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Planning Customer Journey Maps


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A brief overview of what customer/user journey maps are, what their purpose is, how to use them, with some useful tips and examples. A tool that will help you define meaningful customer or user experiences.

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Planning Customer Journey Maps

  1. 1. % PLANNING OUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPS HUMAN-CENTERED METHODOLOGY Presented by Marco Gervasio ht © 2014 Marco Gervasxo [or SEQUENTIAL A11 n his
  2. 2. .1’ xv WHY MAPS MATTER
  3. 3. IMAGINING THE PATH iii In the past few months, I had the chance to develop a few customer/ user journeys as part of the definition phases of pretty robust digital platforms (one B2B, the other BZC). The greatest reward was to see how useful and powerful this mapping exercise can be. The reason why it works so well is because of the perfect balance between rational and emotional. While I use compelling storytelling to communicate the experience, journey milestones get down to business: Not only do they present key tasks and how users interact, but also highlight important features and business mechanics.
  4. 4. IT’S ABOUT CARING iii Journey maps truly help everyone on the team (and the client) imagine how a platform will work and what success should look like. As a communication tool, they also help form empathy toward the target audience. I usually develop basic archetypes before developing stories. While they are not always as rich as other advanced persona artifacts, they help everyone stay focused and aware of those we wish to serve.
  5. 5. A GLOSE-UP
  6. 6. KEY MAPPING ELEMENTS D Since journey maps are meant to tell a story, you need narrative elements in it to illustrate who the key actors are, how they begin their experience, and what they accomplish chronologically. What follows is a recent example of a map including 3 key actors in a B2B situation (transportation industry): a fleet manager, a dealer, and a business owner.
  7. 7. JAMES FLEET MANAGER Background Jrxvvvmr WA" my gluon Hm vm<vulr<u- lu VCWULV UK‘ Story company‘: Heat avcv 1| pcrlud al 3yrvlVs. 'hr: vchlclrzs arc pl dlllcrrmt suwcl arlnnrrlrrpcyclrrs. »orrrl»al llmm ma to he mplact-(( qlllckly Prlmzly rfmd the host pvadllcts [hill meat hls requirements Goals -l>l. .p mu plrrcllm and ruplmrrlurr elllclmwlly mid my on bllligtl —Flnd ll scllcrwhn wlll suppml lrrm ovcrlhc 3—ymr permrl Main rlxlclvtlly rcqllllemenl: (or ms lxleul Heel Tasks —Dcflnc n |1uFCh: Gln{‘, plan and blrnrrcl nccardlngly. -n curch | n((u§hy prmml. Uhll maul pr; nml, rs jjlrl . .pprpyr fromm. lnry1t‘vN>n. Brand Jlmvmr rt. qllllu (. mHIl. lv lyrur . l|| the vnlvvclu Hmkurtr rrr Imr Pmxlmlly lmil. l‘. lvy He)mu)u. |rdo(Su| :.lm.1l. xrucuvvllr. ulc; hov. .lml mp the nrtmcn lvwwnc: bU| l:7Hr/ |(l[| yrl'1uYB or how this lngrotllcvvl bmml can actually elvlmncc : . vchlnlds y)evlovm. m<; u And why he should lack lur rr EV([‘1l‘fTPI'IU4|LnL)jE'(2(ll4‘~ Q v Jr, r-. r vlv lul_ll, ll, i>: Ill: 1 Search As .1 sawy. llvvvmlgqllvo pt-r5on_J: <mes lmtulally Lmgms my ulvqulvy by se.1m)vlngforve(<-n: -ncL-5 Hls lnlelvtlon {S lo gel uplarilllcwllh| I:| v;fil. Id'r1nnz‘mcn‘1Inthcluclufitryfllnd oplnlou lc-mler5'Ivollj_, 'hls up the best protluclsout mare. and came across references vmm people lrlro ham. I‘m looking for. .. Q Gnogln M Wtvnnn -. lrr| l('ljy Would pmvldo Soczun wrm rl~. .rr~ry rprlrly H ‘. L‘—llE)Vt‘*. r Socam Blog Blog ollrrrppr. :.e. rrclr. i.rrpe. cp. pe. .r= rp. .y. .r. u.l, source: or lnlorvrmllun (mm mduslrylumms and reparlsmormoprngsocam, psmllas» ndl uteri stonesavpvoprlelmyUml. lghl—leladevslvlpam esfmm Sec: .m‘s blog Many nftlvese hlghllght myrmrrlcle pI: vTmmmu; r*r'nd lxu~'rmcr. r. [lfU[LHfilllly.1H‘ rrrrprrmll withSocum‘scumvlbutlon. 3 Website pramrcls. ml technologies bcucv llunglnrd by Sacl1m‘s posllll/ U ccyomglz and lmplmlllltm UV mu lvvdu~Jlry. .J: .Hnu; duclduu to wall the r, amprlrry_ wcbsnlrm [(L' lo mrlymc ) co . r~ ' lr)! “J‘ACx ) I vs Cllnnklylhc wcbtrllu n(Tm>r my‘. lo cuulxxmllt‘ Tllvlherllw exnerlelrcc by guldml¢Jlmcs In L‘ opoclh: ycrtlczvl and Inyhltcvlng the cement L). «:rL-lluvv L‘/ l|L1u. ||| ycu| )«LLt'd pvo(1|lngnLwl« selector W The v/ elmllu ollun. ylmous luul, lp wppprr product -. clL-cllon ml daemon mm Socam Agncultu L ’«: i ) A / . Er‘Hl1. lDll| plu7lllngd. .| .: r; sum lo 5oc.1rv'5 dash! ) Alta aers mlm
  8. 8. 3 Website lnlrlgoea by Socam‘s posrtrye coverage and rrnplrcatrorr rrr tne Inrlustryrtlamusdecudes to ylsrl tne company’: wvbslle to get to know the products and technalogles better. Socam ) CO C Nu-lC)Ac ) ' | %—— Ps Dulckly trre lyebsrte elrtrrs ways to ellslemrro llrrlner lrre experience by l; arorngJanres to a specrrrc yertrcal ano byflltenngthe eonlenl past-o on graollally collecleo prolrlrng dzlta selector lne weosrre ollers varlous tools to support prooaot selcctlan and decision-maklng rne webslle do: -sn‘t only prosonr a catalog oltmcks ano ores but also allure makers’ prorlucls. nllnwlrujdamcs to connect it complete selecllon process wlthln Suczlnis ) Sucam Agriculture 4 Targeted Ad Being myestrgotryeroames contlnues ms enqulvy apo explores tno web some more (or auclrtron. .l 5 Fleet DiagnosticTool wlnr mo tool. James rs able to sr and objectives, as well as deflnc fleet lre wants to create rrr rne llr ofiwntlun apllnrlzalten he ls noel 4|: 3 websrle Jovmbtinc / Sucam Agriculture A lrye chat Functlon allows James to get more rnrormalron relorencos orro oprnrons an arm rnoastry webslto orsucmlnetwor)<. amge| c-:1 bannerarl appears conlerrt rs oltseo anJames‘s benayrorwlrrle ne xplovmg socarrl ‘s weosrte ustry Website socarlsc James sr. -errlec to rrayc jumpfld lmm eectrorr teseclrorr on the slterouv system suggeslsthnt )-lr. -tnestho Fleet uptrmrzaoorr root. startrno mth .1 diagnostic 0! ms needs. Sucam Fleet magrrosoc T 9 2 -) 3 -) 4 alroltl products arro scrytcc-. aenayreral and prdllllrlg data ls also centre socam ‘sduta dashboard. Aalanrcs vrslts tne webcrle. a codkln caplums nrs lnlovm: tlun—see)<mghnblts Data ls cameo thmugh ms bvowslrlg. Allevhls yrsrtlolrre oenlersnrp. Blll rs sent a pcrsenalrzeo onlrne gulde wlth all the proollct lnlmnlnlmrl ne neeos lo rrelp lrrm make a
  9. 9. Jr Conversion tools are often key features. Illustrate how users go deeper in the funnel, how the platform helps >_ them make decisions . 1 . I . ., V . ravlau vniunbla lo| utl l. t tho wobwmu morn rot ndditia Include how customers can get in touch with a rep and how § data is processed 7 Even outside the client's digital ecosystem the journey continues. Show how cookies and targeted ads can support m the customer experience 1. vr) 1_ titlintlu no on . r mum wuom u mu rm Fiogt Optimizltlo . . l . 1 . . I . urlnurts vi-it-new In in us toolnlo clplurld and Illlch . uni: prom 11. Information Inn at dtn . Ii= r=lt= ruI(-i-1
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  11. 11. MAP DESIGN I tend to adapt the look—and—feel of the map based on the brand. While I always make them very visual, I can use a simple graphic chart or develop more elaborate posters, as seen below and on the next pages.
  12. 12. THE RESEARCHER r ' iriissrunsiir It'll» iii ‘ll . liw/ I‘) 2.1 THE l: lTlzEN THE ENTREPRENEUR » commniiirv INITIATIVE ran his RAMSFDRMAYIDM or Momnui
  13. 13. THE RESEARCHER ROBERT, 59 nem- lint-it-r. -actor-tor. -or. ... or. o-u-mu. I¢I1‘V1IlIhIlI! InnllzIr'ItkM| Inn-div-Bill ~s. lto-a-ti-tarm-. o.. .ou. t»-. to. c.. .rl—rane »rrr. trrlr. rr. -an-tr-. ... uni: -at-at --uumutmhnananlinuilnwuunidwlvvlnumunnflcmmll Vrhuflvnnnr-minnow-<-vlpxiiviuvuuruulanllwlluarnuthvvflil . ..»-nrt. «.n. raarp. -r. t.eori. ... rton. reoa. ».». .o. r tamer--e-re. -or-a-i. rr. r.. .r. .r-sat-rxoe I-sumac my ulnar noun-oer-aeorttnuen-pruteuunuur-»o». .er* -. ... -r rr. r.r. r--. n~. r-4-rrr-err-new-. .r. rr. m.. ..u. o.-n. pr. ... . . r.. l.a. a.t—. l.. to. ».. a.. .s-rra-. nn~a. n.. r.r. .t. .r. ..a. posture. qt-rrr-rrrm-teretrorovi-at-l. .to. u-a-urrolawru-tron-r. .. nnmcmnnnuunuiu-we-at-aim THE CITIZEN JANE, 32 D Pmiil: rnrrnrrrrararr lul‘ wlvtl. /l(Ii' r lr. .r-rrsrrrnerrrrrtr. mrra rtrr. »rrer. eor. rrrr-rrrnrl rarr r lJl)'iAl| (Vt‘lliLll an . ulnlrratron , lrruorrtrtrrolrotrarsaroerr; arrr. rrurr«rrrre. .rl no 1i)imcl1:i'b. i'lrit wit Blckgmlmd story wwarl: mvleliriclo‘ s_. ._. _.f§‘ . $3 THE STUDENT DAVID, 23 rroviie . smrriiailir-nvmntllulnal onmnrraneorrosetrame nsc-tr. rns. oorol. sloorr, .ta. .eoa. ..n. .t-are--«lasso. -nrrr was-aereutnrsouorneesoe . »rrn. ormco. m.. .r Malivlfinu lrvuu-vtonwlirllxlriixvrlanwallulNtwvushevntaurqmnwlutzlrnayvtsv-niyluw imallalm rmarth mrllnntnlziizviulnm-rnann-Iniitlnmnltmrvdu mnermomlmwsn uarltrorrnostm Alnandiwvrvnnhurica Drmivillhmawiitruv-nlflvlwvtatnarlfluclldrtvmvuai e. l.. ea. r.penea. roonrmr. ret. nor. .au. .na IA-maainltvrm-rIvuIritI‘A‘A t. .onee mrlvulvlllllabvnvau-vau6s= shlm|7Itt'>h; ¥ar2vIV'i7Ix¢IVII-Itntrlrllzliwuvludbflwrfiwrrw ilbrnvvmwfildhlflmlt Mlsanvantmwybnmlrnnvaar-in M-rlllhgviwllmv-tmludn ain-eapnro. npl. rea. ,r. .r. roa. s.t. .o. ..r. .4pma. eemoanotsanaarmotr owrtoertmrnr. nooe ( 3 THE ENTREPRENEUR LANA, 41 prone . arm W. ran. .. Val: :10 iouvud maaar . u- e . . nuyiwvmn rr. .r. ..lo o -. .. Jllljt neon . Chill owns an runor. or. .. we -um -amrm/ G . Pilmrirv rm . reae-e Klilrre norms. .. mivciru rare zwlnualm a '11- win Maura: um-in arms nmalva an-'1 mm mus am rm invnrlrlmu user: -aortas-at l. ur. .n. sra. ..rr. Uvrllllexnir-H~<yaz'Il: l!1eihtn: I!: ¢1:lmI7vq1q( ¥ir§<u: om imtoivwlr-mwtueltaivlvl-our/ newtSrrvxvvvrzdrcairatiynrlraaultlilveWin nnurooa. .sr, .m»e». .r, rr. r.. e.n. ... r_arr. rerr. .noea. -». oot. mota wwlvlsmr . .oe. tentr. oo. ..rsr. ..o. e.. oe. tti. ra. .r, .
  14. 14. ill ll I ‘I ‘IN ll I'll ‘V3
  15. 15. I. HAVE GLEAR OBJEGTIVES Communicate what you are trying to achieve with the journey map, why it is useful as part of the concept and definition phase, and how it should be used.
  16. 16. 2. USE AS MUCH DATA AS POSSIBLE While assumption-based archetypes and journeys can help, those created from facts and numbers are usually more aligned with reality and help defend the experiential sequences with facts.
  17. 17. When developing the stories and identifying key milestones, always keep the perspective of the customers. Focus on each character's goals, needs, and challenges. Also think of possible crossroads: users can often meet during their respective journeys. 3. STAY IN GHARAGTER
  18. 18. A journey map is meant to be inspiring. Use visual metaphors, creative layouts, and attractive graphics. Make sure the copy is clear and compelling. Personalities and real—life situations need to be convincing. 4. MAKE IT EVOGATIVE
  19. 19. Focus on what is important. While narrative elements help bring the journeys to life, overdoing it can be a distraction.
  20. 20. G. KEEP IT UP TO DATE It is very likely that maps will evolve as concepts and prototypes progress. Just like persona development, someone should be the owner and ensure its relevancy and usage.
  22. 22. IllITl: IliA. IIII: I“ ll: :Il'lA. ‘ The best part of developing customer journeys is actually presenting them. It can be a very interactive exercise with the team and the client. ; (_l. 4?’ I usually prefer printing the visual map on a very large piece of paper, put it on the wall, and follow the tracks as I tell the stories of our key characters. I also ask everyone to group behind me, particularly when we start brainstorming or problem-solving after we go through the experiential paths. Ill ll
  23. 23. In the end, a journey map is not just a great user—centric development tool. It also helps bring the team members closer together as they imagine the future platform.
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