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  1. 1. Marco Baratta Cell (503) 76008104 El Salvador Home (503) 22521502 San Salvador Dual Citizenship: Italian-Salvadoran Executive Profile Human resources manager with 14 years of experience in developing local and regional human resources administrations and human resources strategic management. Highly experienced in designing organizational structures and functions, policies and procedures and implementing HR programs to improve the human resources performance that support the business strategy. Career Achievements  Had developed HR ethical practices in order to achieve a high level of legal and business policy compliance. YKK El Salvador obtain 2nd place worldwide in ethical and compliance practices.  Have developed robust HR management structures based on key performance indicators such as cost of employment, job rotation, absenteeism, perfect attendance; competency growth indicators and some others HR related measures to establish healthy indicators ranks.  Experience in developing programs and technology to reduce the impact of the Human Resources on the bottom line.  Had able to reach agreement between employees conflicts in many venues and top management positions, channeling properly through business policy and organizational needs, employee's dissatisfaction. The results showed after the negotiations an improvement in management practices, and less employee's complaints.  Had been able to effectively create and design Human Resources policies helping to reduce discrepancies and provide a clear reference structure in the HR decision making process  Successfully implemented competency based human resources strategies to support organization development and employee learning and growth. Qualification Highlights Abstract Analysis Skills—ability to organize complex information and synthesized into a coherent whole and concrete it into an action plan. Complex Problem Solving — identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Management of Personnel Resources — Motivating, developing, and directing people as they work, identifying the best people for the job. Strategic Thinking —I am able to link human resources to the business strategy of the company, aligning policies, norms, processes and procedures as well as employee's practices and behaviors. Statistical Analysis — Competent to use statistical analysis to support HR management related programs and indicators. Evidence Based Management—Interventions at work are constructed and developed based on research and empirical evidence.
  2. 2. PROFESIONAL BACKGROUND ______________________________________________________________________ Education M.A., Organizational Psychology 2003-2005 University of New Haven West Haven, Connecticut. USA B.A. Psychology 1993-2000 University José Simeón Cañas El Salvador ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Honors FulBright/IIE U.S.A. Department of State scholarship 2003-2005 LASPAU-HARVARD Scholarship 2003-2005 Scholarships to pursue the Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Executive Experience Regional Human Resources Manager/Compliance Officer for Central America 10/2007 to present YKK EL SALVADOR (Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Textiles industry) -Created and implemented HR metrics, processes and procedures in YKK El Salvador, the Human Resources administration measuring and controlling HR impact in the company. Responsible for recruiting, staffing, compensation, training, retention, in Central America branches complying with ISO 9000 and 14000 quality standards. -In charge of the management of human resources for YKK El Salvador in Central America as well as the expatriates legal allocation processes -In charge to ensure the compliance of safety and security working conditions policies and practices among employees according to the standards of YKK Corporation of America. -In function as coach and advisor to seniors, local and regional managers to increase awareness of leadership, communication, direction skills and usage of the organizational framework to facilitate expected performance, learning and development of teams or individuals. -Created and implemented learning methodologies to align employee’s behavior with business needs, training needs, policy application, and Company´s Core Values to achieve effective learning process and communication between employees and the company. -In charge of implementing, designing and organizing research by conducting studies of culture and climate within the organization to design the HR business strategy. -As Compliance Officer for Central America in charge of implementing the corporate compliance program, creating learning methodologies and training to assure that employees attend the local and regional laws; as well as policies responding to the standards of the corporate compliance program. -As a Secretary Director of the Board of YKK El Salvador, in charge of organizing BOD meetings, agenda, and points of act between shareholders and external audits.(2007-2012) -As a Risk Management Coordinator in charge of managing the administration of insurance programs as assigned by YKK Corporation in Central America, coordinates with YKK Corporation Legal Department courses of actions, legal procedures, claims and active communication with insurance broker and companies to assured that YKK and Insurance providers comply with contracts agreements, claim policies and local law compliance.(2007-2012) Human Resources Manager Brother Peter Foundation. 09/2002-06/2003 -Developed the organization’s human resources department, database and curriculum selection process. -Developed the organization’s procedures for the recruitment, hiring and training of new personnel. -Created a system of monitoring personnel behavior and procedures to deal with conflict with interpersonal relations among employees.
  3. 3. -Creation of a survey to measure the organizational climate within the organization and an analysis of the culture of the organization. -Created the job analysis, task analysis and job descriptions of the organization. -In charge of developing the job performance system and implementing personnel motivation programs. . -Oversaw the design and creation of the marketing department. -Developed a pay structure program. -Provided strategic advising on foundation goals to the executive director and board of directors in order to optimize the behavior of the organization personnel. -Created the organization’s training and human resources manual and policies emphasizing unified organizational behavior connected to mission and vision of the organization. Human Resources Manager ALISAL S.A. El Salvador 01/ 2001- 03/2002. -Responsible for developing company’s vision statement, policy manual, training procedures and motivational programs. -Developed the company’s process and procedures manual for the hiring of new personnel. In charge of implementing the process and procedures for selection of personnel based on psychometric evaluations, personal interviews, individual activity forecasting and personnel routines and procedures analysis. -In charge of developing, supervising and controlling the process that coordinated procedures related to the company’s payroll, pension plan and social security health plan. -Developed the communications and needs-assessment process in an attempt to better serve and coordinate the requirements for new personnel in each of the company’s departments. -Created a series of procedures aimed at improving the decision-making process in an attempt to develop communications and relations within the company. Work Psychologist on personnel selection and recruitment Almo group (security services corporation) (Protecsal, Esparta, Agentes de El Salvador, Alarmas de El Salvador, Proval) 01/2000-11/2000 -In charge of the implementation of the screening, selection and recruitment process of the organization. -Development and research of predictors and criterion for the selection process. -Management of the personnel selection process of the corporation. -Support to the polygraphist department on analysis of cases through the screening and evaluation with psychological tests. -Administration of psychological tests and behavioral battery. -Design of selection interviews tailored for each of the different positions of the organization. -Development of psychological reports of candidates based on psychological test evaluation and interviews. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Consultant Experience USA Department of State- Salvadoran National Police 8/2007-12/2007 Through the Public Affairs Section, a Grant was earned to develop a Mental Health Seminars for Psychologists who work with police officers a the National Civilian Police (PNC), and who are in difficult situations of stress and tension. The seminars prepared to address such difficulties were: Change Management, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Work Motivation and Stress Management. At the end of the intervention psychologists increased their work focus, a more role clarity was achieved and a more precise management of the various organizational situations was reached. The intervention finally prepared the psychologists to establish more effective tools of channeling difficulties and challenges of the work with police agents. AES El Salvador (AES CORPORATION) 04/2006-02/2007
  4. 4. Consultant Leader of Organizational Change Management for the project of the implementation of the ERP SAP/R3 for AES El Salvador. (April 2006 - February 2007) - Functional integration of the implementation team, creation of cultural values, group identity, resolution of intergroup conflicts, and advice to project manager of issues. -Organizational Analysis to identify resistance to change in the implementation of SAP/R3. The analysis covered the whole organization including key stakeholders, middle management and operational level. -Triangulation analysis of the sistem integrator with local business and consultants to achieve unified performance in the project. -Coordinated in the realization phase with the change management team and team functional leaders the curricula of training for final users. -Organizational Impact Analysis in the company of the SAP implementation. The analysis covered the current status of the organization in all the work processes affected by SAP vs the final status after the implementation. -Organizational risks analysis in order to create plans of organizational alignment with the SAP implementation. Discovery Consulting Group. S.A of C.V. 2005-2007 Development of conferences and workshops in the areas of human resources, organizational behavior,leadership, change and organizational development. DDB EL SALVADOR 09/2005 – 12/2005 Assessment on the implementation of human resources systems at the DDB office in El Salvador; the intervention was focused on the analysis of the organizational conditions for the development of modules and measurement systems to be conducted by the human resources department. Global Food Corporation. El Salvador. 07/2004-03/2005 Consulting project required by the University of New Haven. Research Project using the Job Characteristics Model to measured motivation within the organization as a function of job design. The project covered an extensive statistical analysis, strategic implementation, processes and focalization on job designs to increase the MPS (Motivating Potential Score). The analysis included comparisons between jobs, departments, managers and subordinates. Suggested interventions were a development of Force Field Analysis and a job enrichment program. C&C Systems. El Salvador. 05/2002-07/2002 Project: A diagnostic study of the company’s climate. Analysis of the organizational climate. Construction of a climate survey from the information of interviews with the personnel and the application of a pre-designed climate survey. The consultation process developed indicators through interviews to develop a climate survey based on the client’s information, diagnosis and suggested methodology and procedures to improve the climate within the organization were given. Nexos Consultants Search & Outsource 10/1999-04/2003 Developed a procedure that allowed the company to diagnose and evaluate candidates for employment. FEDISAL-LASPAU (Academic and Professional Programs for the Americas) 2005 to present Coacher for granted students to develop skills in: personal growth, assessment, individual development and effectiveness. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Academia Experience Superior School of Economy and Business 2006- 2007 Adjunct professor and Adviser for the class of Organizational Behavior (4th year of economy)
  5. 5. University Dr. José Matías Delgado. 03/2007 – 06/2008 Adjunct professor and Coordinator advisor for the courses of Management of Human Resources II (Performance Appraisal Process, Training and Development, Motivation). ______________________________________________________________________ Additional Skills and Information Human Resources Models Created  Model of organizational training to mitigate the resistance to the change through the use of cognitive-affective dissonance attenuators in the process of organizational change.  Model of Personal Selection for organizations in development and change of their business strategy.  Model of Human Resources. Model design to increase customer value through the developing of the human resources.  Competency Based Human Resources Model to align business needs with employee performance Language Proficiency English: Advanced Level Italian: Intermediate Level Computer Knowledge Windows NT, Microsoft: Word, Excel, Project, Power Point, SPSS and Visio. References Availables upon request.