Flight reservation and ticketing system Final PPT


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Flight reservation and ticketing system Final PPT

  1. 1. Flight Reservation and Ticketing System 4106 – 06A
  2. 2. 1. What the system does as a whole?  Flight reservation and ticketing system used by different types of users based on their access level of participation to use the system  Client – Passenger Authorized Flight Reservation Personnel  Ticketing Office Agent  Call Center Agent  Baggage Management that includes:  Baggage ticketing and marking  Baggage Tracking  Flight Seat Inventory Management  Message Delivery Management: Through email and SMS  Material Order Inventory Management  Administrative Module
  3. 3. 2. Transactions Covered, Queries, Reports and Special Technology Transactions: Queries:  Booking of flight reservation  Rebooking of flight reservation in terms of:  Moving of flight reservation date. (Rebooking)  Changing of flight route. (Rerouting + Rebooking)  Changing of passenger name  Excess baggage ticketing  Applying of charges and surcharges.  Issuance and reissuance of ticket  Collecting and computing of sales  Managing of system users  Cancelling of flight reservation  Points rewarding] The system provides a querying that will be able to a search form in a module to find a specific record such as by:  Operation Module  Booking Reference  Flight Ticket Reference  Hotel Ticket Reference  Tour Ticket Reference  Car Ticket Reference  Excess Baggage Reference  Flight Seat Inventory Reference  Pointing System Account ID  Administrative Module  Authorized User Access ID
  4. 4. 2. Transactions Covered, Queries, Reports and Special Technology Reports:  Sales report  Excess baggage ticketing  Flight Tickets  Hotel Tickets  Tour Ticket  Car Ticket  Itinerary report Special Technology:  Use of the E-mail and SMS Messaging for the passenger delivery of flight updates and information  Use of the ticketless flight travel service  Passenger mobile flight booking
  5. 5. 3. Major difference from other similar system The differences listed below are listed based on comparing the proposed project from the other similar system that is also made by the students for a school project study: 1. The system is not only capable of booking passenger. The system has the feature of booking different type of passengers that needs special assistance. Therefore, the system gets a major difference on this aspect 2. The system is capable not just by updating of booked flight reservation in a simple way. The system specifically used the proper business process of updating the flight reservation of a passenger by using the rebooking, rerouting, or the combination of rerouting and rebooking method 3. Cancellation of flight reservation is also in the business process, where the cases correspond in this action applies which is the refund process 4. The system used the notification system where the special technology is implemented. The system includes delivering the notification services to the passengers via email and SMS 5. The system has two different type of system interface which is the GUI or Object-oriented based program and a console or command-line interface program. The system includes the feature of including a console-based program in the system to have an alternative solution in case that the GUIbased system malfunctions. 6. The ticketing system used the case to case procedure in the system. It is in the business process of processing flight tickets that includes the legal and proper issuance of ticket that is also based on the IATA, and ICAO standards. 7. The whole system is based on the two (2) standards that are majorly followed by all the airline company in their booking and ticketing system process. 8. Excess baggage ticketing is also proposed in the system, from purchasing a ticket and marking it up to the tracking of the baggage. 9. Material Order Inventory is included in the system to assure that all the needed materials by the passenger is supplied before the flight. 10. Sales reporting is also included that gives an automatic reporting of the flight ticketing sales.
  6. 6. 4. Integration with other system
  7. 7. 5. Solution Architecture Hotel, Tour, Car Reservation Flight Operation and Engineering 6 Operational Modules Marketing and Statistics Flight Reservation and Ticketing Customer Relationship Management Administrative Module Crew Management Mobile Application And Communication Device Finance and Accounting
  8. 8. 6. System Layout Administrative Module Baggage Management Client – Passenger Authorized booking personnel Message Delivery Module Material Order Inventory Flight Seat Inventory Control
  9. 9. 7. Work Flow Where: Client-Passenger Authorized Reservation Personnel Call Center Agent Client Computer Client Communication Device System Web Server System Database Ways on how the system handle passenger reservation concerns
  10. 10. 8. Timeline Gantt Chart