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15 cool ideas and designs that make me happy


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Things don’t have to be boring. 15 recent ideas, designs and innovations that make me happy. So, 15 cool and creative designs that will make you smile,

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15 cool ideas and designs that make me happy

  1. 15 cool ideas that will make you smile Marc Heleven – 7ideas
  2. Young patients at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis got a surprise when they looked out the window. (add experience / surprise)
  3. Moses bridge (do the opposite)
  4. Submarine design MRI for kids (making technology more human)
  5. Warning sign (communicate positively)
  6. Primary school stairs in Diepenbeek / Belgium (add some fun)
  7. High-voltage pylons (look for associations)
  8. German artist Megx repainted a bridge in Wuppertal.
  9. Bus stop in Montreal (make waiting more fun)
  10. Waste bin (use unexpected colors)
  11. potato packaging (make the product lively)
  12. Vegan Lobster (make new combinations)
  13. Unintended use
  14. Infographics (simplify and visualize)
  15. Make new combinations
  16. ? Rooftile birdhouse (add functions)
  17. 17
  18. Twitter: @7ideas innovation consultancy / cross industry web search / innovation workshops / ideaDJ / visual support for keynotes