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15 ways forinnovating tomorrowMarc Heleven
15 ways for innovating your business or industry15 ways is a set of checklists and inspiration sources for:   product & se...
1. Shortcutting2. Make new combinations3. Reverse thinking4. Simplifying5. Move from products to services6. Make it person...
2. Make newcombinations for more examples.
1970   2010
3.Reverse thinking
1. Beelden
5.Move from products   to services
6.Make it personal
7. Explore newbusinessmodels
8.Disrupt your industry and
9.Crowdsourcing for moreexamples
10.Explore solutions in  other industries
Adapt      Enrich    Customize     Take one     element      Learn    Experiment      Modify        …1
BMW’s iDrive system was transferred     from the game industry
Nike Shox shoes were adaptedfrom Formula One racing shock absorbers
11.Low tech
12.Make it sustainable for more examples
13.Make your products     smarter
14.Access is moreimportant than  ownership
15.Add some fun
Marc Heleven ideaDJ, innovativeweb search, internet  addict, inspirationsorcerer, 37 ways for  innovation, trend spotter, ...
innovative web search                                                                                  ideaDJ- find new in...
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