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GWAB2014 Italy Microsoft Azure Web Sites


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Web Sites is the more rapid offert in Azure to adopt Cloud Computing....

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GWAB2014 Italy Microsoft Azure Web Sites

  1. 1. Welcome To #GWAB 2014 • Welcome • The Charity • The Sponsors • The Social Fun • Agenda Pordenone, 29 marzo 2014
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 1nn0va Servizi Cgn @marco_parenzan
  4. 4.
  5. 5. virtual machines  Windows Server and Linux  Flexible Workload Support  Virtual Private Networking
  6. 6. cloud services  Build infinitely scalable apps and services  Support rich multi-tier architectures  Automated application management
  7. 7. The modern offering (2013+)
  8. 8. mobile services  Build Node.js or ASP.NET,  Just data from a table  Push to mobile devices
  9. 9. web sites  Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP  Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS  Start for free, scale up as your traffic grows
  10. 10. Virtualization O/S Hardware Native Code Custom Software Network Data Applications Firewall Applications Data Native Code Startup Tasks Applications Firewall Rules Data Virtual Network Native Code Custom Software Virtual Network Data Applications Firewall Rules O/S Applications Data Auth Notifications
  11. 11. Web sites
  12. 12. High availability with SLA on reserve instances. A global network of data centers. Guaranteed SLA and 24/7 support. Load balanced Up to date Easily scale Economical
  13. 13. How does Windows Azure websites work?
  14. 14. All DBs are runningon SQLAzure. Azure blobsas durable storage. WindowsAzure worker roles. Monitor resourcesusage. Dynamic web activationservice. W3WP.exe IIS application pool process. Azure LB IIS ARR (LB) Deployment server(s) API frontend Web server Storage controller Site (W3WP.exe) Metering DWAS Runtime DB Websites DB’s Cloud drive
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Choice of frameworks and languages.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Zero lock in IIS Web sites for Windows server Windows Azure web sites Hosted and private cloud Public cloud Web server
  19. 19. Git TFS Web Deploy FTP CodePlex, BitBucket & GitHub
  20. 20. Team development. Continuous delivery.
  21. 21. Windows Azure is a scalable platform Which allows you to add and remove resources With flexible pricing Scaling is manual, based on your decisions
  22. 22. It depends… but some general practices apply. • Capacity plan • Proper decomposition of system • Stateless design • Scale at all layers • Throttling
  23. 23. R R R R R S S R R R R R S R R R S R R S R R R R R S R R R R R S
  24. 24. Job Creator Job Handler Job Queue Job Handler
  25. 25. Multi-tenant. Daily quotas Multi-tenant. Daily quotas Dedicated VMs. No quotas
  26. 26. Scale up. Scale out. Automatic scaling.
  27. 27. Web app gallery
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Shared instances Reserved instances Price FREE for 12 months Azure S,M,L instances Number of sites Up to 10 Up to 100 Maximum scale 10 instances 10 instances (call support for more) Storage 1GB (shared by all sites) 10GB (shared by all sites) Storage transactions Unlimited (abstracted by storage subsystem) Unlimited (abstracted by storage subsystem) SQL database Standard SQL database Standard SQL database MySQL Includes one 20MB database Includes one 20MB database Bandwidth Ingress—Unlimited Egress—165MB/day (5GB/month) Ingressn—limited Egress—Azure bandwidth rates (above 5GB/month) Custom domains Not available Supported SSL None Supported SLA None Yes Support FAQ, forum Email, phone, FAQ, and forum
  30. 30. Pay as You Go Monthly Commitment