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Tips to hire best answering service for your business


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When hiring an answering service, it can be hard a hard decision. Before you hire a service, use this guide to help you understand the fundamentals of hiring an answering service.

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Tips to hire best answering service for your business

  1. 1. Tips to Hire Best Answering Service for Your Business Hiring the best answering service doesn’t need to be painful. | 888.636.1222
  2. 2. Key points to consider while on your journey. Your Processes Pricing Model Free Trials Industry Experience Location Data Management 1 2 3 4 6 | 888.636.1222 5
  3. 3. Your Processes. 1 Explain required functionality – verify the pricing. • Typically, pricing only includes simple message intake and delivery. • Are protocols and functionality you required included in pricing? • Adding multiple sub-accounts potentially can increase cost. Verify with provider. (i.e. outbound dialing, tech support, etc.) | 888.636.1222
  4. 4. Pricing Model. 2 Choose the right pricing model for your business. • Two main types: • Per Call • By Live Agent Talk Time • Don’t be charged for: • Changes to account protocol or setup. • Extra for weekends or holidays. • Email, text messaging, paging, and faxing. • On-call schedule updates or directories. | 888.636.1222
  5. 5. Free Trials. 3 Are free answering service trials worth it? • Verify there are no hidden terms or stipulations with the trial. • Are you forced to sign a contract for a free month of service? • Keep tabs on quality of service after the trial is over. • IMPORTANT: Read terms carefully. | 888.636.1222
  6. 6. Industry Experience. 4 What is the breadth of industry experience? • Common for answering services to have experience across multiple industries. Consider: • Years of Experience in Industry • Specific Industry Training • Their Understanding of Industry | 888.636.1222
  7. 7. Location. 5 Local vs. Around the World • Consider importance of location. • Would you like to meet the people you are hiring or not? • Where are they really located? Some say they are local but are not. • Ask to visit. Be skeptical if they don’t want you to visit. | 888.636.1222
  8. 8. Data Management. 6 What are they doing with my data? • Accurately executing your protocols and procedures is critical. • Is the data centrally managed or is it bouncing between locations? • Ask how your data will be stored and managed. | 888.636.1222
  9. 9. Conclusion When hiring an answering service it is important you understand what you are paying for. To do this: • You must ask questions • Read your agreement carefully • Don't let high-pressure sales pitches take away your ability to do due-diligence • Be comfortable with the company • Meet them in person, if you can, to make sure their company is the right fit for you • Verify Data Management • An extra tip-- ask for referrals. The best live answering service will be more than glad to provide you with referrals upon request. | 888.636.1222
  10. 10. Freedom. Flexibility. Fraction of the Cost. Learn how a professional answering service can create value for your business. Unicom Teleservices 12560 S Holiday Dr. C Alsip, IL 60803 USA 888.636.1222