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Manguru Businessplan

  1. 1. Manguru - Your guide on Chinese business manners, do’s and don’ts Share • Interact • Respect • Connect Summary Founded on : 1-04-2012 Founder : Marco de Groen ( Registed at : i-Depot BBIE under the number 036878Business plan Website : Contact information: / Manguru bidbook : manguru_bidbook_4.0 Mission 1/3 Manguru is an online platform that allows users to post and share business manners do’s and don’ts from China. It can be useful for Dutch business man to know about Chinese business manners when you are travelling, doing business or when you are researching the Chinese culture. The platform transcends existing references on manners because it does not only describe manners generically. It gives deep insights in the contexts and practical use of manners and related manners. Based on all this information a do’s and don’ts list is created for each category of manners in a certain region.Therefore by using this platform you will never act inappropriate when dealing with the Chinese culture as a Dutch businessman. Services An online platform that is easy accessible anytime and anywhere. Where manners are shared by natives and discussed by them with other users and experts. Allowing users to understand and respect different cultures more and better. The eventual data produced on the platform is stored and re-used into clear and short datasheets, which can be used by users while travelling or as a marketing tool. Also moderators (who consist of cultural experts) will create custom made do’s and don’ts lists for each category of manners that are located in a certain region of Holland or China. This will allow business people to get a fast, clear and short total overview of what are currently the main trends on manners at the location where they are, or going to be. Another great asset to the platform is the online commu- nity that still needs to be created. On this platform users will be able to post job vacancies, projects, questions and more. But also Chinese agencies and suppliers could interact here with possible Dutch clients. Competition There is much competition in analogue and digital way. Only the main issue is that these competitors offer information that is too general, too long and most of the time not provided by natives. Their websites and books make it hard to share the information fast and everywhere.Also when people read a long book they will only remember parts of the manners which is a shame of the time spend on reading it. Another thing is that people reading a book will also decide themselves what is most important to them, this while experts could now make that choice for them.This is where Manguru steps in.
  2. 2. Achieved goals • The creation of Manguru and its corporate Identity • Collect a first set of unique do’s and don’ts • Contacted Foundations in Holland for a possible cooperation • Created a first working version of the Manguru website • 40 subscribed members since the website launch in August 2012 Offered services right now • Unique do’s and don’ts filtered on region and categoriesBusiness plan • User profiles where contact information and a website link is shown • Background information behind manners (tags, comments, location) • Finding new contacts at Manguru for a bigger network in China • Giving users the option to add a do or don’t themselves Goals for 2013 2/3 • Create the community on the Manguru website • Generate statistics from the do’s and don’ts to form a marketing tool • Make it possible to advertise on the platform at do’s and don’ts • Contact more experts and foundations to support Manguru • Website updates for Manguru on a regular base Estimated costs for these future goals Create the community € 2099.99 Create the Statistics € 1299.99 A website update on functionalities € 899.00 Make the advertising option € 600.00 All in total this is € 4898.98 Benefits from these goals • A community will lead to more users, more options and a frequent visit from users and more income for posts that users make in the community itself • Statistics from the do’s and don’ts create a valuable marketing tool which allows users being able to adverstise more specific in a certain country and its region • The website updates will remove all small buggs in the website, but also helps the website to function better and to adjust it to its users needs and demands. • Manguru will become more interesting for Chinese agencies and suppliers to share their information, but also for Dutch agencies to find their Chinese contacts. • More advertising can be done on the website which will provide more income for the platform in order to earn money • More users will be interested which means a bigger network, more interaction, more data, more advertising and more promotion
  3. 3. Earnings Advertising • Job vacancy, project post, company promotion, or an advertisement post in the community which will be visible for several months. € 260,00 for each post • Posting an advertisement at a do or don’tBusiness plan € 150,00 for each advertisement per month Social media • Your company video (including a link) on our Youtube channel and a link on our Twitter and Facebook page to the video. 3/3 € 100,00 for each video per month placed on Youtube • Let Manguru edit your video material into a special promotion video that will be placed on our Youtube channel including a link on Twitter and Facebook to the video € 500,00 for each edited video € 100,00 for each video per month placed on Youtube Possible generated income each month Advertising € 2600,00 (Based on 10 community posts each month) € 1500,00 (Based on 10 advertisements each month) Social media € 500,00 (Based on 5 video’s placed on Youtube) € 600,00 (Based on 1 edited video by Manguru on Youtube) Total income each month : € 5200,00 Possible income each year : € 62.400,00 Why help Manguru? Manguru is on the edge of breakthrough and offers users a great ser- vice for doing business in China. If successful Manguru could focus itself on other countries then only China offering more interesting possibilities for its users. What are we looking for? We are looking for a sponsor or investor who could help us with the first investment of € 4898.98. For more info please see: