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How Natural User Interfaces are changing Human Computer Interaction


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(Presentation that I did at UX-LX in 2010)

We are living a new ‘wave’ of innovation in Human-Computer Interaction, as new devices and technologies are allowing the creation of new forms of interaction. These new technologies are the building blocks for us, software developers, designers, and architects, to create more natural and intuitive interfaces for our applications. These new technologies are, not only multi-touch enabled, but also allow multiple users to interact simultaneously with the application, in a collaborative manner, opening a world of possibilities and potential for next generation software to take advantage of.
New platforms and tools are emerging every day, such as Microsoft Surface, Apple's Iphone, Pranav Mistry's Sixth Sense, and the upcoming Xbox360's Project Natal are great examples of this ‘new wave’ of technology, and the positive feedback these new ideas are receiving prove that users value this change. I think that now it’s important to stop and evaluate the impact we, as IT Professionals, can have on the way users interact with devices, with information and even each other, and how we can take advantage of these new tools and add value to our applications.

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How Natural User Interfaces are changing Human Computer Interaction

  1. How NUI are changing HCI<br />Marco Silva<br />DevScope<br /><br /><br />Twitter: @marconsilva<br />
  2. Keyboard<br />From Flickr user Dirk Gently<br />
  3. Text Based UI <br />Both Input and Output<br />Keyboard<br />From Flickr user Dirk Gently<br />
  4. Mouse<br />From Flickr user Phantasy Photo<br />
  5. Graphics<br />Exploration<br />Mouse<br />From Flickr user Phantasy Photo<br />
  6. Touch<br />
  7. Gestures<br />
  8. Touchless<br />
  9. Object Recognition<br />
  10. Voice<br />
  11. Augmented Reality<br />
  12. Lionhead Studios “Milo”<br />
  13. From Flickr User Guillermо<br />
  14. There is Morethan Just INPUT<br />
  15. And Morethan Hardware<br />
  16. ...<br />
  17. Interpretation<br />
  18. User Interface Metaphors<br />
  19. Text Commands<br />
  20. Windows<br />
  21. Icons<br />
  22. Mouse Pointer<br />From Flickr user Darrren Hester<br />
  23. Mouse Drag<br />Double Click<br />Right Click<br />From Flickr user Darrren Hester<br />
  24. Pintch<br />
  25. 2 Finger Scroll<br />Swipe<br />Rotate<br />Flicks<br />
  26. ...<br />
  27. From flickr – © user Chad Fust<br />
  28. From Flickr User Shisela Mier<br />Vision<br />
  29. Experiment<br />From Flickr user tk-link<br />
  30. Share<br />From Flickr user Ingrid0804<br />
  31. What I’ve Learned so far...<br />
  32. NUI is Much More than Touch<br />
  33. Speach<br />Eye Tracking<br />Augmented Reality<br />NUI is Much More than Touch<br />Gestures<br />Natural Learning<br />User eXperience<br />Object recognition<br />
  34. Think BIGand Start Small<br />
  35. DevScope – SmartView <br />
  36. Focus on the User<br />
  37. Don’t Over do it ...<br />
  38. What’s Next?<br />
  39. Para informação adicional:<br />Marco Silva<br />DevScope<br /><br /><br />Twitter: @marconsilva<br />TEL / PHONE  + 351 22 375  13 50 | FAX +351 22 375 13 52<br /><br /><br />