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  • Combine concepts and content from slides 4, 5, 6 into a single or two animated slides that incorporate all core EFX regions
  • Voorbeeld 1: start config. Om applicaties van elkaar te scheiden van OS en resources
    Voorbeeld 2: doorgroei mogelijkheden. Vmotion, HA, FT etc.
  • Onderhoud zonder downtime
  • - Bij uitval wordt VMs opgestart op nieuwe host (duurt enkele minuten)
  • Geen downtime bij uitval server
    Kostbaar t.o.v. High availibility
  • - Distributed Power Management.
  • Dynamic Resource Scheduling
    Automatisch vMotion
  • 3 VSP 4
  • This slide is your opportunity to establish credibility and introduce yourself. Based on what Equinix has learned working with cutting-edge digital companies worldwide, you should speak with authority on trends, challenges and solutions.
    Keep this slide very short.
    Key message: Equinix is the clear leader among global data center providers
    Supporting message: Global reach
    The largest network-neutral data center provider globally
    More than 6 million sq. ft. across 35 strategic markets
    Robust expansion plan
    Supporting message: Financial strength
    We have the strongest balance sheet in our network-neutral retail colocation industry
    $1 billion plus in annualized revenues for 2010
    $700+ million cash on hand at close Q310, to support a capital-intensive business
    28% CAGR 2007-2009
    We have staying power and the ability to scale
    Cash flow positive since 2003
    Since 2007 we have invested over $2.9 billion to create over 6 million sq ft of data center space
    Supporting message: Largest base of happy, growing customers in the industry
    A world of customer and supplier opportunities in our sites
    Over 3,700 customers including many of the most progressive global businesses
    Our great track record of service means happy, growing customers
    >80% of new business each year comes from existing, satisfied customers
    91% of our customers will recommend Equinix (December 2009 annual survey)
    Key message: Equinix is the clear leader among global data center providers
  • The Equinix value proposition should be positioned as Platform Equinix™ – and what it can do for customers. This slide is an overview, so you’ll want to move on quickly to the slides that follow.
    Platform Equinix™ Key message: Equinix is the best platform to help customers grow.
    Supporting message – Neutral Data Centers
    Data centers depend on basic inputs, including location, power, and connectivity. Equinix helps you improve performance with reliable, well-connected data centers.
    Neutrality means you choose from hundreds of network service providers to create your own “custom blend” of price and performance
    Redundant network paths from the many networks enhance reliability and resiliency
    “Never go dark” capacity expansion philosophy means ample space and power for growth
    (Covered in greater depth on slide 4)
    Supporting message – Global
    A single global partner speeds time to market, simplifies your global expansion plans and offers a consistent experience across strategic markets (Covered in greater depth on slide 5)
    Supporting message – Ecosystems
    Tapping into your business ecosystem via the suppliers in our sites is the answer to the challenges of the digital supply chain, and makes it easy to reach more partners, suppliers and customers (Covered in greater depth on slide 7)
    Supporting message – Gartner Endorses Digital Centric Economy
    Gartner holds that platforms will be key to the $1+ trillion growth in annual revenue from “digital centric,” also called “hyperdigitalization,” companies in the next 10 years. In particular the digital economy will need:
    Infrastructure services, access to scalable, reliable standard infrastructure environments
    Network services
    Access to relevant layers of the IT stack, such as application ecosystems
    (Gartner, Hyperdigitalization 2010)
    Platform Equinix consolidates these key ingredients for growth into a network of sites distributed across the world’s most important markets.
  • When a customer moves into an Equinix site, it gets the benefit of an environment its CFO would find cost prohibitive to build and staff as a standalone data center. If your audience is more tactical, you’ll want to go into detail around some of Equinix’s advantages here. If they are more strategic, a quick pass will be plenty.
    Key Message
    A build-your-own approach to data centers can divert scarce capital and valuable internal resources away from core competencies.
    Supporting message – Reliability
    Equinix offers:
    Five 9’s of uptime
    Redundant infrastructure and comprehensive maintenance
    Multifactor, 24x7 site security, including biometrics
    Downtime can literally cost millions (average downtime costs from Power Engineering)
    Credit card operations: $2.58 million an hour
    Brokerage operations: $6.48 million an hour
    Microchip manufacture: $1 million a minute
    Supporting Message – Reduce Capital and Operating Expense
    Data center facilities cost more than $1,000 per sq ft to build, and require ongoing facilities maintenance and operations expense
    Beyond the cost to build, the challenges of finding adequate power are becoming more difficult to manage
    “The typical 3-year cost (operating expenses + amortized capital expenses) of powering and cooling servers is approximately 1.5 times the cost of the server hardware itself, with projections of up to 22 times by the year 2012.” -Uptime Institute
    IT budgets are constrained: “Do expect to ‘finance’ your future IT projects from the cost savings you obtain in other parts of your operation.” Gartner, 2010
    Equinix’s continued investment in its infrastructure can be characterized as a “never go dark” philosophy. This means the company aims to have continued availability of power, cooling and physical capacity in Tier-1 markets - to make sure customers can expand as needed without delay Equinix’s leading financial strength in its sector means it is in the best position to continue to expand.
    Supporting Message – Simplify networking and integration
    By colocating in the same building as major service partners and network suppliers, new destinations and services are a cross-connect away
    Uptime is virtually assured on a cross-connect – just one fiber between points A and B
    Cross-connects are easy to scale – hours versus days or months
    Cost is extremely attractive vs. local loop or long-haul connection
    Supporting Message – Optimize Applications and Extend Infrastructure
    Time to market is critical to grabbing opportunities in a dynamic business climate
    Deploy or expand in days or weeks instead of months
    “Templatize” your expansion process across data centers
  • Key message: It’s not about one data center. It’s about connected data centers around the globe.
    Supporting message – Global platform for simplicity
    Vendor management, billing, scoping, etc. are simplified when working with one global partner
    Supporting message – The right networks in the right places for performance
    Equinix has the bandwidth choice and is strategically located to optimize performance
    Supporting message – Expansion when you need it
    Reduce the geographic diversity demanded of your IT team by leveraging Equinix as a supporting resource
    Equinix’s consistent global infrastructure simplifies your growth path
    Equinix has teams around the globe to provide on-site support to address issues and solve implementation challenges
  • Your customers have likely seen these numbers before…so get them to relate these trends to their business. Are their bandwidth needs growing? How does mobility alter their business model? Which trends create new sources of revenue? Which will grow cost centers?
    Key message: Growth brings new opportunities, but also new challenges.
    It’s not enough to manage your digital supply chain. You need one that can deal with volume demands that multiply every year
    Supporting point: Mobile traffic
    Mobile data traffic is predicted to grow 39-fold by 2014 (Cisco 2010)
    37% of information workers use a smart phone for business purposes (IDC 2010)
    Supporting point: Video traffic
    Video is the biggest driver of online traffic, and the most latency-sensitive (Cisco 2010)
    All forms of video will add up to 91% of consumer Internet traffic in 2014 (Cisco 2010)
    Supporting point: Global IP traffic
    Fourfold increase in IP traffic predicted (Cisco 2010)
    Average monthly traffic in 2014 will be equivalent to 12 billion DVDs crossing the Internet each month. (Cisco 2010)
    Supporting point: Cloud services growth
    Cloud services revenue will grow 3 times from 2008 to 2013 (Gartner 2009)
    By 2012, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets (Gartner 2010)
    Expect more virtualization on the IT roadmap, such as virtualized desktop. This creates new requirements for interconnection and demand for performance.
    Supporting point: Support increasing power needs when capital is tight
    Data center power needs are escalating rapidly. These also place a strain on site cooling infrastructure.
    To build your own data center capacity, budget >$1,000 per sq ft to build at today’s power densities, this will rise in future.
    Even if capital and space are available, large blocks of incremental power may not be easy to obtain from local utilities
    Potential changes in efficiency and emissions regulations could make power even more complex to build and manage in future
    Supporting point: The globalization of business
    The past decade has seen a sharp increase in globalization. In 2000, the headquarters of 451 of the Fortune 500 were concentrated in just 10 countries. In 2010, 98 of the Fortune 500 are now headquartered outside these top 10 countries. Corporations are increasingly looking to implement global sourcing strategies that rely on fewer, more strategic vendors. Achieving consistent global standards and customer experience requires corporations to select vendors with the broadest possible global coverage.
  • With your audience’s digital supply chain in mind, this is the slide to show how the strategic ecosystems within Equinix can help optimize performance by connecting customers to the networks and businesses that matter the most. Be sure to make the connection between reducing costs and/or bringing in new revenue.
    Key message: Whether it’s increased time to market, improved network choice, new service enablement, or access to new customers, Platform Equinix is critical for growth.
    Supporting message – Accelerate deployment and reduce costs
    Use our array of partners to quickly roll out presence in new cities and markets
    Our marketplace makes it easy to find vendors for market-leading service solutions or customers through Platform Equinix
    Supporting message – Access to networks, partners and customers
    Access to network choice enables you to choose the provider that’s the best fit, not the one “house brand” that happens to be available
    In a competitive environment, be assured suppliers will innovate to retain your business
    Supporting message – Optimize performance
    Ensure that business-critical partners are a secure, reliable cross-connect away
    For critical applications, minimize latency with a choice of high-performing routes
    Depending on your audience, one of these snapshots will illustrate the value of the ecosystem
    Customer example: We accelerate the deployment of new services
    Level 3 uses the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange™ (ECEE) in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Silicon Valley, with plans to expand. Level 3 will use the Exchange to quickly locate partners and speed time-to-market as it rolls out Ethernet services. The Platform Equinix™ effect: simplified connections between customers.
    A service provider can leverage our ecosystems to gain access to:
    Customers: more than 3,700 companies actively buying carrier and other services – an Equinix IBX is among the most customer-dense sites a network service provider could light
    Peering: large community of network and content providers peering to reduce IP transit costs and optimize traffic flow
    Services: partner with application service providers to augment service portfolio
    200+ cloud providers, 300+ IT services providers
    Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange
    All three GSMA mobile data exchanges
  • Key message: by locating infrastructure in highly reliable neutral datacenters near customers, service providers can limit downtime and geographic induced latency to improve the end user experience of their services, and create a performance competitive advantage vs. their competitors.
    Leading cloud services providers like Amazon, IBM and Voxel locate infrastructure in Equininx sites globally to ensure its infrastructure is located near its customers to ensure a low-latency, high-performance user experience for its public cloud services. The Platform Equinix™ effect: Service providers safeguard revenue for their digital services by locating them in network-rich sites near their customers.
    Amazon, IBM and Voxel Key Challenges
    Ensuring high performance to speed adoption of its public cloud services
    Amazon, IBM and Voxel Solution
    Creating service nodes for its services near customers
    Locating its service nodes in network dense sites to ensure an amply supply of bandwidth at competitive prices
    Locating its service nodes with a provider that has a “never-go-dark” site capacity policy to ensure that it is ready for the rapid adoption of its new to market service
    Locating its service nodes with a global vendor to simplify remote management and speed the rollout of its service
    Supporting message: Outsized growth of the digital economy (delivering digital services)
    A large and growing sector of the world’s economy delivers its services as digital information over communications networks. This sector is growing much faster than the overall economy.
    The digital economy is projected to grow from 20% of U.S. GDP in 2009 to 23% of GDP in 2020. Put another way, that’s an additional $1+ trillion in annual revenue that will be added in this sector over the next 10 years. (Gartner for growth rate, Goldman for $GDP)
    Supporting message: distribution strategy for online services is based on networks
    In the brick-and-mortar economy, strategy was dictated by the speed of transport and the distances involved. This had a direct impact on customer satisfaction and addressable market.
    Well established companies had distribution advantages over new competitors.
    In the digital economy, the user experience is directly impacted by the quality of distribution.
    Incumbent companies no longer enjoy a competitive advantage as digital companies can quickly and easily distribute digital goods with more efficiency to a larger audience (global).
    Any cloud or SaaS services company can leverage Equinix’s cloud and IT services ecosystem to improve its performance. For example, cloud providers looking to accelerate customer adoption can join the other 200+ cloud and 300+ IT services providers who leverage the ecosystem to:
    Market to services-hungry customers within the data center
    Choose from 600+ network providers to achieve the right balance of cost and performance
    Use a single global service delivery platform to deploy service nodes close to markets and end users to meet latency requirements
    Connect directly to storage vendors for business continuity backup
    Connect directly to leading enterprise software service providers to provide seamless data flows between systems
    Equinix is the right platform for the rollout of digital services
  • Key message: You need to measure and optimize your application performance
    If an email takes 30 seconds to arrive, would you notice? Probably not. If a video takes 30 seconds to start, it’s annoying but you might still decide to watch it. But if your web application takes 30 seconds to respond or a voice call has 30 seconds of latency, the performance is unacceptable.
    Not all applications have the same performance expectations, and not meeting the right expectation for the right application – whether for employees or external customers – means you’re not satisfying your users.
    Supporting message – Right performance for each application
    Identifying the latency tolerance of any application requires balancing performance expectations, business value, and cost
    Intelligently focus resources where they will have the biggest impact
    Supporting message – Higher user satisfaction
    “A half a second delay caused revenues to plummet by 20%” - Google
    Supporting message – Improved productivity
    “Organizations that have capabilities for measuring quality of end user experience are 75% more likely to improve employee productivity.” Aberdeen Group, 2009
  • Beurs Presentatie 2010 0.1

    1. 1. link A link B Equinix Inc. in een oogopslag • Meer dan 3000 klanten in 92 International Business Exchanges™ (IBX®) data centers in de USA, Europa en Azië • Levert infrastructuur voor content providers, netwerkaanbieders en Enterprises • Toegang tot meer dan 575 Tier 1 & 2 netwerken en de grootste Internet exchanges EQIX Nasdaq Opgericht Medewerkers 1998 > 1600 Financiële vooruitzichten Equinix is de wereldleider in netwerk neutrale co-locatie en interconnectie services Revenue (in millions) EBITDA (in millions) 2008 Results $704.7 $292.5 2009 Results $882.5 $408.6 2010 Guidance $1,200 $540
    2. 2. link A link B2 Chicago Dallas Los Angeles New York Silicon Valley Washington, DC Amsterdam Düsseldorf Enschede/Zwolle Geneva Frankfurt London Munich Paris Zürich Unieke aanwezigheid wereldwijd Hong Kong Shanghai Singapore Sydney Tokyo 90 data centers in 18 markten en 11 landen in Noord Amerika, Europa en Asia-Pacific Noord Amerika Europa Azië Atlanta Boston Buffalo Cleveland Denver Detroit Indianapolis Miami Nashville Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Seattle St. Louis Tampa Toronto
    3. 3. link A link BJanuary 29, 2015 3 Locaties in Nederland Enschede: • 1.100 m² datacenter • 40m² atoombunker • 2kVA/m² vermogen • N+1 (Tier 2) Zwolle: • 500 m² datacenter • 2 kVA/m² vermogen • N+1 (Tier 2) •Q1 2011 400m2 uitbreiding (Tier 3) Amsterdam 1&2: • 7.500 m² datacenter • 2kVA/m² vermogen • N+1 (Tier 3) Alle locaties: • ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified • PCI-DSS chapter 9 compliant (m.u.v. Zwolle) • SAS70 supporting • NEN7510 compliant
    4. 4. link A link B Datacenter Enschede (EN1) • Voormalige Nederlandsche Bank
    5. 5. link A link B Kluis Enschede (EN1) • 600m2 kluisruimte & 40m2 atoom bunker • High density power 2kVA/m² • Cold corridor & free cooling (+30% energie besparing) • 24/7 ondersteuning
    6. 6. link A link B Datacenter Enschede (EN1) • Cold corridor met kwart, halve en volledige cabinets
    7. 7. link A link B Datacenter Enschede (EN1) • Zuurstof reductie systeem en N+1 koelinstallatie
    8. 8. link A link B IaaS & SaaS IaaS CaaS PaaS StaaS Focus Equinix Managed Services Network infrastructure Layer 2 Ethernet / VLAN IP routing ManagedServices Application NOCC:24/7Configuration, Monitoring&Maintenance Resellers Partners End-user Equinix 8 Datacenter services Dedicated Hardware Operating System / Virtual layer Enabling Cloud Services: High Availability & Fault Tolerance
    9. 9. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Equinix Managed (On Demand) Cloud Services January 29, 2015 9 Location EN1 Internal cloud Location ZW1 Internal cloud Location AM1 Internal cloud External cloud Q1-2011 Enabling Cloud Services: High Availability & Fault Tolerance
    10. 10. link A link B EINDEJAARSAKTIE * Minimaal 1 virtuele server (H.A.V.S.) met een contractduur van 36 maanden ALS U VOOR 1 JANUARI 2011 EEN OVEREENKOMST AANGAAT MET EQUINIX ONTVANGT U EEN GRATIS* IPHONE!
    11. 11. Virtualisatie
    12. 12. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Virtualisatie Traditionele architectuur Virtuele architectuur
    13. 13. link A link B Voordelen Virtualisatie • High Availability (~100% at Fault Tolerance) • Hoge operationele efficiency • Tot 60% lagere operationele kosten • Flexibele capaciteits planning • Maintenance & Support zonder downtime tijdens kantooruren • Tot 10 systemen of applicaties op één server • Hardware kosten tot 50% lager • Lagere energiekosten • Lager onderhoudskosten 13 Consolidation
    14. 14. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Equinix Virtual Dedicated Servers 14 Switch Dedicated Server Dedicated Server VDS 1 VDS 2 (shared) backup (SAN) SAN
    15. 15. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Equinix High Available Virtual Servers 15 Switch SAN Dedicated Servers Switch Backup SAN
    16. 16. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. vMotion Switch SAN Dedicated Server
    17. 17. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. High Availability High Availability
    18. 18. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Fault Tolerance (optie) 18
    19. 19. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. DPM
    20. 20. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. DRS
    21. 21. © 2008 Equinix, Inc.21 Equinix Virtualisatie Scan
    22. 22. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. EINDEJAARSAKTIE * Minimaal 1 virtuele server (H.A.V.S.) met een contractduur van 36 maanden ALS U VOOR 1 JANUARI 2011 EEN OVEREENKOMST AANGAAT MET EQUINIX ONTVANGT U EEN GRATIS* IPHONE!
    23. 23. Platform Equinix
    24. 24. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Enabling you to keep pace with the rapid expansion of the digital marketplace Where Global Business and Growth Connect The widest network-neutral footprint 35 strategic global markets The strongest balance sheet in our industry $1 billion plus in annualized revenues $700 million plus cash on hand $2.9 billion investment in capacity 2007-2010 The most dynamic ecosystem in the industry 3,700 global customers >80% of new business from existing customers 24
    25. 25. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Data Centers Ample room for growth in reliable, well connected sites Ecosystems Collaborate to accelerate growth Global Reach Reach your customers around the world Your Platform for Growth Platform Equinix℠ 25 6M square feet 600+ carriers 35 markets 11 countries 3,700 businesses strategic ecosystems
    26. 26. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. 26 Scaling data center operations while preserving capital; eliminating barriers to expansion Market Challenge 6 million sq. ft. of capacity 600+ global networks a cross- connect away State-of-the-art on-site maintenance and support Equinix Advantage Safeguard Assets, Power Growth Interconnection Industry-leading power densities Redundant infrastructure Ample capacity for growth Colocation Support 99.999% global uptime Smart hands High customer satisfaction Global, network-neutral provider Most densely interconnected sites Specialized exchanges
    27. 27. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Reach Customers Around the World 27 Expanding addressable market; ensuring consistent performance for global customers Market Challenge Asia 5 metros 250+ available networks Americas 22 metros 450+ available networks Europe 8 Metros 175+ available networks Equinix Advantage Red = current Equinix markets
    28. 28. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Mobile platform usage skyrocketing – 39x Massive Shift to Virtualization and the Cloud – 3x IP traffic growth – 4x Video and real-time applications growth - 5x Data Center Power requirements Growth Drivers ’08 ’09 ’10 ’11 ’12 ‘13 28 Mobile data = 675 million DVDs/month Video = >90% of consumer traffic IP traffic = 12 billion DVDs/month Cloud = 3x revenue growth In 2014 Growth brings challenge and opportunities; implications on application performance Market Challenge Globalization of business 39x 5x 4x 3x
    29. 29. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Content, Gaming and Video Cloud Computing and Sls Connect to Accelerate Growth 29 Market Challenge Equinix Advantage Facilitating growth with network choice, service enablement, and proximity to supply chain 600+ network services 550+ financial services 500+ cloud, SaaS, and IT services 10 of the top 10 web properties Financial ServicesNetwork Providers
    30. 30. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Improving Cloud Services Performance 30 Improved global performance <10ms for 90% of NA and EU Impact Cloud providers accelerate performance in network-dense Equinix nodes 450+ cloud services deployments 600+ network providers 950+ gig IX peering traffic 16 Ethernet exchange networks All 3 of the GSMA’s mobile data exchanges Network Ecosystem
    31. 31. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. Application Performance Matters 31 Market Challenge Impact Measuring and tiering application performance to meet customer expectations Right performance for each app Higher user satisfaction Increased productivity
    32. 32. © 2008 Equinix, Inc. EINDEJAARSAKTIE * Afname van minimaal 1 virtuele server (H.A.V.S.) met een contractduur van 36 maanden ALS U VOOR 1 JANUARI 2011 EEN OVEREENKOMST AANGAAT MET EQUINIX ONTVANGT U EEN GRATIS* IPHONE!