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Players Guide | HRV4Training

Short how-to guide for players of organizations relying on our platform to measure resting physiology (heart rate, heart rate variability).

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Players Guide | HRV4Training

  2. 2. WHAT’S HRV4TRAINING? HRV4Training is the first validated app able to measure heart rate variability (HRV) using the phone camera What’s HRV? A measure of internal load and how you respond to stress caused by training, lifestyle and other forms of stress (e.g. getting sick)
  3. 3. HOW CAN HRV4TRAINING HELP YOU? By measuring your own, individual response to training and other stressors, adjustments can be made so that your plan is truly individualized, and long-term performance is improved Positive responses (stable or increasing HRV over time) will give you confidence that your body is responding well
  5. 5. DOWNLOAD THE APP WITH A PROMO CODE 1. Your coach or organization will provide you with a promo code 2. Open the App Store or Google Play app 3. On the App Store (iPhone): • Tap the Today tab and scroll to the very bottom until you find a Redeem button. 4. On Google Play: • The Promo or Redeem button can be found under menu (button with three horizontal bars) 5. Do not search for the app, the code is already associated to HRV4Training
  6. 6. 1.Tap Today, scroll to the very bottom of the page 2.At the bottom of the Today page, you will find the redeem button 3. Enter manually the code provided by your coach or organization
  7. 7. CREATE ACCOUNT 1. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account using your email address and password 2. The email address used is the one that you need to provide to your coach or organization, so that they can send you a data sharing request to analyze your data remotely 3. At this point communicate the email address used to your coach or organization
  8. 8. 1. Please let your coach or organization know your registered email address
  10. 10. ACCEPT COACH REQUEST Once your coach has informed you that the request to share data was sent, go to Menu / Settings / Data sharing settings with HRV4Training Coach and accept the request At this point data will be transferred automatically after your morning measurement
  11. 11. Tap Menu / Settings 2. Scroll Settings until you find Data sharing settings for HRV4Training Coach 3.Accept your coach request.The coach needs to send you the request first
  13. 13. DAILY MEASUREMENT 1. Every morning when you wake up, take a measurement. Try to do it as follows: • Lie down • Breathe naturally • Before coffee, activity or other forms of stress A different routine (for example going to the bathroom or another room) is perfectly fine, but try to always use the same procedure
  14. 14. Place your finger on the camera and near the flash, then simply breathe naturally for one minute
  15. 15. MEASUREMENT SCREEN Camera PPG Timer Instantaneous heart rate
  16. 16. DAILY SCORE Score: parasympathetic activity After a few days the app will compare your daily score with your previous measurement A lower score normally means more stress If you prefer not to see the score, go to Menu / Settings and uncheck “Show Daily Advice”
  17. 17. QUESTIONNAIRE 1. After the measurement a short questionnaire will show up 2. Using the questionnaire can help provide context and better interpret the data (for example adding subjective feeling, training load information) 3. You can change (add / remove) questions from Menu / Settings / Configure TAGS
  18. 18. Add or remove questions
  19. 19. Example questionnaire
  20. 20. CONTACT For questions or issues: • Email: • Twitter: @altini_marco