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15 impossible projects: never just say impossible to an idea.


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It’s impossible. You are crazy. You are dreaming…
But the following pioneers and explorers kept believing in their dreams and succeeded
So, never just say “impossible” to an idea

15 impossible projects: never just say impossible to an idea.

  1. Never just say‘impossible’to an ideaMarc Heleven15 ‘impossible’ projects
  2. It’s impossible. You are crazy.You are dreaming…But the following pioneers andexplorers kept believing in theirdreams and succeededSo, never just say “impossible” to an
  3. The ice hotelWorlds largest hotel made of ice and snow
  4. The million dollar homepage1.000.000 pixels - $1 per pixel – Sold out and millionaire ;-)
  5. Magdeburg water bridgeCrossing of waterways
  6. Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeWrapping the Reichstag in Berlin
  7. One red paperclipHow to trade a paperclip for a house
  8. The Sagrada FamiliaSometimes with a little delay (1882 - ?)
  9. WikipediaMaking a free encyclopedia with only volunteers
  10. Best job of the world+ $200 million in global publicity value for Tourism Queensland
  11. Energy plus houseHouse produces more energy than it imports
  12. Beach beastsWind-walking examples of artificial life
  13. Cardboard bicycleTough, green and just $20
  14. The world islands DubaiArtificial archipelago of various small islands
  15. Google GlassA computer (display) in your glasses
  16. Baumgartners freefallThe world’s biggest jump (39.045 meters)
  17. Leaning tower of PisaImpossible project created by mistake
  18. 7 ideaswww.7ideas.netInnovation web search / ideaDJ / workshops
  19. More idea killersImpossible project created by mistake