility. How do designers fit in this? Do we have a part in So... the ‘design’ of the world and can we change it? ‣
  24. Unboxing ‣ the designer
  25. What role does design and the designer have in this world?
  26. Design ‣
  27. Why do we design? ‣ We love to design and redesign Photo credits: le/brittahaal
  28. “Our current age sees everything as an object of manufacture, as something which can be got hold of and improved, or altered, to produce better or more effective outcomes.” (Laurence Paul Hemming) Photo credits: Brankopopvicblog
  29. To meet a need (in a new way, in a better way) To achieve a goal To make a statement. ‣ Purpose We don’t design for the sake of designing, we design for a purpose Photo credits: le/jeinny
  30. “There are more professions more harmful than industrial design - but only very few” (Victor Papanek, 1984) Design as guilty party Photo credits: Hasse /
  31. True ‣ Decisions that affect future environmental impact are often made in the design phase Photo credits:
  32. But... ‣ Decisions that affect future environmental impact are often made in the design phase! Photo credits: W.I.K. and me
  33. Design in a ‣ changing world
  34. “Events, threats and opportunities aren’t just coming at us faster or with less predictability... Photo credits: http://www.
  35. they are converging and influencing each other to create entirely new situations... These first-of-their-kind developments require unprecedented degrees of creativity. (Capatilising on Complexity / 2010 IBM CEO study) Photo credits: http://www.
  36. Time to shine ‣ It’s design’s time to shine in a challenging world Photo credits: le/shadowkill
  37. Today, integration, rather than raw technology, has become the pressing problem of our world. This is what designers, above all else, are good at. (Belinda Lanks - Fast Company) Photo credits: Takeoka Mini Car Products Co Ltd
  38. Can design ‣ save the world?
  39. An ongoing discussion Photo credits:
  40. I am somewhere ‣ in the middle
  41. Design can HELP save (or better: change) the world Photo credits:
  42. ‣ A story Design for small change with big impacts. (Chappell Ellison - Photo credits: 2nd Green Revolution
  43. Plastic bags in supermarkets Photo credits: Gulf News
  44. Small ‘design’ intervention, with a big impact Photo credits:
  45. ‘Small’ actions ‣ Big impacts?
  46. ‣ OLTPC For one child, world changing Photo credits: RKS Design/ Kor Water
  47. ‣ Cachiiing! Fundraising made fun. Everyone a collection box in their hand. For some world changing Photo credits: Designit - Denmark
  48. ‣ Cheetah Prostetic foot. For this person world changing Photo credits:
  49. ‣ KOR Use less water bottles. Could be world changing Photo credits: RKS Design/ Kor Water
  50. ‣ Disconnect World changing ideas and products not always get to the people Photo credits: the
  51. Designers ‣
  52. Critique ‣ There is often critique on designers Photo credits: le/coscurro
  53. “There are many things wrong with design in our world, but designers, as a group of people, are not the problem... Photo credits: D. Sherwin /
  54. ... If we can design our way into difficulty, we can design our way out. What would MacGyver do? Photo credits: MacGyver
  55. Useless product category? Sensitivity to context, relationships and to consequences are key aspects to the transition from mindless development to design mindfulness.” (John Thackara)
  56. Start by ‣ questioning
  57. ‣ Deep Ecology Learn from other disciplines Photo credits: http://www.
  58. Deep ecology seeks to develop ecological wisdom by focusing on deep experience, deep questioning and deep commitment. Arne Naess (1973) Photo credits: le/guitargoa
  59. Deep ecology Why do we need this? Can we go without? Why and how Mindful design Design How can we improve this product, service or activity? Deep ecology -vs- Design Photo credits: le/mzacha
  60. Go deep Work smart Mindful ‣ Designers as facilitators of change rather than individual object creators Photo credits: http://www.
  61. Design can be a great gift as long as... Designers understand the impact of their designs They don’t pretend to save the world, but take small steps to assist world change Go deep, question everything. Work smart, go into all the details to get the best solution So... ‣ Mindful design prevails. Context, relationships, consequences and meaning are always considered
  62. Mindful = ‣ Meaningful
  63. As mindfulness would indicate empathy and human centeredness... ... mindful has to be meaningful (to others) Photo credits: le/jeinny
  64. Meaningful ‣ = Emotional
  65. “Great design (thinking) results in functio- nally and emotionally satisfying solutions / experiences where the emotional value is generated through the creation of meaning” (Tim Brown) Photo credits: Whirlwind Wheelchair
  66. Emotional ‣ design
  67. Emotions, enrich, guide and ennoble life They play a vital role in how we understand our environment, learn and behave
  68. All design is emotional... intended, or unintended. It evokes an emotional response
  69. Some refer to fun as emotional design
  70. ‣ Fun How to change behaviour by making things fun
  71. Yes, this is also emotional design
  72. And this... Photo credits: JJaeyoung Ha
  73. And even this Photo credits:
  74. It’s about emotional impact... Not necessarily only positive! But also... Photo credits: Jennifer Noon Design
  75. Intensify achievement Empower for action Negative emotions to design richer experiences / Steven Fokkinga (TU Delft) Photo credits:
  76. Emotional design is to design a product or service with the intention to evoke predefined emotions. Photo credits: Sexy urinal
  77. Emotional design can assist designers to design change... ... as it puts people before technology ... and runs on the basis of meaning, mindfulness and empathy.
  78. Emotional design can create the connection with a product that is needed... ... to make it more sustainable.
  79. In that sense. Emotional design can be... The way for designers to connect with people in a more profound way A practical method to incorporate experience centeredness into design So... ‣ A way to create sustainibility through connection. The Factor Clave? :-)
  80. Books that may inspire you...
  81. Since 1999 the Design & Emotion Society raises issues and facilitates dialogue among practitioners, researchers, and industry in order to integrate salient themes of emotional experience into the design profession.
  82. Non-verbal self report instrument ‣ 12 animated validated characters ‣ PrEmo Emotional experience of products ‣ ‣ Measures low intensity and mixed character
  83. Need to know more? Twitter: @demadera