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IoTSummit - Introduction to IoT Hub


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Azure IoT Hub is a PaaS scalable and multi-tenant platform that allows developers to easely build features like device registration, secure bidirectional communication between their core platform and their devices in the field, and at the same time be the hub for all the massive amount of data being generated by all those sensors that needs to be processed and stored, and with all that has become a core piece of a IoT solution that you want to build. On this session you will get to know the Azure IoT hub pretty well, getting introduced to the main features and seeing it in action and how fast you can deploy a solution with it and take the most out of Azure and your sensors to start making the most out of those sensors and their data.

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IoTSummit - Introduction to IoT Hub

  2. 2. Introdution to IoT Hub for Developers Marco António Silva –
  3. 3. Session Objectives And Takeaways • Session Objectives: • Learn about Azure IoT offer • Azure IoT Suite Overview • Preconfigured Solutions • What they are • How they work • Key Takeaways: • Microsoft is in the IoT business • Comprehensive Solution • Accelerate Time to Value • Tell developers: you are covered…. And if you are not, let us know!
  4. 4. Connected “Things” by 2020: 26 billion Gartner
  5. 5. Market for IoT by 2020: $1.9 trillion IDC
  6. 6. Microsoft’s view on IoT • Seems like the key here is Cloud… right?? • Need to deliver advanced analytics services • Need to deliver solid data ingestion services • Need to offer SDKs for all the devices/platforms/protocols/languages on the planet • Need to deliver integrated solutions (PaaS then SaaS)
  7. 7. Azure IoT SuiteAzure services (IoT and others) Microsoft Cloud offer for IoT
  8. 8. Get started quickly with preconfigured solutions for common IoT scenarios. Leverage a worldwide ecosystem of experienced IoT partners to tailor IoT solutions to your needs. Connect millions of devices and integrate your business systems with new insights to transform your business. Azure IoT Suite Microsoft Azure IoT Suite
  9. 9. Analyze and act on new data Integrate and transform business processes Connect and scale with efficiency Business Systems And more Real-time operating systems Rules and Actions Analytics Dashboards & Visualization Benefit from a comprehensive solution
  10. 10. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Remote monitoring Devices Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring Solution Back end systems and processes C# simulator Event Hub Storage blobs DocumentDB Web/Mobile App Stream Analytics Logic Apps Azure Active Directory IoT Hub Web Jobs Power BI
  11. 11. Finish with your Internet of Things applicationStart quickly with preconfigured solutions • Fine-tuned to specific assets and processes • Highly visual for your real-time operational data • Integrate with back-end systems • Get started in minutes • Modify existing rules and alerts • Add your devices and begin tailor to your needs Tailor Azure IoT Suite to your needs using preconfigured solutions
  12. 12. Remote Monitoring Web Job Simulated Device IoT Hub Consumer Group Azure Stream Analytics Device Info Telemetry Threshold rules Event Hub Event Hub DocumentDB (Device Registry) Web Job Event Processor Host Device Simulators Web App Dashboard Device Portal Azure Storage (blob) Telemetry History Rules Events (Alarm History) Threshold Definitions
  13. 13. Demonstração IoT Suite – Remote Monitoring
  14. 14. Azure IoT Suite Components
  15. 15. Microsoft IoT Stack
  16. 16. And what if I want to build my own thing?
  17. 17. Developer SDKs & Tools • Azure SDKs • Open source SDKs for Azure IoT Hub • • Service Client SDK – C#, Java, JavaScript • Device Client SDK – C, JavaScript, Java, C# • Open source preconfigured solutions for IoT Suite • Tools • X-Plat CLI tool: iothub-explorer • Windows tool: DeviceExplorer
  18. 18. Developer SDKs & Tools • Coming soon • Python device SDK • Private Preview for Device Management features • More… • In the backlog • Android device client • iOS device client • WAY More…
  19. 19. C device client /* Create IoT Hub Client instance */ IoTHubClient_CreateFromConnectionString /* Setting Message call back, so we can receive Commands. */ IoTHubClient_SetMessageCallback ReceiveMessageCallback /* Now that we are ready to receive commands, let's send a message */ IoTHubMessage_CreateFromByteArray IoTHubClient_SendEventAsync SendConfirmationCallback
  20. 20. JS device client var clientFromConnectionString = require('azure-iot-device-amqp').clientFromConnectionString; var Message = require('azure-iot-device').Message; // Create the IoT Hub client instance var client = clientFromConnectionString(connectionString); // Prepare and send message var data = JSON.stringify({ deviceId: 'myFirstDevice', windSpeed: windSpeed }); var message = new Message(data);'myproperty', 'myvalue'); client.sendEvent(message, printResultFor('send')); // Receive messages from Cloud client.on('message', function (msg) { console.log('Id: ' + + ' Body: ' + msg.body); receiver.complete(msg, function () { console.log('completed'); }); }); client.on('errorReceived', function (err) { console.warn(err); });
  21. 21. Demonstração IoT Hub – Sending and Receiving Messages
  22. 22. Resources for Developers • Azure IoT Dev center: • • All SDKs and libraries are open source: • • Check out our samples: •
  23. 23. Azure Certified for IoT
  24. 24. ObrigadoMarco António Silva