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This is a little about what I can do for you.

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Marco da Silva Jr - Showcase

  1. 1. Marco da Silva JrShow CaseWHAT I CAN DO FOR YOUR COMPANY
  2. 2. Part 1 – A little about me
  3. 3. Who am I ?  I’ve 38, married and son of a 5 years old kid. My mon was a teacher and my dad was sort of engineer that I can’t describe. My family is my main asset and the only thing more important then my career is my family.  I’ve almost 18 years of experience in IT, Marketing and Advertising and Project Management. However currently I am concentrating my challenges in project management.  I just created the 1st successfully eCommerce case in my country, so probably I am the most seasoned eCommerce professional of Brazil.  The destiny gave me a plenty of opportunities, so I am sure that all prides I collected was not 100% on me. Lucky gave me a little hand to be the right guy in the right moment several times.  When the Brazilian press need someone to talk about eCommerce, usually my phone rings. Happens at least once in a month.  I’m an expert in several areas of expertise at once.I believe I can cover any role from a software house and ad agency at once.
  4. 4. Why am I different ?  3 therapists declared me as gifted and was a prodigy child  I taught myself programming language with just 11 years old  With 15 l learned Assembly Z-80 (Much more complex then C++)  With 17 I started to teach Dbase III in a small school of your neighborhood  My academic life was totally messy because I never received an appropriated way to learn. Failed twice just in elementary school and I never finished the university.  However IT does not means that I’ve a lack of knowledge because I learn in a different way and basically I can learn everything much more faster then regular people if the subject matters to me. I’ve special interest in languages, quantum physics, how the universe works, psychiatry and how the brain works. Usually when I am inside a group rarely someone had more general knowledge then me no matter how strong is the academic background of the others.
  5. 5. Part 2 – My different faces
  6. 6. The International Project ManagerAgenda Meet the Project Team Marco S. Junior Someone Someone Someone Marketing Staff Marketing Staff•Project Scope LatAm Project Manager Mexico Project Mexico Brazil Manager• Meet the project team E0 2 weeks• Roles and Responsibilities 12/12/2012• As is Scenario Define High Level Project Plan E1• To be Scenario 5 weeks 01/02/2013• High Level Project Plan • Definition • Discovery Requirements• Accomplishments & Next Step E2 9 weeks• Project Communication Plan • Scope Validation 04/04/2013 • Project Plan• Appendix Publishing E3Project Communication Plan • Page Creation 3 days 09/04/2013 • Weekly meetings with Global Team A kick-off • Translations • Adapts Validate sample of E4 • Project Review 1 weeks 12/04/2013 some of my • Check Structure SEO • projects • Check Information • Massive Publishing Verify • Weekly review with Local Team • Go Live • Project Status and actions required • Monitoring • Fix possible errors
  7. 7. The Master SEO – Example#1 My 5 years old son studies in a very small bilingual school of your neighborhood called tTwice.I negotiated to revamp the website and included on the package the SEO optimization.Now, the small one appear on top (organic) and uppon the shark ones when using the most importante keywords of the business.
  8. 8. The Master SEO - Example#2 Also, I own a blog where I like to publish E-Commerce related articles. So, when someone type in Portuguese “Especialista em E-Commerce”, my blog appear on the 1st organic result, just like the school of my son.
  9. 9. The Developer – Part#1 Using as example: Couvax, my own E-Commerce Framework multishop engine.It’s a plenty of WebServices WSDL wrote in C#, Linq and SQL Server with up to 70 stored procedures using cursors, memory table,full text and several others functions.I’d like to remember that I’ve 18 years just with SQL Server.So, since the 4.22 version. public List<spListMostLikedProductsResult> ListMostLikedProducts(intMerchantId, string Password, string SocialNetwork) { SqlServerDataContext SqlServer = new SqlServerDataContext(); if (SqlServer.spValidateRequest(MerchantId, Password).Single().Result== 0) { throw new UnauthorizedAccessException("Access is Denied"); } returnSqlServer.spListMostLikedProducts(MerchantId,SocialNetwork).ToList(); }
  10. 10. The Developer – Part2 Stored Procedure from CouvaxUSE [couvax]ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spSearchActiveProducts]@MerchantId int ,@TextCriteria varchar(150) ,@CategoryId int,@SortArray varchar(500),@MinPrice money,@MaxPrice moneyasDeclare @TbSplit Table (SortId int,Value int),@TbProd Table (Idp int), @TbLevel1 Table (List varchar(200)),@TbLevel2 Table (row_num int identity(1,1), List varchar(200)),@TbLevel3 Table (List varchar(200)), @TbCat Table (Id int), @var_split1varchar(200), @var_split2 varchar(200),@cnt int, @CurrentSort int, @CurrentSortArray varchar(100),@Parent intif @SortArray <> BeginInsert into @TbLevel1select CONVERT(varchar,item) from fnSplit(@SortArray, ;)/* this will generate data such 1:10,20,30 per row, right ? */DECLARE split1 CURSOR FOR select * from @TbLevel1open split1FETCH NEXT FROM split1 INTO @var_split1WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0BEGINinsert into @TbLevel2 select CONVERT(varchar,item) from fnSplit(@var_split1, :)set @CurrentSort = (select top 1 list from @TbLevel2 order by row_num)set @CurrentSortArray = (select top 1 list from @TbLevel2 order by row_num desc)insert into @TbSplitselect @CurrentSort, CONVERT(varchar,item) from fnSplit(@CurrentSortArray, ,)Delete from @TbLevel2FETCH NEXT FROM split1 INTO @var_split1EndCLOSE split1DEALLOCATE split1End
  11. 11. The System Architect This example also use Couvax. I drew couvax to be very scalable and able to grow vertically and horizontally on-demand based. Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer WebShop WebShop WebShop COUVAX Merchant Legacy Backend Systems Hey Couvax! Sure ! Right Now ! I am the webshop Here is your XML WebShop ID#5, plz send me my product categories ! containing your categories ! COUVAX
  12. 12. The Database Designer This is BOSS.Still under development.This is an improved version of Couvax.
  13. 13. The Front End Developer – Part 1 Hey ! Would you like to see Couvax in practice together with my front-end skills ? Go to this link ! This Webshop I built 100% using Couvax, Ajax, jQu ery CSS3 and JavaScript.Now you can check my skills as UX developer.
  14. 14. The Front End Developer – Part 2 When I create projects such as portals or webshops as freelancer, usually I sign with my corporate name.Digital Flavor is my company.Yes, a company of a only person.The website of Digital Flavor is good to show my skills in javascript, jQuery and user experience.I built all the effects and design.Everything !
  15. 15. The Business and Process Analyst - Part#1 End-2-End Dataflow I made a specification for a Brazilian Payment type named Boleto Bancário for my team in Germany perform the implementation. This is the operational process map. On the next slide, a slice of the specification in text. Basically how to build, how to integrate with SAP, etc…
  16. 16. The Business and Process Analyst - Part#2 Program Specification and Integration- Create a table named: BoletoPayment with the following columns:o PaymentId: uniqueidentifier, not nullSAP must create a order with a suggested status of "pending", lock the items on the warehouse and receive from the PMG the expiration dateof generated boleto and add more days considering the gap of bank feedback, holydays and weekends.After this deadline the order must be canceled and the items must beunlocked.Likewise Installments, daily we will receive a text file containing information for reconcile.When the payment got confirmed the status of order must be changed and theorder is authorized to be delivered.o TransactionId: uniqueidentifier, not null The following parameters must be sent to CobreBem:o OrderId: int, identity, not null CCID: varcharo Amount: money, not null o Identifies the account to be used for boleto issuingo DueDate: DateTime not null NumeroDocumento: varcharo CpfCnpj: varchar(14) not nullo DateCreated: datetime, not null, default = GetDate() o OrderIdo DateLastModified: datetime, not null, default = GetDate() ValorDocumento: decimal(2)o Status: nvarchar(25), not null, default=generated o Transaction Amount DataVencimento: char(8), format yyyymmddSAP must create a order with a suggested status of "pending", lock the items o Due Dateon the warehouse and receive from the PMG the expiration date of VencimentoDiaUtil: char(1), send a static value of S o Modifies the due date to the next business daygenerated boleto and add more days considering the gap of bank o HTML that will be shown to the bank tellerfeedback, holydays and weekends. If the boleto got generated sucesfully a HTML code with aAfter this deadline the order must be canceled and the items must be renderized boleto will be returned.Otherwise a XMLunlocked. containing a error description. <ResultadoBOL>Likewise Installments, daily we will receive a text file containing information <ResultadoSolicitacaoBoleto>Error%20Messagefor reconcile.When the payment got confirmed the status of order must be </ResultadoSolicitacaoBoleto>changed and the order is authorized to be delivered. </ResultadoBOL>
  17. 17. The 3D Designer I’m no longer working with 3D Design since the bubble of Second Life.However I was the most sucesfully brazilian citizen in the Second Life platform.I made up to 150,000 USD by selling digital content, specially virtual homes.Basically I gone to a city in Brazil named Florianópolis where the models of real homes is amazing and decided to create very similar ones to sell.
  18. 18. The Web Designer I can’t have the same skill as 3D designer – Because I begun to develop this skill 2 years ago. But I am improving in a good rate.
  19. 19. The Digital Ad Man and Marketer – Part#1 Lopes Consultoria de Imóveis, the most biggest real estate company of Latin America noticed my homes at Second Life. They decided to invite me to compete to gain the account of Lopes in the Second Life Platform. The competition was about me against a very large and well named Ad agency with a plenty of prizes such as Cannes Lions and very others. A heavy company. Despite almost 10seasoned ad mens working on the proposal, the idea of his competitor was to create flat floorplans to allow Second Life Residents check virtually how could be a penthouse inside. So, Icreated a very different proposal: Second Life is a virtual world where people lives a secondlife. People can live inside the environment. So, let’s create a replica of the Condo, so theresidents can live in a “Lopes Product” virtually. They will be able to invite friends to hangoutinside the apartment and each unity will be unique based on the interior design. Lets elevatethe web 2.0 to a more high level like never before ! So, I defeated the giant Ad Agency andnot enough, this case became material for the academic discipline of emerging media atSouthern Illinois University. It was the 1st time that I decided to act as Ad Man.
  20. 20. The Digital Ad Man and Marketer – Part#2It was my first and only offline case.In 2012 I gone to few cities in USA to perform lectures and diners to tellabout Brazilian E-Commerce. First I created a theme: Aviation. Be the pilot of "your" aircraft. The themeand folder where created by me.The first page is the Sidney Airport merged with Rio de Janeirolandscape. On the parkway, aircrafts represents each company arrived in Brazil. On the second pagewe can see Brazilian E-Commerce statistics in the cockpit. And for the 3rd page, I’m offering myself to bethe pilot of "your" aircraft. Its says that I’ve up to 148,000 hours of fly and tesmimonials from someinternational paxs – People with some experience with me as pilot.
  21. 21. The Digital Ad Man and Marketer – Part#3It’s was very genial. A customer named “Comercial Bela Vista” decided to sell his productsonline. First thing I noticed: Bad name for a business in Internet. Hard to work. However aname with up to 20 years in the market. I Proposed a new name for Internet: BV Magazine.BV of Bela Vista, to keep and assign the new brand to the original one. Also a short name andeasy to memorize. And not enough (and this is the most genial catch): There is a very popularbrand in Brazil in the financial market named “BV Financeira”.My idea is for the 1st momentpeople believe that this webshop is assigned with BV Financeira. This will push customers toclick on the “Who we are” link and then, they will discovery that there is no relation amongcompanies, but on the same page customers will see immediately 4 iframes of Google Mapscontaining the address of all physical stores and will read that’s about a huge chain ofphysical store with up to 20 years in the market. And in the end, we gain the thrust of thecustomer anyway ! Also I created the new logo and all the visual identity.The right one logo is just another demo.
  22. 22. Part 3 – Few Projects inE-Commerce and Portals
  23. 23. Pão de Açúcar Delivery - 1995 It was the 1st successfully Ecommerce case in Brazil and first virtual supermarket of the world. Unfortunately this is The only image I found. Anyway, not a webshop, but a CD-Rom containing common setup process. In this year my roles in this project: Research how exactly the things will work (remember: was the 1st one !!), develop the communication module to connect the consumer to the PDAD’s server and develop a setup wizard program.The program itself is small, however took a bunch of months involving research, development andtests. I decided to study how Remote Access Services from Windows NT 3.1 works in that age and thenstarted to study the API to create a program (in Visual Basic 3.0) that’s uses the landline to dialautomatically, connect and authenticates in a Microsoft NetBeui based network on the server.Then, first step is download the price list and hangup. After all, establish a new connection to theserver and upload the order file.The interface wasnt developed by me, but my ex coworkers made a great job using a RAD toolnamed Toolbook, so consumers can virtually ride inside the virtual supermarket. In this same yeara webshop version was created by UOL (an ISP) and when I was hired by UOL in 1999 the webshopbecame my operational responsibility. And guess: the webshop using the process that I built 
  24. 24. Microsoft Store Brazil - 2011 Almost everything was made by German Team.My only contribution in the project development was Payment Methods, implementations and SAP integration. However after the GoLive I became the technical responsibe for this WebShop.In other words: Any kind of update, modifications, new payment methods was my responsibility.
  25. 25. Nestlé Nescafé Dolce Gusto The design and UX was made by a digital ad agency in Germany named Proximity. And the site itself was made by my team in Germany. Likewise the previous slide of MS-Store, Payment Methods and Sap scope specification was on me and after the GoLive, I became the technical owner.
  26. 26. Portal Arvato Bertelsmann - LatAm It was made in a CMS named TYPO3, very popular in Germany.My role in this project was negotiate the budget with Marketing Managers in Germany, define local content with Brazilian Marketing Team and support the BMT with the Typo3 Backoffice to feed content in the portal.
  27. 27. Portal GE Lighting LatAm - 2013 Very similar project like Arvato Portal.I was the Master PMO of this project, managing others PMOs all over LatAm and also managing Marketing staff members all over LatAm. Reporting to LatAm CIO by sending weekly report status, defining strategies and allocating resources and be in sync with the global team containing employees of Hungary, India, China and United States attending weekly meetings by conference calls.This project is about 8 WebSites at once using a CMS named Tridion.
  28. 28. Thank you !  E-Mail:  Twitter: @marcojr  Skype:  Blog:  LinkedIn:  Valid USA B1 & B2 Visa  Available to work in Europe without sponsorship, but only after September (documents about to be received)