The museum of liverpool


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The museum of liverpool

  1. 1. The Museum of Liverpool
  2. 2. The Museum of Liverpool, in Liverpool, is the newest addition to the National Museums Liverpool group having opened in 2011 replacing the former Museum of Liverpool Life. National Museums Liverpool intention is for the new venue to tell the story of Liverpool and its people. The museum is housed in a new purpose-built building on the Mann Island site at the Pier Head. There are also plans to have flexible spaces that regularly change to enable National Museums Liverpool to show more of their collections.
  3. 3. A view over the museum
  4. 4. The core themesThe Museum displays are divided into four main themes:  The Great Port;  Global City;  People’s Republic;  Wondrous Place.The displays on the ground floor focus on the citys urban and technological evolution,including the Industrial Revolution and the changes in the British Empire, and howthese changes have impacted the citys economic development.The upper floor looks at Liverpools particular and strong identity through examiningthe social history of the city, from settlement in the area from Neolithic times to thepresent day, migration, and the various communities and cultures which contribute tothe citys diversity.The Museum also features: Little Liverpool, a gallery for children under six; HistoryDetectives, an interactive archaeology and history resource centre; a 180-seattheatre for community and audio-visual performances; meeting facilities; and abrasserie.
  5. 5. The great Port The gallery will look at the development of the dock system and its impact on city infrastructure and employment. It will explore how the city expanded due to the opportunities of the Industrial Revolution and development of world trade. Communication and transportation were key to Liverpools 19th century success and the city was at the centre of new technological developments, as shown by the building of the first managed wet dock in the world in 1715, the continuing development of those dock technologies and the opening of the 1830 Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first inter-city railway in the world. Key exhibits will include Lion, the famous 1838 steam locomotive, as the centrepiece of the section following the impact of the industrial revolution. The gallery will also explore stories about the people living and working underneath the rails ofThe Lion’s Locomotive the Liverpool Overhead Railway, or the Dockers Umbrella, which is visible suspended above the gallery to suggest its working height.
  6. 6. The Global City Here you can discover fascinating objects from carved ivory tusks to Meccano models and even the odd turkey! Explore the cultural influences, people and ideas that came into the city from every continent. Get ready for a thrilling journey through LiverpoolsRiver Mersey dress past.
  7. 7. People’s Republic The Peoples Republic gallery is about the experience of living in the city: what it means to be Liverpudlian, how people have left their mark on Liverpool and the impact and issues caused by dramatic social change over the last 200 years. In this gallery you can explore the diverse stories and unique identity of Liverpool and its people. Be inspired by the everyday and extraordinary contributions people have madeThe Liver bird, the over its turbulent history, andsymbol of Liverpool join in and debate issues affecting the city today.
  8. 8. Wondrous Place Liverpool is full of talented writers, performers, musicians, artists, comedians and sports people. Wondrous Place celebrates the citys creative and sporting personalities - from The Beatles to the Zutons and John Conteh to Stephen Gerrard. Feel the excitement of a football match and see how the Fab Four rocked the world in two fantastic film experiences or drop into our karaoke room toCeramic plate of The Beatles belt out a couple of Liverpoolmanufactured by classics.Washington Pottery