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The SkyBoard E340


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The SkyBoard E340

  1. 1. E 3'-ID - E340 in drivin PICTURE GALLERY mode Transport as - Doublmalded ulattorms tor banner standard seniiiraier according to legal installation regulattons - Advanced hydraulic system tor sale rind quick handling - wired riiindie corltlnllel tar sale set~uP and shulvdcwrl oi the advertising structure by one operator. - Central control unit with seas and ops - Illumination system with 24 halogen system provides ti sms Operating states lights with programmable timer, powered and location and mate: at the lrntlllf. by the Irttmfrated generator or external newer supp yr - rwo anamumexsrs at tne top or the masts tor wind speed measurement and automatic tianniir shutdown to guarantee saliitv INNOVATIVE, HIGH IMPACT. UNIQUE. VERSATILE ONLY WHERE AND WHEN YOU NEED IT! ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY d, unkuziorIC- . '.7.: ‘:. ';. i7': ..i-‘A’-E--. =-v-cr-'-- CHANGE OF BANNERS IN I HOUR, 15 MIN SET-UP TIME‘ ONE OPERATOR MAXIMUM VISIBILITY 24 HOURS PER DAY HIGHEST SECURITY STANDARDS New Advertising Media SI4 Board E 3110 I - ITALIAN DESIGN. DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY E“ §. 'E'. .5.'. !,'. ..‘/ I llvlilrlllwr-lAl| vvuIll( W filAV: MIl4)v1l4lh'll rumimn lrl lit-A| ‘tlhlllM . ll. ,.. .,t. . "Mtt""lt www. skyboard—international. com
  2. 2. I §Baar I E 340 m2 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING IN EMOTIONI I I ITALIAN DESIGN. DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY SEMITRAI LER -5- as simian‘ 140- square meters available ior your aavsninng message. skyeoam E540 is a real eye—caIcher. provided mm 24 halogen lights my night Illumination giving outstanding vlelblllty dunng 24 hours perdayt Every unlt is launched with a wlde range oi standard and optional equipment to Banner area: 2 x 167.75 m= . total 355,50 m7 (2 x 1305.5 ft‘, total 3511 ft’-’) "I901 New "Nd OI Illa CDSIOMGL Installation platforms: 2 x 20 mi (2 x 215.28 it’) Dimensions when erected: 13.54 m long - 44.42 I! long 7.75 m wide - 25.52 ft wide Key features: 16.19 m hlgh - 53.12 ft high 105 m? (114037 it! ) 0 Extreme versatility 17500 kg - Hign-quamy materials lor high performance 59.. .“, time; 15 my. - Easy Installation and handling - Hlghest security standards ELECTRICAL PLANTS Power supply: 220v AC/24V DC / Bananas: 2 da 12V 12OAh ' A Power generator: 6 KW A Illumination: 24 halogen lights, aow each a transport as standard semitrailer. low operating and maintenance costs. SECURITY SYSTEM Anemometers for wind speed detection - Auto-leveling system lov pertect installation Automatic banner shutdown system in case of exceeding wind speed c SMS remote diagnostic: - Checkiuel level - Operating state and SMS function test - Automatic banner shut-down message - Low battery voltage Indicqtlon QUESTION STATE VIA SMS 0 GPS coordinates. ' 0 Wind speed environmentally compatible with low eoological impact. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD EQUIPMENT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT TRAILER CHARACTERISTICS v Wired vemote control 4 Remote control - Hydraulic control unit for atmiliary operation - 24 halogen lights. SDW each - Anemometers (2) - GPS system - Dimensions In drivlng mode: 13.50 m long. 2,55 m wide, 3.941 m high (44.62 ft long. 837 I1 wide. 12.93 ft hlghl - Installation lrame lor double sided banners - GSM system » 2 axles - Power generator 6kW - Nylon platiorms -ABS braking system - Double helght ralling - Disc brakes - Auttrleveling system - Air suspension - Hydraulic cover panels ior installation devices - Spare wheel — Stainless steel box - On-board voitage 24VDC shielded ADR - Light alloy side undarride bars I275: