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How to change the perception of a brand?


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For National Geographic Channel we developed a new visual identity expressing their latest brand positioning. The goal was to strengthen the brand position in the Netherlands and grow the number of viewers and marketshare. Both objectives were realised.

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How to change the perception of a brand?

  1. How to change theperception ofa brand.
  2. Get Ready to RockThe start of change.When your brand is caught between a rock and a hard-place,an outsiders point of view can help you speed up the process ofrenewing your brand and defining your point of difference.Through a series of brand workshops we help clients to analyze theirbrand and craft their vision into a creative reality. By challenging thestatus quo we bring in fresh ideas that can make change really happen.If you are interested in your brand adventure,we would be very pleased to take you on a journey.
  3. Highlights.PreliminariesThe situation.Campaign developmentConcept design.Campaign roll outActivating our audience.Turn outWhat our work resulted into.
  4. Transforming a brandknown for its stunningdocumentarieson wildlife......into an TV brand thatcentralizes humanbehaviour andsurroundings.Retrospective PerspectiveChallenge.
  5. “The world and all that is in itis our theme”- Alexander Graham BellChairman National Geographic Society1897 - 1903Preliminaries.
  6. Brand IdentityPreliminaries.Known taglines:“Think again.” “Dare to explore”Logo represents transparency;a glimpse into a world ofexcitement, versatile anddynamic programming.Primarily communicates throughaction based storytelling.Expresses itself globally throughbroadcast and print media(National Geographic Channel& NGC Magazine).
  7. Brand ImagePreliminaries.Making interesting documentarieson wildlife in their natural habitat.Now also driven by human life,history, technology and events.Different brand themes createdifferent brand experiences.Contemporary, fascinatingcontent inspires to share.High likability and community supporton social media.
  8. Preliminaries.Current AffairsAs part of a global brand campaignNGC adopted a new brand identity:live curious.Focusing on human interestinstead of wildlife (only).Starting a personal voyage toquestion, explore and pioneer in life.Finding out why some thingsare what they are.Documenting and sharing interactiveexperiences with the Nat Geo Society.
  9. “How can you possibly live your lifelooking at a door and not open it?”- Robert BallardFirst to explore the wreckage of the TitanicDevelopment.
  10. GuidelinesDevelopment.As part of a global brand campaignRock Agency was asked to assumeresponsibility for the Dutchpromotion of this identity.The campaign consisting of...The individual, its behaviour andsurrounding as key elements.Showing diversity ofNGC topics and programming.Message distribution throughhigh exposure locations,generating maximum curiosity.
  11. PhotographyDevelopment.Capturing the moment,to intensify the role of the individual.Capturing the movement,to support an active storyline.Capturing the environment,to fuel the power of context.Inciting curiosity.
  12. Tone of VoiceDevelopment.Starting the design process we chooseto visualize a person looking through theNGC logo and being blown awayby experience.
  13. Tone of Voice (2)Development.It represents human life andthe core of our campaign;exploring new things in life.Opening doors leading tounknown experiences.Being curious.
  14. Tone of Voice (3)Development.Then we completed the emotion by asking themain question for activating curiosity: Why?Still a concept this would be the firstin a number of successful brand expressions.
  15. National Geographic Magazine and almost all Dutch TVguides and newspapers were used to circulate our brandmessage in a segmented part of the consumer market.Awareness among NGC viewers rose.MY MUSIC BRAINVANAVONDOM 21.00 UURnatgeotv.comBY ANY MEANSTOT EN MET 27 JUNIDAGELIJKS OM19.00 UURnatgeotv.comMY MUSIC BRAINVANAVONDOM 21.00 UURnatgeotv.comnatgeotv.comWorld’s Toughest FixesIedere woensdagom 17.00 en22.30 uur‘s Werelds meest complexe reparatiesNewOldImaging ProcessDevelopment.
  16. Imaging Process (2)Development.Not all photos are ready to use due to a lack ofcharisma that fits the theme of the show.Some program rebrands just needed small imageadjustments to set a more appealing mood...
  17. Imaging Process (3)Development....others were changed more drastically to fit the themeof the show. Again in all cases, the individual is key.
  18. CampaignsRoll Out.A couple of our otherdesigns that resultedinto official brandexpressions forNGC’s “live curious”theme.
  19. Campaigns (3)Roll Out.
  20. Campaigns (4)Roll Out.
  21. NATGEOTV.COMDON’T TELL MY MOTHERElke werkdag 20.30 uurCampaigns (5)Roll Out.
  22. Roll Out.“Dare to live the life youhave dreamed for yourself”- Ralph Waldo Emerson19th century philosopher, lecturer and poet
  23. DigitalRoll Out.Through NGC’s collaboration with FOX Channels Beneluxwe launched several online conceptsfor potential advertisers. Resulting into improvedbrand communication for B2B-audiences.
  24. Turn Out.“Be curious always, for knowledgewill not acquire you; you must acquire it”- Sudie BlackProfessor Clinical Neurosciences Division
  25. Identity/Image RatioTurn Out.Curiosity was stimulated throughaction based brand ads.The logo represents transparencynow more than ever; a glimpsethrough its window supports thetagline ‘live curious’.A wide variety of ads but witha clear focus on human interest.Traditional media were mostly usedto generate awareness of the newtagline and ‘look & feel’.
  26. Dutch RatingsTurn Out.During one specific month in 2010NGC was able to achieve a 15% increase in viewersrating. This was duringthe World Championship Soccer.In 2009 Discovery’s audience had three times thesize of that of 2010 both were nearly equal in size, for a targetaudience between the ages of 20-49.That same year Nat Geo’s market share grew 25%.Discovery’s market share decreased 20%.
  27. Dutch Ratings (2)Turn Out.Great Migrations, NGC’s biggestwildlife project ever, was the bestviewed tv show in 2010,with over 4 million viewers.Dog Whisperer had an average of2 million viewers on a weekly basis.Air Crash Investigation andMegafactories were popular showsas well.Ad designs for all these showswere mostly provided by us.
  28. Turn Out.In 2010 NGC had the largest growth ratefor analog television in the Netherlands......despite competition from major eventslike the World Championship Soccerand the Olympic Games.In 2011 a show calledDagboek van onze Heldenreach its peak on January 1stwith 362.000 viewers watching the showabout the Dutch military mission inAfghanistan. We created their ads.Dutch Ratings (3)
  29. Inspiring ActionTurn Out.As experienced brand builders we wereable to create a natural flow fromcorporate vision to a campaign thatinspired new viewers.Development of engaging designsresulted into brand activation ticklingcurrent and attracting new audiences.We made people aware of the channel’scolorful programmingand human driven topics.To this moment we still create inspiringnew ad campaigns for NationalGeographic Channel.
  30. LET’SROCK!marcopaul@caperock.tvMarco-Paul de JeuStrategy Director