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A Partnership with Adyen is Equal to Exponential Growth: 17 Payments Experts Shared Their Insights


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Do you want the little secret that allows to global organizations like Uber, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, Yelp, Dropbox, Hillarys, Evernote, SurveyMonkey and many more hack its growth globally? The "secret" has a name: Adyen. 17 Payments Experts shared what they thought about Adyen and how it has been critical to these organizations to scale globally in the fastest possible way.

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A Partnership with Adyen is Equal to Exponential Growth: 17 Payments Experts Shared Their Insights

  1. 1. I wrote a post called “Adyen Payments: The Growth Hacking Tip You Mus Use to Improve Dramatically Your Global Expansion” at
  2. 2. To support the insights in that post, I immediately began to search what Payments experts said about
  3. 3. This presentation is the result of that research Tweet it Share it Comment it Send me a email and I´ll put you in touch with Adyen´s team
  4. 4. Ksenia Kouchnirenko, Director of International Strategy & BizDev (SurveyMonkey) Source: Adyen “Adyen’s biggest differentiator is its ability to leverage data from across merchants to help individual merchants optimize and deliver the right payments solutions. That has been incredibly helpful, and really shows Adyen as a true partner” 1.
  5. 5. Kathrin Renner, Senior Payment Manager (Delivery Hero) Source: Adyen “RevenueProtect is a great, targeted risk management system. Thanks to its data- driven approach, our chargebacks have decreased by 78%, and our false positives were reduced by 50%. This means we are not only blocking fraudsters, but actually also approving more genuine customers.”2.
  6. 6. Julian Bond, Head of Information, Communication & Technology (Hillarys) Source: Adyen “We chose Adyen because it is the only provider offering a PCI compliant mobile payment solution allowing offline payments, which is essential to supporting our business model.” 3.
  7. 7. Amelie Seguret, Head of Monetization (Bla Bla Car) Source: Adyen “With Adyen, moving into new markets can be as easy as flipping a switch and adding a new payment method. This has been very helpful as we expanded into 6 countries in a single year” 4.
  8. 8. Javier Álvarez, IT Manager of Corporate Systems (Vueling) Source: Adyen “In Europe, customer payment preferences vary from country to country. Adyen provides a unique integration with key local payment methods, enabling us to expand across markets quickly and easily.” 5.
  9. 9. Rafael Ohl, Brazil Country Manager (SurveyMonkey) Source: Adyen “We selected Adyen as our payments partner because of its data-driven approach, local payment expertise, and technical agility, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” 6.
  10. 10. Noelia Guinón, E-Commerce Manager (Björn Borg) Source: Adyen “Going live with Adyen in one day is just one example of the company’s excellent support. The team is fast and efficient, willing to do what it takes to get the job done. We have seen a 25% uptick in customer retention.” 7.
  11. 11. Kapil Mokhat, Head Business development - Payments (Airbnb) Source: Forbes “We want to provide a localized experience and give people their preferred payment options. Instead of building direct integrations to each payment method, we have Adyen.” 8.
  12. 12. Aaron Goldman, Principal Partner (General Atlantic) Source: Forbes “Adyen isn’t burdened by legacy infrastructure. It’s a straight tube–like the autobahn.” 9.
  13. 13. Nancy Magee, Director of Product - Commerce (Evernote) Source: Forbes “With Adyen we opened 30 currencies in two weeks.” 10.
  14. 14. Johann Butting, Head EMEA (Dropbox) Source: Adyen “Dropbox has 120 million users in Europe and is growing faster here than in the U.S. As we grow it’s important we meet the needs of our customers, large and small, across different European countries. Adyen emerged as a great way to process multiple payment methods through a single platform, and will enable all our customers to pay with their preferred payment method. 11.
  15. 15. Linda Kozlowski, former VP of Worldwide Operations (Evernote), Now Etsy´s COO Source: Adyen “After Adyen optimized our implementation of Alipay’s mobile checkout, our customers’ mobile experience has significantly improved, and we expect to see a corresponding increase in conversions, customer satisfaction and brand affinity.” 12.
  16. 16. Jan Hammer, Partner (Index Ventures) Source: Index Ventures “Adyen’s is an audacious journey, as it goes after the entire industry that has historically touched the payment value chain. It is also a journey which is only just getting started; Adyen might have succeeded in putting a large chunk of new payments onto new infrastructure, but the world of old payments is still very much waiting to be transformed.” 13.
  17. 17. Meryem Belqziz, Casablanca General Manager (Uber) Source: Adyen “Adyen continues to be a key strategic partner in addressing the many payments-related challenges of rapid international expansion.” 14.
  18. 18. Doug Gardner, CIO (River Island) Source: Adyen “Mobile is growing faster than most people would have predicted a couple of years ago, and with Apple Pay, we see a great opportunity to deliver a seamless payment experience and build a deeper connection with some of our most valuable customers, so we’re very excited to partner with Adyen to offer Apple Pay to our UK shoppers at launch” 15.
  19. 19. Sam Shank, CEO (HotelTonight) Source: Adyen ““Mobile devices are inherently personal and it’s important for the content of the apps to react to the needs of the consumer in real time. The hotel deals we present to a booker vary depending on where that booker is located and other factors, so we can present more relevant results, and increase conversion.” 16.
  20. 20. Aydin Senkut, Managing Director (Felicis Ventures) Source: Twitter 17.
  21. 21. Do you want to grow exponentially your company? Use as your Growth Hack Marcos Ortiz (@marcosluis2186) Product Manager, Growth & Product Marketing Tweet it Share it Comment it Send me A email