From Delta Model to BSC - Strategic Management and the Complete Cycle of the Strategy. Part I


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The Strategic Management using tools and methodologies that will face downturns, crises and business opportunities.
From Arnold Hax to Kaplan & Norton: The perfect combination of formulation and execution of the Corporate Strategy.

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From Delta Model to BSC - Strategic Management and the Complete Cycle of the Strategy. Part I

  1. 1. Corporate Strategy: From Delta Model to BSC Strategic Management Prof. Nivaldo Tadeu Marcusso
  2. 2. Strategic Management AGENDA I. Strategic Management II. Blue Ocean III. Delta Model IV. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) V. Complexity Management and Mind Maps VI. The Complete Cycle of the Strategy Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  3. 3. Strategic Management Program: 1.Strategic Management: – Strategy Management: Two Approaches – Strategy Schools: An Overview – Environmental Analysis – Strategy Formulation – Strategy Implementation 2. Delta Model 3. Blue Ocean 4.BSC Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  4. 4. Road Map for Strategy Development • Strategy Communication and Adapting: – Build the timeline of the Organization to identify the aspects of the current market position of the Company and the needs to face the competition for the business goals. – PESTEL Analysis (Political, Economic, Social , Technology, Environmental and Legal) and identification of the trends and impacts in your Market. – Identify the strength and weakness of the market, the best customers, segmentation and market penetration, Supplies, News Entrants, products substitutive and the behaviors of the competition. – Identify the market opportunities to develop the new product portfolio and new strategic positioning (products, services and Complementors) to face the competition. – Communicate the Mission of the Organization Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  5. 5. The Tree of Business From Strong Roots To Superior Results Deliver Superior Value Marketing, Selling, “Profits should be a reflection not of a corporate greed but a vote of confidence from society that Servicing, Partnering what is offered by the firm is valued.” – Konosuke Matsushita Live Your Vision Strategies, Organization, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Processes, Innovation – Japanese proverb Strengthen Your Roots Vision, Values, “For every thousand hacking at the leaves of Capabilities, Resources evil, there is one striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau © 2006 Vadim Kotelnikov Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  6. 6. Corporate Vision Providing Purpose, Direction and Motivation Vision is a short and inspiring statement of what your organization intends to become and to achieve at some point in the future. Corporate Vision May Contain Commitment to: Creating an outstanding value for customers and other stakeholders Developing a great new product or service Developing a great company Examples of Corporate Vision GE We bring good things to life. Ford To become the world's leading consumer company for automotive products and services. Microsoft To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. Ten3 To inspire innovation and help people create a better world. Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  7. 7. Mastering Your Enterprise Strategy The Three Hierarchical Levels of Strategy Strategy is a set of Enterprise strategy is analytic techniques concerned with the for understanding match between your and influencing Corporate company’s internal your company’s capabilities and position in the Strategy its external market place Business you should be in environment Business Strategy Tactics to beat the competition Functional Strategy Operational methods to implement the tactics Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  8. 8. The Corporate Strategy Logic Strategy Pyramid (old) vs. Strategy Stretch (new) STRATEGY PYRAMID STRATEGY STRETCH Top-down Top-down + Bottom-up Strategic Intent Vision Mission Goals Challenges Strategies Tactics Opportunities Action plans Old Strategy-based New Opportunity-driven Business Development Model Business Development Model • Effective in known & stable environment • Effective in new & unstable environment Source: Vadim Kotelnikov • Builds on existing competencies • Builds on new competencies T. Marcusso Nivaldo
  9. 9. Opportunity-driven Business Development Choosing Between Strategy and Opportunity Approach Use Strategy Approach Use Opportunity Approach Known environment Unknown environment Stable environment Unstable environment Building on existing Building on new competences, competencies, capabilities, capabilities, products, markets products, markets Need consolidation Need rapid growth Need stability and certainty Need change, accept uncertainty Established capacity for Lack capacity for flexibility, flexibility, corporate venturing, corporate venturing, and speed and speed Adapted from “Changing Strategic Direction”, Peter Skat-Rørdam Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  10. 10. Strategic Management Strategic Programming Model for Stable Environment STRATEGY FORMULATION FEEDBACK LOOP Identify Evaluate Results Mission Derive Objectives STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Identify Create Master Establish Master Alternative Strategies Plans/Programs Budget Evaluate Create Medium-Run Establish Medium-Run Alternatives Plans/Programs Operating Budgets Select Create Short-Term Establish Short-Term Preferred Alternatives Plans/Programs Tactical Budgets Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Adapted from “Strategic Management”, Alex Miller Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  11. 11. FutureStep Strategic Management for Adaptive Organizations STRATEGIC STRATEGY STRATEGY DIAGNOSIS DEVELOPMENT IMPLEMENTATION 1. Process 2. 6. Ecosystem 10. Development of the planning Strategic modeling strategic agenda and issues 7. Scenario 11. Identification of kick-off scan building key change initiatives 5. Mobilizing 9. Strategic for change gaming and simulation 3. Fact 4. Capability finding assessment 8. Strategic 12. Identification of and and option building strategic triggers analysis prognosis Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Adapted from “Managing Complexity”, Robin Wood Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  12. 12. Business-level Strategy Four Categories of Business Tactics Anticipatory Tactics Tactics of Engagement PREEMPTION ATTACK Pioneering Frontal assault Offensive Attacking yourself Flanking maneuver Tactics Intimidation Guerilla warfare Capture Siege warfare DETERRENCE RESPONSE Raising structural barriers Counterattack Defensive Expected retaliation Fast follower Tactics Discouraging attacks Retrenchment Diplomatic peacekeeping Withdrawal Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Adapted from: “Strategic Management”, Alex Miller Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  13. 13. Strategic Management Strategy Programming vs. Strategy Innovation STRATEGY PROGRAMMING STRATEGY INNOVATION Strategy Strategy Analysis & Strategic Learning Analysis Formulation Implementation Dynamic Strategy Formulation Experimental Strategy Implementation AREAS OF EFFECTIVE APPLICATION CONDITIONS STRATEGY PROGRAMMING STRATEGY INNOVATION Environment Simple & stable Complex & dynamic Organization Unadaptive Adaptive Change Slow Fast Innovation Incremental Radical Source: Vadim Kotelnikov Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  14. 14. Strategic Management Source: Premium Execution, Kaplan & Norton, 2008 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  15. 15. Strategic Management Source: Premium Execution, Kaplan & Norton, 2008 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  16. 16. Strategic Management Source: Premium Execution, Kaplan & Norton, 2008 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  17. 17. Strategic Management Source: Premium Execution, Kaplan & Norton, 2008 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  18. 18. Strategic Management Source: Premium Execution, Kaplan & Norton, 2008 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  19. 19. Strategy • Source: MBA – Curso Prático de Estratégia (Liam Fahey, Robert M. Randall) A Arte da Guerra (Sun Tzu) Strategy Safari – A Guide Tour Throught The Wilds of Strategic Management (Henry Mintzberg) Strategy Bites Back (Henry Mintzberg) A Estratégia e o Cenário dos Negócios (Pankaj Chemawat) Strategy is Destiny (Robert A. Burgelman) Execution – The Discipline of Getting Things Done (Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan) Mapas Estratégicos (Robert Kaplan e David Norton) Estratégia Empresarial – Prof. Armando Matiolli O Balanced Scorecard - Prof. Armando Matiolli Alinhamento (Robert Kaplan e David Norton) Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  20. 20. Strategy • Source: Ansoff. H. Igor – A nova Estratégia Empresarial São Paulo – Atlas - 1990 Ghemawat, Pankaj – A Estratégia e o cenário de negócios Porto Alegre – Bookman - 2000 Ohmae, Kenichi – O Estrategista em Ação São Paulo – Pioneira - 1985 Porter, Michael E. – Estratégia Competitiva Rio de Janeiro – Campus - 1986 Porter, Michael E. – Vantagem Competitiva Rio de Janeiro – Campus - 1990 Porter, Michael E. – What is Strategy? Boston – Harvard Business Review – Nov/Dez. 1996 Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  21. 21. Strategy • Source: A Estratégia do Oceano Azul (W. Chan Kin e Renée Mauborgne) Balanced Scorecard e a Gestão do Capital Intelectual (José Francisco Resende) Balanced Scorecard e a Gestão Estratégica (Emílio Herrero Filho) Transformando Conhecimento em Resultados (Beatriz Munoz Seca e Josep Riverola) Peripheral Vision (George S. Day) The Boston Consulting Group On Strategy (Carl W. Stern e Michael S. Deimler) The Well-Timed Strategy (Peter Navarro) Strategy Moves (Jorge A. Vasconcelos e Sá) Nivaldo T. Marcusso
  22. 22. Contact • Email: • Fone: 11-87531352 • Linkedin: – Group: Delta Model – Group: Praxis – Tecnologia Educacional • Blog: • Twitter: @nmarc Nivaldo T. Marcusso