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  2. 2. INDEX • Introduction • Main competitions  Champions League  FIFA World Cup  FIFA Club World Cup • Most popular players • Most famous sights in history. • Best teams • Summary • Test
  3. 3. Introduction • Football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. It is the world's most popular sport • It is played in a rectangular field of grass approximately of 100x64 m.
  4. 4. Introduction • Football is the most popular sport in the world, with more of than 270 millions supporters. • The team that has scored more goals at the end of the game is the winner; if both teams have scored an equal number of goals then the game is a draw. • The main positions are: goalkepper, defenders, midfielders and strikers
  5. 5. Main Competitions Champions League • It is celebrated in Europe, and only participated in it the best teams in each league of Europe. • 77 teams of all the continent participate on it, but only 32 participate in the final group. • The most succeessful team is Real Madrid, which has won 9 Champions League.
  6. 6. Main Competitions • FIFA World Cup • It it the most prestigious competition in the world • 32 national teams of the 6 continents participate on it. • Brazil is the most successful team, with 5 championships. • The current champions is Spain
  7. 7. Main Competitions • FIFA Club World Cup • 8 clubs participate on it • The participants are the champions of each continent • The winner is considerered the world champion of clubs • The current winner is F.C. Barcelona
  8. 8. Most Popular Players • Alfredo di Stefano • He was born in 1926 in Argentina • Considered the best footballer who has played for Real Madrid.
  9. 9. Most Popular Players • Pelé • He was a Brazilian player, who has won 2 World Cups with her nation • He is considered the best player in the history by a lot of people, sharing this honor with Maradona • He was the best scorer of the World Cups until 2006 with 12 goals.
  10. 10. Most popular players • Diego Armando Maradona • He is considered the best footballer in the history. • He has won 1 World Cup, in Mexico 96, and he was chosen the best player in the Championship. • Her private life leave him to have a lot of problemas with the drugs and the population, although he is loved like a God in Argentina
  11. 11. Most popular players • Zidane • He born in Argelian, but his nationality is French. • He played for Real Madrid and Juventus • In his honors we can see 1 World Cup, 1 Champions League between others • His last match was the final of a World Cup, where he was punished for attack to another footballer, Marco Materazzi. • Now, he cooperate with organizations whose aim is to help poors countries
  12. 12. Most popular players • Cristiano Ronaldo • He is the most expensive player in the world, Real Madrid paid 96 millions € for him • He is the most paid footballer in the world with revenues of 30 millions € per year. • Her appearance makes him a sex symbol around the girls of the world. In consequence, he participate in a lot of advertisement of a lot brands
  13. 13. Most popular Players • Lionel Messi • He is an Argentinian footballer who played for F.C Barcelona • Nowadays, he is considered the best player in the world • Her style leads us to compare him with Diego Armando Maradona. The way to play football and their appearance are too similar.
  14. 14. Best Teams • In Spain - Real Madrid: is the best team in the history of football - FC Barcelona: is the best team in this millennium. It is the only team which has won 6 titles in a year
  15. 15. Best teams • In the rest of Europe:
  16. 16. Best Teams In the rest of the world:
  17. 17. Summary • We have seen: • An introduction to this sport • The main competitions - Champions League - FIFA World Cup - FIFA Club World Cup • Some of the best players: Di Stefano, Pelé, Maradona, Zidane, CR7, Messi • Some of the best teams in the Europe and the rest of the world
  18. 18. Test • What is the most prestigious competition in the World? a) FIFA World Cup b) FIFA Club World Cup c) Champions League • Who is the best player currently? a) Messi b) Cristiano Ronaldo c) Zidane • How many World Cups has Maradona won? a) 2 b) 1 c) 0