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The Great India Startup Business Development Conference & Show; A National Convention for Startup Business & Entrepreneurship Bangalore April 20, 13 To register:

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The great india_startup_conference

  1. 1. Co-organisers National Convention for Startup Business & Entrepreneurship
  3. 3. Small Idea is big businessits important to keep our finger on the pulse of startup business because they play acrucial role in our overall economy. Indian startup business owners continue to growbig with an entrepreneurial optimism and drive. A positive shift in sentiment isencouraging and we want to continue supporting Indian startup businesses to helpthem grow and thrive.
  4. 4. Small Idea is big business
  5. 5. Empowering startup business with big visionIndia is one of the largest consumer markets and easily the fastest growing. The world is looking for profitableroutes to enter this economy and participate in its growth story. India also experienced the highest number ofstartup business in resent time, which underscores the degree to which the entrepreneur mindset is prevalenthere. What is it that prevents startup business from visioning big growth in the India and global market?Government figures show that the startup business sector is growing with new entrants and increasedproduction of old units. But are we living up to our true potential and meeting the emerging opportunities?Policymakers and researchers have identified many bottlenecks that restrict startup-- customer disconnect,inadequate finance and operational inefficiencies head all lists. As individuals startup business may find thechallenge overwhelming, but when startup entrepreneurs come together in a forumthat is uniquely their own they immediately acquire scale.The Great India Startup Business Development Conference & Show is aforum for thinking big. The conference provides a context where individualexperience becomes a rich collective source of wisdom through sharedlearning, shared resources and shared networks. Size provides andagility that lends an edge to the implementation of big ideas.We invite you to join the forum where big idea is big business.
  6. 6. Every business idea has to start somewhere. The early course is to visualize a business opportunity by creatively identifying market demands and analyzing competitors. However, Entrepreneurs and business professionals are often so preoccupied withExtend your thought immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives they wish to achieve in theirprocess towards growth… The Great India Startup Business Development Conference & Show pioneers on the stages that startups go through, from emergent, start-up companies and mid-tierThe businesses into successful large organizations. A one day event that will culminate training,Grea India t coaching and mentoring for startup Businesses during their critical start-up years to furtherStartup professional development. Addressed by the best of the breed of entrepreneurs, theBusiness conference will consists of a series of interactive panels, talk series, workshops andDevelopment one-to-one speed business coaching sessions.Conference & ShowNational Convention for Startup Business & Entrepreneurship
  7. 7. It’s Time to Grow Big!Key Take Aways Who should attend?• Identify a business opportunity or identify a If you are an action pro entrepreneur and aspire to feasible business idea. nurture your fortitude for transforming your small• New creativity techniques to extend and further a business into big league, the Small Business business idea. Congress is designed for you. Its a must-attend for:• Key skill sets for early-stage entrepreneurship. • Prospective, emerging and existing businesses• Basic working models for customer, market and • Enterprise looking at funding competitor analysis. • Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups• Establishing formats of execution, decision • Enterprise professionals making and action oriented management in entrepreneurship and innovation processes. • Bankers and financial bodies looking at small• The process of recruitment, team building and business management in new ventures. • Manufacturers• Creating an actionable business plan. • Students with Business Concepts/Ideas/ Studentpreneurs• How to structure terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors. • E-Cells & Clubs.• How to create and grow your brand for potential • Women Entrepreneurs opportunities, and help you analyze what it takes • Venture Capitalists & Angel investors to have a successful brand. • IT and ITES suppliers• Exit possibilities in start-up companies. • Advertising agencies• Develop your business talents, capabilities, • Professional law firms leadership, and skills as a business owner.
  8. 8. Conference AgendaHow to Make the Move from Big-Business W(Here) is the Money?Employee to Small-Business Owner • New Age Cash Flow 101: Its All About Intellectual• Turning Your Products and Ideas into Cash capital• Pricing for Profits: Managing cash flows & minimizing • Assessing External Investment types risk • Funding will only happen when your business can• Process and planning of launching a venture go without itFrom Running a Business to Building an From Good to GreatOrganization • An Integrated Marketing Approach: How it Works• Transform from jugaad to systematic execution • Marketing in a Social World• Fostering a culture of innovation in companies • Measuring your Marketing ROI Building Strategic PartnershipsManaging a business: Defining &Restructuring • Where to form Strategic AlliancesA Failure prone landscape • Second Best Partnerships :From Co-founder to• Making business idiot-proof Vice-Chairman• Even the best ideas can fail. “Bouncing back” Re-transformation from entrepreneur toMore than a Technology Decision, It is professional • Building Positive Workplace Culture : Hiring RightBusiness People In the Right profile• Leveraging your iPad into your business workflow. • Bringing in professional management team• Choosing the right solution : Making technology • An “Open Door Policy” that does not suck• affordable personnel time• Best practices to reach enterprise efficiency
  9. 9. Conference AgendaCalling the fempreneurs• Vision, Leadership & Entrepreneurship The Women way• Are investors excited about women-led ventures?Business and Law: What Every SmallBusiness Should Know Now, Not Later• The Grea India t How to protect your business and make sure you stay• Startup on the right side of the law• How to Protect Your Intellectual Property• What to do if you suspect anti-competitive activity Business Development Conference & Show BIG BUSINESS IDEAS FOR National Convention for Startup Business & Entrepreneurship 2013
  10. 10. Transform your business to next level Bangalore Date: April 20, 2013 Venue: Country Club Sarjapur Outer Ring RoadCITIES 2013 June September Chennai Lucknow Ranchi July Pune October Kolkata Indore August The Ahmedabad Great India Delhi Startup Business Development Conference & Show
  11. 11. Learning LabsTogether with the main conference, HR Technology Legal & Workshop Workshop Taxationthere will also be workshop sessions Workshopthat will address small businesschallenges in key enterprise areas andwill give tangible solutions to everyday E- Commerce Social Media Marketing Workshop Workshop Workshopworkplace challenges of startups &SMEs. These Exclusive sponsoredworkshops will develop upon the Mentoring Finance & VC Advertising &Inhibiting areas of entrepreneurs. Workshop Workshop Media buying Workshop
  12. 12. TGISBDCS EXHIBITIONIt is a good time to showcase your brand to theworld of startup & small businesses and get Opportunities to Exhibitincreased exposure for your own business. Ifyou as the new generation entrepreneur is To understand and analyze the stages through which startup & small businesses grow intolooking for business matchmaking meeting, then successful large organization.take the opportunities of exhibition to make your businesses grow bigger. Expose your business concepts and services to New markets, business buyers, partners, distribution channels & key decision makers. Book a stall. Call @ 7204 55 1355 Furnish training, coaching & mentoring for small business during their critical start-up years to furtherWho should exhibit? professional development and to promote bestTGISBDCS Expo is the most anticipated networking business practices for tomorrows celebratedevent of the year for business professionals to learn entrepreneurs.about products and services to help their business Generate leads, research new trends, launch newexceed their goals, network with other industry products, position your business profile and buildprofessionals and attend informative and cutting Edge brand equity across the industry.workshops and seminars. If you are catering to Startup,micro, small or medium business segment and belong toAny of these categories, this is a perfect platform toshowcase your product.
  13. 13. TGISBDCS EXHIBITION FOR REGISTRATION & MORE INFORMATION CALL: Akash: 08884630562 Gaurav: 08892442979
  14. 14. Contact US Marc o n i x Inc 316/C, 9th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041 +91 – 80 – 6452 1948