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The Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO) Company, MARCONIX Inc specializes in sales and marketing outsourcing, Go-to-Market and Advisory.

MARCONIX; endeavor is to provide organizations with measurable, high impact and cost efficient outsourcing solutions and deliver value by partnering with them as an extended arm of their organization.

Our vision to be the most cost effective, quality concerned and creative marketing and business support Company, offering a fully integrated service to all clients. . We are doing this by componentizing all key marketing functions and sub-functions and building processes for each of these in a way that they can be delivered by leveraging the best functional and domain knowledge banks, using global best practices and in the most efficient and cost effective manner either onsite or remotely. The services extend from managing specific functions or processes for large marketing organizations to running the complete marketing function for SMBs.

MARCONIX’ marketing outsourcing partnership model backed by an expert team of marketing professionals with significant expertise in global marketing offers you a range of ‘marketing in a box’ and ‘marketing on demand’ outsourcing options that include full function outsourcing, outsourcing of specific projects and programs and execution.

MARCONIX is also pioneering Tarkeebein, a revolutionary platform-based self service model for managed remote delivery for marketing services with an objective of delivering global marketing best practices to small medium businesses and organizations with one-off requirement. Tarkeebein leverages web 2.0 and cloud sourcing technologies to enable distributed and real-time delivery of marketing services to clients.

MARCONIX currently has operations in Bangalore, Delhi and Ranchi.

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Marconix inc

  1. 1. WE RUN so YOU CAN BE
  2. 2. With Every SaleMore Than MoneyChanges Hands
  3. 3. Maintaining a Brand’s PresenceThroughout the Entire Purchase Cycle..As the provider of integrated sales, represents. Continuously tailoringmarketing and event services, specific approaches to meet the needsMARCONIX Inc. understands the of your industry, distribution “I came into this a non-believer, butsignificance of maintaining a brand’s channels, and customer segments is your ability to support our directpresence throughout the entire what we do best. sales reps, focus their efforts, andpurchase cycle, especially during the generate a 30 percent increase incritically important sales experience. When the time comes for you to drive productivity makes me a believer revenue, why settle for anything less and your biggest fan.”We believe that every customer than the knowledge and passion of aninteraction can and should be of integrated sales and marketinggreater quality—of higher organization committed to yourperformance—than simply making a success?sale. We know our job is to increasesales and advance what your brand
  4. 4. High-Performance CultureOur high-performance, relationship- INTEGRATED SALES ANDbased culture is grounded in core MARKETING SERVICESvalues such as trust, integrity, honesty,respect, and personal responsibility.This has led to our rapid growth and MARCONIX provides the uniqueemployee satisfaction, loyalty, andcommitment scores. skills and expertise to integrate brand- centric marketing and sales coverageIn the end, our clients benefit from our programs across a range of verticalunparalleled ability to provide the best industries and relevant routes-to-talent, which is firmly rooted in our market, including Retail and B2B.DNA. If that weren’t enough, anotherpowerful byproduct of our culture is We are strategists and consultantspersonal commitment. Because oursales teams possess higher levels of who have the ability to identifycommitment, we have the ability to and understand your marketplacepromise you superior program design dynamics in order to design moreand management and deliver on that effective programs.promise. We are brand advocatesSo when our people are out thererepresenting your brand, they are representing our clients on morebringing all of these high-performance than 200 retail locations.qualities to each and every interaction.This, in turn, allows us to build We are trainers and educators,valuable relationships, one customer helping your sales staff and/orat a time. We are inside sales experts who channel partners better understand enable you to quickly ramp-up andThat’s what we mean when we say: your customers. scale your market coverage toWe run so you can be No 1 proactively touch more customers We are channel-oriented sales than outside sales reps. teams who help you generate We are field-sales experts who are more qualified leads and partner aggressively connecting with more effectively to improve customers and building strong everyone’s bottom line. business relationships on your behalf.
  5. 5. Committed to InnovationAt MARCONIX we are deeply PROPRIETARY LAUNCH So not only does MARCONIX getcommitted to developing proprietary PROCESS PROVIDES BEST started fast, we respond to markettools and processes that increase PRACTICES AND UNEQUALED conditions with seamless integration and deliver the best practices at lowerprogram efficiency and effectiveness. SPEED-TO-MARKET long-term costs. A recent study by a leadingSRP- A PROPRIETARY management-consulting firm revealed SATISFY CERTIFICATIONRECRUITMENT that as product life-cycles compress REQUIREMENTS WITH OURMETHODOLOGY and competition intensifies, windows Tarkeebein- SALES TRAININGOur Successful Recruitment Process of opportunity tend to last less than PROGRAMS(SRP) ensures that the employee’s one year. Therefore, achieving Our proprietary sales training andskills, personality, geography, and adequate sales coverage and certification programs succeed timeavailability are accurately matched and again, because they deliver better maximizing revenues is becomingwith the employer’s engagement talent equipped with the right job increasingly difficult. skills.requirements. SRP is a powerful Our proprietary launch process can Tarkeebein provides the tools andmethodology that enables us to processes to: directly impact this marketplacemaintain a high level of mutual • Develop high-performance dynamic. This highly efficient andsatisfaction on both functional and sales skills flexible process allows us to rapidly • Develop program-specificcultural dimensions. We understand deploy and shift coverage as needed. skills around your product andthat while core capabilities are We can even mobilize our entire in support of your brandcritically important, ensuring the organization when faced with theproper cultural fit is paramount to a And ultimately provide you with a extraordinary need to launch a more capable and committed salessuccessful placement and program. program in as little as 30 days. force. MARKETBOX – OUR PERFORMANCE AND MARKET ANALYTICS TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM Making critical decisions to optimize sales results and enhance ROI requires an appropriate evaluation tool. Marketbox is our proprietary dashboard technology, which provides real-time feedback on the marketplace, sales data, competitive actions, and operational program metrics. MARCONIX’s outstanding track record for meeting and exceeding sales quotas has been honed using our own proprietary dashboard technology. With Marketbox, you can watch your own business, and also see what we’re doing right.
  6. 6. Client Experience OUTSIDE DIRECT SALES BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS TRAINING AND ADVOCACYA Delhi-based IT manufacturer turned MARCONIX has been working A major real estate developerto MARCONIX to assist in growing with a local market leader in RTE worked with MARCONIX toshare and profits for their Extended food product design and manage a plan toWarranty product. OEMs and dealers launch a new residential project. PROGRAMare focusing their efforts toward profit PROGRAMcenters to offset declines in margins in To focus on supporting and selling through a Business Partner Our Field Sales Force thoroughlyother areas of their businesses. trained internal salespeople to Program, supporting the Top 200PROGRAM Business Partners. properly sell the project and the Driving sales through business supporting pre launch bookingExtended Warranty business volume offers. partners is paramount to the overalland share growth represent significant success of this client. MARCONIX RESULTSincremental profit opportunity to both provides the sales and partner Efforts on both the pre launchOEMs and dealerships selling the program support for a significant booking and the sales offerproducts. MARCONIX worked with segment of the client’s channel.the client to design a program where exceeded the company’s forecastsMARCONIX field representatives RESULTS by 233 percent. Overall, thetrain dealership personnel on product grassroots efforts produced a 16 Since program inception, the clientfeatures and benefits and the most percent increase in sales in a one- has seen a dramatic increase in month period.effective means of selling. sales, with over 16 percent growthRESULTS year over year. Additionally, MARCONIX has increasedClient has experienced share growth headcount by over 100 percent toranging from 10 to 56 percentage provide greater business partnerpoints. coverage.
  7. 7. Dual Expertise Real Consumer Consumer IT Telecom Estate Electronic Goods s Retail B2BPROVIDING THE DUAL EXPERTISE OF ROUTES-TO-MARKET AND VERTICAL INDUSTRY EXPERTISEWhen you work with MARCONIX, you access a wealth of knowledge and expertise across all market segments, including largeenterprises and the increasingly important SMB.We approach the marketplace from both a route-to-market and vertical industry perspective and therefore can offer our clients theunique advantage of our multifaceted experience. MARCONIX was founded on the platform of providing deep experience and superiorservice in the route-to-market arena. Our newly enhanced vertical market expertise provides us the ability to overlay specific industryknowledge to our already powerful route-to-market offerings. While clients benefit when our services overlap, we certainly offer greatvalue and benefit to clients seeking assistance with their route-to-market strategies and programs.Our teams have proven successes in the B2B and Retail channel environments, as well as Automotive, Consumer Electronics,Consumer Goods, IT (Computer Hardware & Software), and Telecommunications industries.
  8. 8. Route-to-Market RETAIL SERVICES In an environment where excessive competition has retailers fighting to lower costs and adopt customer-centric value propositions, unique relationship issues with manufacturers can arise. This is further compounded by a more educated consumer and the fact that traditional marketing is proving to be less effective – especially as alternative channels hone their strategies over time. However, one thing hasn’t changed: the sales associate recommendation continues to be the #1 influencer on buying decisions. MARCONIX is on the forefront of assisting manufacturers as they navigate this ever-changing environment. Managing an elite list of clients, MARCONIX has earned a reputation with manufacturers and retailers alike as the team to count on to drive sales at all level. As we conduct tens of thousands of consumer and sales associate interactions weekly, we are uniquely qualified to drive sales through this key channel. ―A fantastic job as always!‖ BUSINESS TO BUSINESS SERVICES When the B2B market is of interest and importance to you, you can turn to MARCONIX for our highly valued B2B route-to-market expertise and experience. Our field sales offering allows us to drive your revenue by building strong business relationships with those who are typically assigned to Tier 1 accounts. Our inside sales offering is designed to conduct more customer touches per day than the traditional outside sales rep model, making your sales resources more productive. We help you adapt to the challenges arising from key trends in the B2B market, such as product life cycle acceleration, distribution channel complexity, channel conflicts and effective targeting of the SMB market.
  9. 9. Vertical IndustryCONSUMER ELECTRONICSOur subject-matter experts cite the important trends impacting the CE industryto be: digital convergence and product commoditization; reduction in theconsumer product life cycle; significant retailer concentration; and theincreasing importance of distribution strategies.MARCONIX can help you define and overcome these challenges before theydefine you. Providing education and assistance to both consumers and thedistribution channel is where we excel.CONSUMER GOODSIn these days of dynamic market, it is not easy to reach customers. It is notonly the matter of transporting products and advertising it. Since rising isunstable, it is also important to consider various factors. In developingcountries, there are different rules and regulations than developed ones, whichfurther increase complications. Our expertise can help you define andovercome these challenges before they define you.INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – COMPUTER HARDWARE, SOFTWAREAND SERVICESThe IT market is divided for many IT vendors, with both a business andconsumer segment. The main challenges in the business market are B2Bchannel complexity and an increasingly complex enterprise purchasingenvironment. And much like the consumer electronics industry, the ITconsumer segment faces the aggressive issue of convergence.REAL ESTATEOur experience with property developers, suppliers, and promoters remainsunchallenged. MARCONIX is a premier resource dedicated to helping firmsadapt to challenges arising from key trends in the real estate market, such asreduced staffing by domestic manufacturers, increased penetration of themarket by foreign players, and the ever growing impact that the internet ishaving on customers buying behaviors.TELECOMMUNICATIONSIncreasing competition from digital convergence, the broadening of mobilephone distribution channels, and growth in the network equipment marketposes very specific complexities for businesses operating in thetelecommunications market. Additionally, the ever-present issues of customerchurn, retention, and the endless variety of products and services purchased byconsumers and businesses make MARCONIX an indispensable partner.
  10. 10. Our Services SALES SERVICES Experiential Program Design Instant New Product Launch Sales Channel Development and Implementation Metrics Sales Coverage Modeling Events and Promotion Services Retail Operations Audits Field Sales Teams Demo Day Services Return Analysis and Reduction Inside Sales Relationship Development and Programs Customer Sales Centers Brand Advocacy Services Channel Management & Training ONLINE & VIRAL Partner Acquisition Merchandising MARKETING Sales Process Support POP/POS Program Search Engine Optimization Development & Fulfillment MARKETING SERVICES Social Media marketing MARKET ANALYTICS, Web Publishing Brand Strategy RESEARCH & INSIGHT Online Brand Advocacy Integrated Marketing Email Marketing Communications Program Brand Health Measures Mobile/SMS Marketing Development & Delivery Consumer Field Research Content Management Product Launches Sales Channel Research Channel Marketing Planning Mystery Shopping & Delivery Real-Time Sales Analysis Lead Generation Effectiveness Surveys Field Marketing Integrated Programs AnalysisWE HAVE THE ABILITY TOPERFORM AND DELIVERMEASURABLE RESULTS Market Sales Analytics & ServiceAt the core, our integrated sales andmarketing offering is unlike any other. Built Researchas a dynamic model that connects sales,marketing and marketplace analytics, ourintegrated approach is designed to delivermeaningful results. Client NeedsAs indicated in Figure 1, this offering is [ROI Metrix]consultative in nature and has been designedas a real-time responsive system. It isflexible and continuously adjusts theelements of the program toward the goal of Online Marketinggreater cost effectiveness and specific ROI & Servicesmetrics, including sales improvement. Viral
  11. 11. Why MARCONIXWe know that to properly represent performance culture and full range of are more interested in the ones thatyour brand we need to embody services, we can deliver the results help to facilitate operationaleverything it stands for, from its you need with seamless brand efficiency.functional and emotional benefits its personality and positioning inthe marketplace. This is why we In the end, we know that when theare passionate about providing the relationship between the brand andvery best talent, the most powerful the customer is strengthened,proprietary tools, and a unique numerous benefits are created. Andapproach that includes both vertical while some of our clients areindustry and route-to-market generally interested programs thatexpertise. With our high - directly drive positive ROI, others BOOST MARKET AND MANAGE RISKBENEFITS OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE Reduce risk of inefficiency with flexible and scalableINCREASED MARKET Gain customer and competitive programsSHARE, REVENUE AND intelligence Increase, decrease, and modifyPROFITS Access operational feedback programs without impacting Realize increased margins on a regular basis HR or creating highly visible through lower cost of sales and ramp-down actions marketing INCREASE YOUR SPEED TO Satisfy ROI metrics MARKET Leverage product life-cycleEFFECTIVE MARKET AND dynamics to your advantageCHANNEL COVERAGE Ensure you meet or exceed Extend coverage with service level agreements consultative research and analysis REDUCE AND CONTROL Increase sales efforts in OPERATIONAL COSTS previously neglected or Reduce legacy costs underserved markets Improve productivity by Manage your channels more outsourcing administrative efficiently and effectively sales supportIMPROVED FOCUS Improve budget control with Augment existing internal fixed-cost programs sales and marketing programs Reduce costs of fully-burdened Open up internal resources to programs focus on your core Leverage off balance sheet competencies program to provide budget flexibility
  12. 12. 316/C, 9th Main5th Block, Jayanagar,Bangalore –