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The fpo "insides out report" will cover the basics of the search, SEO, keywords and the importance it plays in the Hispanic consumer brand experience.

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The search

  1. 1. 1marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingThe Search(Introductory digital marketing strategiesand tactics to reach the Hispanic Market)FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  2. 2. 2marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingThe goal for the“Insides out”outreach is to highlightthe importance of the Hispanic market and the needto market to this segment.What you’ll find in the following pages are some greatfacts,strategies and tactics on online search for the His-panic consumer.Why did we start with the search. Because,this is themost overlooked aspect of marketing in the industry.We hope our packet helps you connect with the hearts,minds and wallets of the consumer. Hey,we aremarketers after all.If you have any questions please feel free to emailmarcos@fpomarketing.comThe Goal
  3. 3. 3marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertising53% of Hispanic consumers use online searches whenresearching for products or services.the search84% of Hispanics use the internet as a primary sourceof information vs 78% of the general population.of Hispanics use their smart phones to do search.70%Source:Think with Google 2010of Hispanics made a purchase in-store as a result ofseeing online advertisements while researching products.(22% more than the general population)61%93% of Hispanics use Google for searches.
  4. 4. 4marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertising38% visited an online video actions54% made a purchase online.talked to others about something learned from a search.49%visited a social networking site.48%61% visited a specific brand’s website.Source:Think with Google 2010
  5. 5. 5marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingsearch:0ffline actions43% made a purchase in-store.recommended a brand,product or service to others.36%look for more information on line.29%46% visited a retailer.Source:Think with Google 2010
  6. 6. 6marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingseo & semseoStands for Search Engine Optimization.It is a process ofmodifying a website to increase its ranking organicallyon the search engines and to drive targeted traffic forrelevant search results.semStands for Search Engine Marketing.It is a process ofgaining traffic through visibility of search engines usingPPC (pay-per-click) advertising.85% of clicksare fromorganic15% of clicksare from paid
  7. 7. does it makesa differencewhere you rank?FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  8. 8. 8marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingclick through43% is the likely hood that the viewer will click on the linkif you come up as the number one result after a search.% of clicks result position 12% 29% 37% 45% 54% 63% 73% 82% 9Source:Think with Google
  9. 9. how to befound online:keywords.FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  10. 10. 10marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingtoolsBelow is a list of tools that we use in keyword research.Wejust don’t use one but several services to get a true pictureof the keywords that the consumer and our competitorsare using.Keyword ranking are a great source to know what wordsthe consumer is using when looking for using describinga product or service.We use these keyword insights not only for writing copy,but across all aspects of our marketing.This is especially important when geo-targeting Hispanicconsumers.Depending on the country of origin,different wordsmay be used describe the same product or Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  11. 11. 11marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingtipsonkeywordsNuggets: Start with research using Googlekeyword tools. Search for words that are relevantand unique to your product.Then build on whatyour key insights (keywords) that are going to beto move your brand in the hearts and minds of theconsumers.General vs Long-tail words: General words are oneword descriptors or brands. Long tail keywordsare keywords that are comprised by one or morewords,four to three words is idea (see chart nextpage).1,000 to 10,000: At FPO we select keywords thatfall in the above range. Do a search in Googleto see if the the selected keyword has less that50,000 select it.Export: Export your keyword list.Use it in yourmarketing.Check you keywords onkeywordsFPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  12. 12. 12marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingconversion rate by keyword phrases lengthconversion rate4035302520151056+ word phrase5 word phrase4 word phrase3 word phrase2 word phrase1 wordFPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  13. 13. 13marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingbe foundoptimizethesearchOn-Site: Ok,the best way to think of on-site isall those nifty things that will effect the way thesearch engines rank you on your website.Thisincludes adjusting the layout of your website,adding code on pages,HTML scripts,insertingrelevant keywords within the content of yourwebsite.Off-Sight: These are“link building”or getting linksback to your site from other sites other than yourmain website.Now,that’s out of the way,lets look at some ofthe things you can do to improve your on-siteSEO scoreFPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  14. 14. 14marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingbe foundonsightTitle Tags: This is the page or post title as it showsup in the top of the browser in the search engine.You should use your keywords as the title.Don’tstuff the title with as many keywords,keep ithuman. Your audience is king.Meta Description: This is the paragraph below thetitle that is used to engage consumers to click.Beas engaging as you can with 150 words.Yes,use acouple of keywordsPermalink: This is everything after the domainname that reference the post page.Make sure tokeep it human and customize the permalink to belegible.Headings: Use your keywords in the headlines.Tryto use 2-4 word phrasing.The consumer will grabon to them and so will the search engine.Paragraph: Audience is King.So make the contentengaging and relevant.Use a key word within ev-ery 350 words (this is referred to as key word den-sity) but don’t make it read weird.It is better to beengaging the on the mark with a keyword.Writefor your audience and then for the search engine.FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  15. 15. 15marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingyour websiteCreated by SEOMOZoff-sightContent is queen in getting betterranking for your main site. This is anongoing process.on-sightYou should review your keywordsonce every six months to make sureyou get the results.FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  16. 16. in englishor spanishyes.but,content,and context is key.more to come on thissubject in the near future.FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |
  17. 17. 17marketing&advertisingmarketing&advertisingEssentialwhy is online marketingessential for all brands?- Boost ranking of your website resulting in higher likely hoodof a sale and consumer engagement.- People search for your product or service.- Generate targeted leads and customers.- Increase target traffic.- Grow your business.FPO Marketing | 210.829.8855 |