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Janos Mate - Greenpeace International - LAVORARE SENZA HFC


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Janos Mate - Greenpeace International - LAVORARE SENZA HFC

  1. 1. XV EUROPEAN CONFERENCE MILANO 7th-8thJUNE 2013 CSGLatest Technology in Refrigeration and Air ConditioningUnder the Auspices of the PRESIDENCY OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERSCool Technologies:Working Without HFCsPresented by: Janos Maté
  2. 2. Dominoes of LifeWhen one factor ischanged, all others areaffected: basic axiom ofecology, technology andall human affairs
  3. 3. 2010-2020: The Critical Decade“This is the criticaldecade…We are on thecusp of some bigchanges…We can captemperature rise at 2oC,or cross the thresholdbeyond which the systemshifts to a much hotterstate.”-Dr. Will Steffen:Director of Australian NationalUniversity Climate ChangeInstitute
  4. 4. Climate change is happening nowRecord breakingclimate disasters areroutine around theworld
  5. 5. Climate tipping points of no return2013: 1sttime in humanhistory, atmosphericCO2 concentrationshave reached 400 partsper millionClimate tipping points arereached when subsequentclimate events push globalwarming beyond humancapacity to restorenature’s balance.
  6. 6. Poisoned Planet• Each day we emit 90 million tonsof global warming pollutionincluding CFCs, HCFCs andHFCs• 85,000 new chemicals in fivedecades – most untested forhealth and safety• Fluorocarbons nearly ended lifeon Earth: damaged the ozonelayer and the climate: cost trillionsof dollars• Natural working fluids can meethuman cooling needs
  7. 7. Working definition of “natural refrigerants”• Refrigerants which occurnaturally in the biosphere, insignificant abundance, in asteady state and are easilyabsorbed by nature• Air, water, carbon dioxide,ammonia, hydrocarbons
  8. 8. GWP Metrics of HFCs• By using the 100 GWP as a measure of the potency ofHFC refrigerants, their impact is being averaged over amuch longer timescale than they are actually in theatmosphere.• The average lifetime of the HFCs in use today is 21.7years… better suited to the 20 year GWP metric.• The 20 year GWP metric better reflects the true potency ofHFCs during their actual time in the atmosphere.
  9. 9. Substance AtmosphericLifetimeYears100 yearGWP20 yearGWPHCFC-22 12 1,810 5,160HCFC-141b 9.3 725 2,250HFC-32 4.9 675 2,330HFC-125 29 3,500 6,350HFC-134a 14 1,430 3,830HFC-152a 1.4 124 437HFC-245fa 7.6 1030 3,380HFC-404a 34.2 3922 6010HFC-410a 16.9* 2088 4340HFC-407c 15.6* 1774 4115CO2 150+ 1 1Hydrocarbons <1 <3 <3Ammonia 0 0IPCC Fourth Assessment Report- 2007 * Wikipedia
  10. 10. Global CO2 & HFC emissionsThe absolute annualHFC emissions weightedby GWP20 is roughlydouble the absoluteannual HFC emissionsweighted by GWP100.Velders et al, 2009 –unpublished graph)
  11. 11. Projections for global HFCconsumption (Mt CO2-eq) expressed inGWP100 and GWP20 metrics100GWP2010 2020 2030 2040 2050Developed 637 909 1,047 1,137 1,253Developing163 1,179 2,570 3,802 5,008Global 800 2,088 3,617 4,939 6,26120 GWP 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050Developed 1,395 1,992 2,323 2,537 2,807Developing379 2,546 5,539 8,209 10,875Global 1,558 4,538 7,862 10,746 13,182
  12. 12. Phasing-out HFCs by 2020 ispossibleCFCs-HCFCs-HFCs-HFOsThe time is now toget off thefluorocarbontreadmill
  13. 13. Greenpeace Report: “Cool Technologies: Working withoutHFCs”Documents companies and facilities around the world that produce oruse cooling HFC-free equipmentDocuments the availability of natural refrigerants and foaming agentsfor nearly the full spectrum of applications, such as:– Domestic Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning– Commercial Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning– Mobile Air-Conditioning– Industrial Processes– Insulation Foam Blowing
  14. 14. Greenpeace Report provides examples and detailsGreenfreeze domesticrefrigerationDessicant coolin Transport cooling(under review)SolarChill Evaporative cooling Foam blowingCommercial cooling Absorption cooling Efficiency comparisonsRefrigerants, Naturally Co-generation cooling HC refrigerant producersConsumers Goods Forum District cooling HC safety equipment(under review)Companies using NRequipmentPassive cooling Global estimates of A/CproductionManufacturers of NR equipment Converting from R-22 topropaneContact list of companiesHydrocarbon & CO2 domestic &commercial A/CMACs & hydrocarbons(50 million cars with HCs)Ammonia A/C MACs & CO2Solar NR air-conditioning MACs & HFOs
  15. 15. •There is a domino effectin cooling technologies.•When one companyachieves a breakthroughothers soon replicate.•Technological innovationin one sector impacts oninnovations in othersectors.Domino Effect in Cooling
  16. 16. Greenfreeze Revolution20thAnniversary• 1992-93 Greenpeacedevelops ‘Greenfreeze’hydrocarbon technology fordomestic refrigeration• Greenpeace promotesGreenfreeze in Europe,China, Japan, SouthAmerica• 1997 -Greenpeace receivesUNEP Ozone Award forgiving Greenfreeze to theworld• Greenfreeze impacts oncommercial refrigerationWolo Lohbeck“Papa Greenfreeze”
  17. 17. Greenfreeze Revolution• Over 700 millionGreenfreeze refrigeratorsin the world today• 40% of global annualrefrigerator production(2012)• 95% of EU & 75% ofChinese production• 80% of global productionby 2020
  18. 18. • Greenfreeze campaign led to Greenpeace’s work withcorporations that eventually formed Refrigerants,Naturally!• Current participants include: Coca Cola, Unilever,PepsiCo, Red Bull with support from Greenpeace andUNEP• Refrigerants, Naturally! led the Consumer Goods Forumto commit to start phasing out HFCs by 2015.
  19. 19. RefNat accomplishmentsCombined the current RefNat partners have over 20 millioncooling units in the field and buy over 2 million units annually•Coca Cola: 600,000 HFC free units: will only by HFC- free asof 2015•Unilever: 900,000 HFC free units•PepsiCo: 145,000 HFC free units•RedBull: 890,000 HFC free units : will only buy HFC-free asof 2014RefNat engages with standards and policies: e.g. supportsthe proposed HFC amendments to MP
  20. 20. SolarChill Vaccine Cooler & RefrigeratorHealth+Environment+Development• Hydrocarbon• Battery free• Solar powered• Clean: no kerosene• Commercialized• GEF SolarChill Projects inKenya, Colombia andSwazilandSolarChill Project Partners: DTI, GIZ ProKlima,Greenpeace, PATH, UNEP,UNICEF, WHO
  21. 21. Hydrocarbon Domestic ACs in India & China•Godrej Company in India is in full production of HC Airconditioners: have installed over 10,000 units: no problems•Gree, Haier and Media in China are ready to produce HCunits•Media product has TUVE approval for EU markets•Chinese HPMP will covert up to 18 production facilities to HCs
  22. 22. ON-LINE SEARCHABLE DATA BASE“Cool Technologies: Working Without HFCs”
  23. 23. Simple Design: Easy to Navigate
  24. 24. Routinely Updated WebsiteInput invited from Stakeholders
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention.