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Employment contact cleaning master


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Employment contact cleaning master

  1. 1. Contract of employmentfor domestic workersCLEANING MASTERCLEANING MASTERSDN BHDSDN BHD
  2. 2. Your Ref: 1/7Our Ref:Date:EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT CLEANING MASTER SDN. BHD.This contract is made on this ______ day of _________________ in the year________ between ______________________________________________I/C No. _____________________ of ___________________________(hereinafter referred to as the Employer) of the one part and_________________________________ Holder of _____________ PassportNo. ________________ from ___________________ (hereinafter referred to asthe Domestic Worker) of the other part.Both parties bind themselves to the following terms and conditions:-1. Domestic worker job title or position : ________________________________2. Personal details of domestic worker (a) Full name of domestic worker : ______________________________________ (b) Passport number and expiry date : ___________________________________ (c) Address of domestic worker with telephone numbers landline/Handphone : ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________3. Duration of the Contract (a) The Employer shall employ the Domestic Worker in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract and subject to the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations, rules, policies and directives of Malaysia; (b) This Contract shall commence from the date of the arrival of the Domestic Worker at the Employer’s home; (c) The Domestic Worker shall continue in the employment under the terms and conditions of this Contract for a period of _______________________________ ( _________ ) years or until such time the Contract in terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract.
  3. 3. Your Ref: 2/7Our Ref:Date:4. Travelling expenses The travelling expenses from __________________, to Kuala Lumpur International Airport shall be borne by the Employee and the expenses of the air passage from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to ___________________ shall be borne by the Employer upon completion of this contract.5. Place of work / residence of Domestic Worker The domestic worker shall reside only at: _____________________________________________________________________ during the duration of the Contract.6. Accommodation The employer provides free accommodation to the domestic worker with free water, food and electricity supply. The domestic worker is allowed/ obligate to cook his own food.7. Work Schedual/Time The work schedual is 8 hours per day and 6 days of work with one day holiday/ week. The domestic worker will be compensated for overtime (not exceed two hours/day) at one and half times of the normal hourly wages.8. Salary, Allowances and Payment Basic Monthly Salary: RM 21 /day/26days x 8 hrs. = RM _______________ Allowance: (a) Attendance : = RM _______________ (b) Food : = RM _______________ (c) Transport : = RM _______________ (d) Shift : = RM _______________ (e) Overtime (as per Government rule) = RM _______________ (f) Any other: ______________________ = RM _______________ Total = RM __________
  4. 4. Your Ref: 3/7Our Ref:Date:9. Duties and Responsibilities of the Domestic Worker (a) The Domestic Worker shall work only with the Employer and shall not seek employment or be employed elsewhere; (b) The Domestic Worker shall comply with reasonable instructions of the Employer in the performance of the assigned cleaning duties to him; (c) The Domestic Worker shall perform diligently, faithfully and sincerely all cleaning duties assigned by the Employer which shall not include commercial activities; (d) The Domestic Worker shall not use or take advantage of the Employer’s possessions without the Employer’s permission; (e) The Domestic Worker is expected at all times observe proper attire and shall be courteous, polite and respectful to the Employer and family members of the Employer; (f) The Domestic Worker shall abide by the laws, rules, regulations, national policies and directive of Malaysia and respect the customs and traditions of Malaysia; (g) In the event that the Domestic Worker marries in Malaysia during the period of employment, the Government of Malaysia and the Employer reserves the right to revoke the Work Pass; (h) No member of family or any other person shall be allowed to stay with the Domestic Worker in the place of employment without the consent of the Employer;10. Duties and responsibilities of the Employer (a) The Employer shall provide the Domestic Worker with reasonable accommodation and basic amenities; (b) The Employer shall provide the Domestic Worker reasonable and sufficient daily meals;
  5. 5. Your Ref: 4/7Our Ref:Date: (c) The Employer shall not require the Domestic Worker to work or to be engaged in any activities other than that related to household duties; (d) The. Employer shall insure the Domestic Worker with the Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme in respect of any medical expenses the Domestic Worker may incur in the event of any injury where such injury arises out of and in the course of employment; (e) The Employer shall at all times respect and pay due regard to the sensitivity of religious beliefs of the Domestic Worker, including the right to perform prayers and to refuse to handle and consume non-Halal food;11. Insurance The Domestic Worker shall be insured for minimum RM ___________ against sudden death and also for Hospitalisation/Medical treatment. In the event of any illness or accident arising in the course of his employment, the domestic worker will be paid compensation on terms not less favourable then those provided under the Malaysian Employment Act, 1955 and the Company’s Group Personal Accident Policy.12. Termination of Contract by the Employer The Employer may terminate the service of the Domestic Worker without notice if the Domestic Worker commits any of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the Domestic Worker’s duties or if the Domestic Worker breaches any of the terms and conditions of this contract. For the purposes of this clause, misconduct includes the following: (a) working with another employer; (b) disobeying lawful and reasonable order of the Employer; (c) neglecting the household duties and habitually late for work; (d) is found guilty of fraud and dishonesty; (e) is involved in illegal and lawful activities; (f) permitting outsiders to enter the Employer’s premises or to use the Employer’s possessions without Employer’s permission; (g) using the Employer’s possessions without the Employer’s permission.
  6. 6. Your Ref: 5/7Our Ref:Date: Provided always that the Employer terminating the Contract under this clause shall provide proof of existence of such situation upon request of the Domestic Worker.13. Termination of Contract by the Domestic Worker The Domestic Worker may terminate this contract without notice if: (a) The Domestic Worker has reasonable grounds to fear for his or her life or is threatened by violence or disease; (b) The Domestic Worker is subjected to abuse or ill treatment by the Employer; or (c) The Employer has failed to fulfil his obligation under paragraph 10. Provided always that the Domestic Worker terminating the Contract under this clause shall provide proof of existence of such situation upon request of the Employer.14. General Provisions (a) Transportation cost from the Domestic Worker’s original exit point in ______________________ to the place of employment shall be borne by the Employer. (b) In the event that the Contract is terminated by the Employer on the ground that the Domestic Worker has committed misconduct, the Domestic Worker shall bear the costs of his/her repatriation. (c) The repatriation cost of the Domestic Worker from the place of employment to the original exit point in __________________shall be borne by the Employer in the following circumstances: (1) at the completion of Contract of Employment; (2) termination of the Contract of Employment by the Employer; or (3) termination due to non-compliance of the terms and conditions of the Contract of Employment by the Employer. (d) Any dispute arising between the Employer and the Domestic Worker concerning the grounds for termination of the Contract of Employment pursuant to Paragraph 12 or 13 of this Contract shall be dealt with in accordance with the applicable laws in Malaysia. (e) For the purpose of this Contract, the terms “original exit point” shall mean , in _______________. , in _______________.
  7. 7. Your Ref: 6/7Our Ref:Date:15. Documentation The employer will be responsible for renewal of visa/passports of the domestic worker. The levy will be borne by the employer. Passports will be held by the employer16. Nominee to receive the dues and compensation In the unfortunate event of death of the domestic worker, all the admissible dues including the compensation will be paid to (to be provided by the domestic worker) Name: __________________________________ Passport number: _________________________ Relation with the domestic worker: ______________________________ Address and telephone number: ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________17. Extension of the Contract Notwithstanding the expiry of the duration of the Contract, the Employer and the Domestic Worker may agree that this Contract may be extended based on similar terms and conditions therein.18. Time is Essence Time whenever mentioned shall be essence of this Contract in relation to all provisions of this Contract.19. Governing Law This Contract is governed by, and shall be constructed in accordance with laws of Malaysia20. Other terms and conditions The Employer shall pay the basic salary of due months, if the domestic worker is repatriated before completing the contract period, for whatsoever reason.
  8. 8. Your Ref: 7/7Our Ref:Date: Other terms and conditions favourable to the employer and domestic worker not covered herein and which are provided by the laws of Malaysia shall apply and shall be the part of the contract.20. Certification The employer and the domestic worker shall read and fully understand this agreement and certify that the terms and conditions together with the application constitute their entire agreement or understand that any other conditions set besides this contract shall be considered null and void.In witness whereof the parties have here unto voluntarily signed their respective names below on this ________________date of ______________ 20__ at Kluang, Johor, Malaysia ____________________________ ____________________________Employer, Authorised Signature Signature of Domestic Worker,Name : Name :Date : Passport No:NRIC No: Date :Company Chop____________________________ ____________________________Witnessed by, Witnessed by,Name : Name :Designation: Designation:Date : Date :