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Online & offline Marketing

Marketing Services

A Strategic and Targeted Approach to Successfully Generate Interest

With a limited budget and higher expectations, companies are forced to do more with less. Market and customer insights, and great engagement strategy, and a lead flow process are necessary to identify and harness lead sources for quality leads - not just prospect lists.
If you need help…

Understanding your target market and consumers
Knowing where and how to target your prospects
Optimizing and testing your messaging and positioning
Generating and pipeline filled with quality leads
Creating marketing ROI by closing more deals on the leads being generated
Marconix's Marketing Outsourcing combines an optimal mix of assessment, strategic design and real-time validation. We implement integrated solutions that generate increased awareness and demand by targeting lead sources that deliver high quality prospects through a variety of laser-focused lead generation tactics.

Clients engaged in Marketing Outsourcing use a combination of the following solutions:

Market Strategy - Increase your focus and direction by gaining insights into processes, markets and operations.

Targeted Lead Generation - Create awareness and interest by executing focused campaigns that yield better-qualified leads.

Our services suite includes:

Design Services Outsourcing
New Media Marketing
Lead Generation and Sales Support
Content Services
Media and PR
BTL, Events and Promotions

Add all these together and what you get is great work for great clients. We’d love to tell you more so why not call us.

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Online & offline Marketing

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