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Portfolio Layout 03


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Layout was created for:
"Travel Florida Highways" and is a monthly state publication in Orlando, Florida.

Published in: Design, Business
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Portfolio Layout 03

  1. 1. Subject: Editorial Cover and Layouts Layout was created for: quot;Travel Florida Highwaysquot; and is a monthly state publication in Orlando, Florida. Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Designer's Role: Designer made choice of photos that stayed within context of editorial story. Objective/Purpose: To keep the readers interested in written material with as much beautiful, up-close and angled photographs of these amazing birds. Results: Many respectable and admired audubon groups wrote positive responses to the lead editor and publisher of the editorial piece. Marc Conrad Norris Graphic Designer / Production Artist / Illustrator • Phone: 360-448-7268 • e-mail: