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Qualcomm Slides Clint McClellan

  1. 1. ™ ™
  2. 2. Every Body on the Net ™
  3. 3. Collapsing Time and Space in Healthcare ™
  4. 4. 625 Million+ 3G Subscribers Today Forecast to Grow to 1.6 B+ 3G Subscribers by 2012 3G Source: Wireless Intelligence ™
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Worldwide Healthcare Shortages ™
  7. 7. Healthcare Is a Critical Global Issue • 1.6 Billion Overweight, 400 million obese • 860 Million Chronic Diseases • 600 Million Elderly Source: World Health Organization, McKinsey, Pfizer ™
  8. 8. Phone Is the Most Personal Device 3G BAN WWAN 4.0 Billion Cell Phones • Connection to network Over 3 Billion More Than Any Other • Significant local processing Computing or Consumer Electronics Device ™
  9. 9. Wireless Mobile Devices and Biosensors Will Transform Healthcare ™
  10. 10. Broadcast GPS Body Area Network Personal Area Network Cellular Wide Area Network Wireless LAN-WiFi Macro cells Micro, Pico, Femto Cells ™
  12. 12. C-Level Summit Investor Meetings Private Industry Briefings Research Technical Meetings Tradeshows ™ 12
  13. 13. Continua Connectivity ™
  14. 14. Continua Promoters ™
  15. 15. mHealth Alliance The Alliance will act as an umbrella organization to complement, draw together and expand upon the mHealth initiatives of multiple organizations around the world. It will cultivate cross-sector, public and private, collaboration in support of innovation and projects that address global health needs. ™
  16. 16. ”Help create a connected healthcare system, with solutions that are predictive, preventive, and personalized” Internal Innovation The Institute aims to move emerging wireless health technologies quickly into the hands of doctors, healthcare organizations and end- users – ensuring along the way that life-enhancing and lifesaving devices and products are safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective. www.westwirelesshealth.org ™
  17. 17. Scripps Health • Medical Innovation and Internationally Recognized Leadership: – Eric Topol, MD, an employee of Scripps Health & world renowned medical researcher, with over 2,700 published papers, will lead clinical research at the Institute • World Class Name Recognition and Clinical Credibility: – Scripps Health is a well-known name in the healthcare industry, Scripps Clinic is an internationally known medical group, and Scripps Research Institute is a $500M non-profit research organization housing 3 Nobel Laureates, 18 members of the National Academy of Science, and 9 members of the National Institutes of Medicine, 289 faculty, 815 postdoctoral fellows and 235 graduate students – Scripps has a $20M NIH Translational Medicine Grant with emphasis on Genomics and Wireless Health • Clinical Research and Development: – Scripps Health provides a large base for clinical research projects with its five hospitals, 19 outpatient facilities, over 2,600 physicians, and some 500,000 patients. – Scripps Health staff & physicians expected to generate wireless innovations derived from their clinical activities ™
  18. 18. Contract Internal R&D Wireless Clinical Compatibility Incubation & Trials Center Acceleration Industries Grants Industries - Hospitals - NIH - Medical Device - Medical Facilities - NSF - Pharmaceutical - Wireless Medical Devices - DoD ™
  19. 19. The Creation of the West Wireless Health Institute The Institute is the ‘brain child’ of Eric Topol, M.D., of Scripps Health, Don Jones of Qualcomm, and Gary West of the Gary and Mary West Foundation. The West Foundation was founded in 2006 with the mission to create new avenues for young & older Americans to enjoy a high quality of life. ™
  20. 20. Wireless Health Initiative Dr. Eric J. Topol, M.D. Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Health Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute and Scripps Genomic Medicine The Gary and Mary West Chair of Innovative Medicine, Scripps Health Professor of Translational Genomics , The Scripps Research Institute Chief Medical Officer and Founding Board Member, West Wireless Health Institute Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine , Scripps Clinic ™
  21. 21. Wireless Implants CardioMEMS miniature implantable sensors use radiofrequency energy to transmit real-time data and communicate this information to the patient’s physician for the management of patients with congestive heart failure. • Cardiac Output • Blood Pressure • Heart Rate Diagnostic Devices CardioNet’s Diagnostic Devices wirelessly and remotely detect cardiac arrhythmias. • ECG • Heart Rate • Respiratory Rate ™
  22. 22. Fitness Smart Band-Aids © will enable people to measure and wirelessly transmit information while exercising. Health maintenance • Heart Rate • Respiratory Rate • Distance/Steps taken/Relative motion • Speed • Elevation • Calories Burned Home Health Hubs Healthcare Devices Home Health Hubs enable people to capture and Omron Body Composition Meter wirelessly transmit vital signs, improving health, and fitness maintenance. Remote Care Omron Pedometer • Caregiver Connections • Diagnostics Omron Blood Pressure Monitor • Monitoring Health Maintenance • Coaching Johnson & Johnson Glucose Meter • Diary Functions Cellular Network ™
  23. 23. SMART Band-Aids © Smart Band-Aids © are merging wireless body-area network communications (WBAN) with improved biosensors and continuous blood pressure. • Continuous Blood Pressure • Heart Rate • SP02 • Other Vital Signs Patch Drug Delivery A Wireless Patch Drug Delivery system, or wireless transdermal patch, is an adhesive patch with a drug reservoir that is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication. Sensors transmit data for monitoring and control purposes. • Control Patch Activation • Monitor Use • Monitor Therapy • Adjust Drug Delivery ™
  24. 24. Targeted Drug Therapy MicroCHIPS’ drug therapy solution provides patients with implantable chips that monitor the amount of medication the body needs. This information is wirelessly sent, collected, and available for analysis by physicians, caregivers, and patients. • Osteoporosis • Diabetes • Cardiology • Ophthalmology Remote, Mobile Clinics Mobile diagnostic kits in development bring safe, effective treatment to those living in remote areas of India. This idea will provide a proof of concept that can be expanded globally. ™
  25. 25. Medication Compliance Proteus develops products that integrate in-body electronics and sensor technologies into existing pharmaceuticals to improve therapeutic outcomes. Embedded transmitters in pills are activated when patients digest them. Once activated, it sends a message to a band aid receiving signals that the medication has been taken, and at what time. • Measures Compliance • Improves Therapeutics ™
  26. 26. Healthcare Devices Omron Pedometer Cellular Network Omron Body Composition Meter Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Data Management Service Johnson & Johnson Glucose Meter ™
  27. 27. Transforming Healthcare LifeCOMM Diabetes Management Solution ™
  28. 28. Phone Reminds Patients to Take Their Meds ™
  29. 29. Challenge: Building a Platform for Sensors • Ultra Low Power - Extended battery life • Security - Data must remain private • Integration with sensors - Sensor-specific processing BAN on platform - Easy configuration • Smart nodes - IP transport and protocols from sensor to servers • Flexible deployment topologies - Star or mesh - Scalability ™
  30. 30. Challenge: Personal Health View • Standards for Interoperability • Decentralized − Security/access control − Aggregation ™
  31. 31. Consumers are not afraid of Telehealth ™
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Thank You ™
  34. 34. Back Up ™
  35. 35. Opportunity: Replace Large Devices Create “Diagnostics as a Service” • Current Medical Devices − Expensive: $10Ks − Single Function − Large • Diagnostics as a Service − Inexpensive − Scalable − Remote Server-based 3G Wireless Leads Data Network In-Room or On- Sensor Display Wireless Diagnostic Sensors Server-based Computing ™
  36. 36. C-Level Summit Investor Meetings Private Industry Briefings Research Technical Meetings Tradeshows ™