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Manual Of The Young Social Media Manager

Here are some guidelines, describing the challenges Social Media Managers are faced with, solutions and paradoxes they encounter when they pursue a dialogue, when they want to protect and disseminate the creativity of the word on the Net.

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Manual Of The Young Social Media Manager

  2. 2. MANUAL 1 A SMM always does some- thing out of the ordinaryOF THE YOUNG He does not go through the knots of the Net trying to fulfil a role that others have chosen for him.SOCIAL MEDIA 2 A SMM never forgets MANAGER gratitude He never forgets friends since their conversations get intertwined and blended with his own within the social v Written by Marco Marozzi network. 3 All of the network’s roads lead to the SMM’s blog Designed by Elena Bortot Without hesitation he immerses him- “What words should we listen to amongst the self in the flowing buzz of the Net but myriads rumbling on the network?” he does not lose sight of close ties. During one of my tweets I met Paulo Coelho, 4 Master of Life and Hope and I found his A SMM never underesti- Manual of the Warrior of Light, a useful source of inspiration to reach the right mates the viral force of balance on the Net... And to protect and the word spread democratic creativity based on social When this is too strong, he withdraws media, just like a Jedi Knight would do. from the conversation, until its energy has worn out. Since I had nothing to do, I collected and A SMM does not rely solely 5 re-worked his inspiration in this “Manual A SMM believes in his on his own strength of The Young Social Media Manager” because “he shares his knowledge with others”. dialogues He also uses his friends’ energy. As he He need not show that the others’ are progresses, he discovers that enthusi- Here are some guidelines, describing the chal- wrong; what is important will last, asm and training alone are not enough; lenges Social Media Managers are faced with, what is trivial will be forgotten. experience is needed to achieve results. solutions and paradoxes they encounter when they pursue a dialogue, when they want to protect and disseminate the creativity of the word on the Net. 6 A SMM listens and respects a strategy He knows what to expect, how to 8 A SMM thinks of ways to improve his own style So that the reputation of his words achieve an objective and which skills goes round the Net and spreads from At TheGoodOnes, we are used to wearing long, large and comfortable robes, tunics and capes, are necessary for the intended purpose. person to person. in various shades of white and brown…
  3. 3. 9 A SMM does not pretend. He is.He does not ask for permission to 11 A SMM is never in a hurry Time is on his side; he learns to keepspeak, he simply speaks. He does not impatience at bay and to avoid carelessexplain his ways, He is accountable for sentences.what he does. 12 A SMM is quick and patient at the same time The two biggest mistakes in a rela- tional strategy are: acting too early and missing out on opportunities. 13 A SMM is aware of the importance of intuition In the middle of a conversation he can obviously not recall every single word written by the people he is talking to; so he obeys his instinct and follows his own inspiration. 14 A SMM always resumes conversations He knows perseverance has nothing to do with pressure. He might take a break but will wait for the best moment to re-engage. 15 A SMM seizes every opportunity to learn He takes every opportunity to correct his faults because friends always act like a mirror and show him/her who10 he really is at the very moment. A SMM has no cer- tainties but a logicalthread to followHe never judges in terms of “right” or 16 A SMM knows that no one is stupid And that the Net is a teacher for all,“wrong”; he adopts the most suitable even if it is time-consuming; he doesattitude at a specific moment in time.
  4. 4. not get discouraged and keepson boosting others, as a way ofencouraging himself. 22 A SMM pays attention to his own messages When you want something, the entire Net works towards it. For this reason17 When a SMM starts something he takesit till the end a SMM always pays great attention to what he thinks.He may think long before acting, never-theless, when a SMM takes a decision,he does act. 23 A SMM shares his knowledge with others Those who help always get helped and they have the desire to teach what they18 A SMM does not try to be consistent have learnt.He indeed learns how to live with hiscontradictions, adopting the rightstrategy when needed. 24 A SMM is reliable He makes mistakes and sometimes he considers himself more important than he really is,19 For a SMM nothing is abstract but he never liesEverything is concrete and concernshim/her. He does not sit and rest at hispc, but accepts the challenges of the 25 A SMM is always busy He is slave to his own commitments and free in his paths.written word as an opportunityfor transformation. 26 A SMM does not repeat the same post20 A SMM knows about the power of speechHe seldom talks about his plans Especially when he notices that he is not progressing. It is a balance of forces that requires a change of strategy. When talking with other people he doesin order not to waste the energy not judge their behaviour in order notrequired to act. 27 A responsible SMM is able to observe and to spread negativity on the Net.21 A SMM always knows the topic of theconversation to learn Sometimes he gets carried away by the situation but he learns from it and he 29 A SMM is aware of the pauses that precede a dialogueHe decides to talk on the basis knows how to face new challenges. He pays attention to silence and, whileof inspiration, sense of belonging, the others are chatting, he rehearsesknowledge, curiosity and interaction. 28 A SMM is simple and cautious his script and carefully adheres to timelines.
  5. 5. 30 A SMM behaves like a childHe has fun, plays, is irreverent, asks 31 A SMM shares his world with the ones he loves 35 A SMM needs time for himself He sits, relaxes, and observes the Net 37 A SMM knows that the end does not justify the meansinappropriate questions, writes such He tries to encourage them to do what as if he were a spectator. He does not Because the end does not exist - onlynonsense that even he finds it impossi- they would like to, but are not doing try to intervene, but gets carried away the means do - if he concentrates justble to believe at times. for lack of courage. by the stream of messages. on a single question he would lose the various answers surrounding him. 32 A SMM discusses with his friends about 36 A SMMs knows how important his posts are a topic He never mistakes pride with vanity He is aware that individual actions and he never believes in his own produce long-lasting consequences on exaggerations. the Net. And he ought to be aware of what legacy he wants to leave for the 33 A SMM is careful with small tweets A SMM knows that the social network 5th generation of his descendants. is made of many different people, as much as a debate is the product of many words. 34 A SMM follows the five rules of engagement: 1 Do believe in the conversation goal before engaging. 2 Choose your friends and learn how to speak with them. 3 Spot the right moment to start the conversation. 4 Think about what is around you and what you want to say. 5 Prepare your speech.
  6. 6. TheGoodOnesInternet and social media have given great voice tothe people. Companies know they are speaking aboutthem, their products and services, whether they likeit or not. To build a relationship with people on so-cial networks means engaging in a new type of com-munication, different from what companies wereused to.TheGoodOnes is the cross media agency special-ized in social media marketing. Since 2009 we cre-ate cross platform communication campaigns, weposition brands in the social spaces, we engage con-sumers on different platforms, we take care of socialdata for customers relationship management.
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