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What is fci Corporation


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What is fci Corporation

  1. 1. 2 Press Kit April 2012Setting the standard for connectors Press contacts: FCI Corporate Communications Text 100 Marie-Caroline Gonzalez +33 1 56 99 71 41 For more information:
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Key Facts and Figures• What is a Connector?• A Word-Class Player in Key Markets o Focused on High-End Applications and Solutions o Global Footprint and Sales o Servicing Global Market Leaders• An Inventive Company• The FCI Story 2/9
  3. 3. 2011 Key Facts and FiguresMain business ConnectorsMarkets Electronics, Motorized VehiclesEstablished 1988Incorporated in FranceHeadquarters Guyancourt, near Paris 30 countries in Europe, theGlobal reach Americas and AsiaRevenue € 1.1 Billion in sales in 2011Employees 14,000 20 in all: 6 in Europe, 4 in theManufacturing sites Americas, 10 in Asia PacificNumber of patents in force 3,100 FCI CorporatePR contacts at FCI Communications Marie-Caroline Gonzalez +33 1 56 99 71 41PR contacts at Text 100 marie- 3/9
  4. 4. What is a Connector?A “connector” transmits electrical power and/or electronic signals between twodevices. It provides the vital link between electrical components with speed,efficiency and reliability.Connectors in Your Life • Electronics • Motorized Vehicles 4/9
  5. 5. A World-Class Player in Key MarketsWith 14,000 employees in 30 countries and sales of 1.1 billion Euros in 2011, FCI isa leading manufacturer of connectors for various markets.Focused on High-End Applications and SolutionsFCI is active in a high-precision industry involving the design and manufacture ofelectronic connectors, sockets for integrated circuits.The connector industry covers a multitude of products and solutions ranging from themost basic to the most complex, like high-density connectors for information technologyapplications and high-reliability connectors for airbags. At FCI, the strategy is to focus onthe latter high end applications and solutions.FCI benefits from a balanced exposure to diversified markets around the world suchas Automotive, Communication, Consumer and I&I / Medical.These are served by FCI’s two divisions:• Electronics (2011 sales: € 420 M) - FCI electronics is well known and respected for its technology leadership and innovative connector and cable assembly solutions. Offering includes High-speed, Power, Storage interface, Miniature, Commercial connectors as well as Optical solutions to bring cost-effective electronic equipment and devices to the market.• Motorized Vehicles (2011 sales: € 690 M) - Connectors for engines, cockpits, car interiors, harness sectioning, safety applications, electronic control units (ECU), on-board electronics as well as High Power connectors and charge plugs for Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. These products also have applications in the non-automotive transportation market. 5/9
  6. 6. Global Manufacturing Footprint and Sales 20 manufacturing sites, 1 Research Center and 1 Global Tooling Center Europe 6 manufacturing sites 1 Research Center 43% of total sales Asia 10 manufacturing sites Americas 1 Global Tooling Center4 manufacturing sites 41% of total sales 16% of total sales Keeping up with Connector Market Trends… Connector Industry Revenues - by Region (Market data are for annual year 2011 – CAGR is for 2011 – 2014 period; Source: Bishop reports, Jan 2012, June 2011) 6/9
  7. 7. Servicing Global Market Leaders• Electronics (Key customers and distributors)• Motorized Vehicles 7/9
  8. 8. An inventive company FCI sees innovation as a key to future growth. The continuing trend towards miniaturization and high-speed connectors has given FCI’s R&D program further impetus. FCI files over 100 patents each year with licensing agreements with leading industrial and academic organizations to acquire new technologies and spread them more rapidly throughout its divisions.To anticipate demand and market trends, FCI is dedicated to developing leading-edgetechnology through a far-reaching R&D program.A large part of sales revenues are invested each year in developing and manufacturingnew products for emerging requirements, such as:• Electronics o New generation of connectors for High-end data and Consumer o High-Speed backplane and High Speed I/O connectors o Active Optical Cables and Transceivers o Dedicated connectors for industrial applications• Motorized Vehicle o Safety Restraint Systems o Harsh environment systems and applications o Automotive connectors o High-density flex interconnectFCI draws on its Research Center and a wide network of academic and industrial labs todrive technological breakthroughs.About 650 highly skilled technicians / engineers and PhDs work together to addresscustomers’ technology needs, using Lean engineering processes and tools. 8/9
  9. 9. The FCI Story & ManagementFCI was established in 1988 by Framatome as a diversification outside the nuclear field.Some 20 acquisitions and 20 years later, FCI has become one of the largest connectormanufacturers. FCI is the first and only European connector manufacturer among the10 global “connecticians”.In November 2005, FCI was acquired by Bain Capital, a private investment fund. 9/9