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Pharma Digital Marketing - 5 future trends


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Digital Marketing within the Pharma Industry:
The first and safer way is to summarize the past 12 months, the second, more dangerous but also more exciting is to predict what will happen in 2015.
For years digital marketing was treated as a fifth wheel in pharma business. Whatever we say, the truth is that those organisations are made of sales force. And a digital sales force was just another marketing gimmick that does not add value but a workload and cost.
However, during past few years this traditional sales force thinking was challenged. Payers pressure forced companies to reduce ranks of sales representatives. Regulatory decisions have limited possibility of sales rep to meet HCPs. The result is that sales rep cannot meet his Client often enough to detail the product and maintain relationship in the same time.
Digital came to help with e-detailing and web-based self-detail solutions. CRM software supports reps with data that allow reps to have a meaningful conversation with HCPs they barely know.
Combining detailing visits with digital tatics and good old direct marketing is our new buzz word: Multi Channel Marketing or Multi Channel Sales

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Pharma Digital Marketing - 5 future trends

  1. 1. PHARMA and Digital Marketing 5 digital trends for 2015
  2. 2. HCPs in the digital Age published by PMLiVE (
  3. 3. Pharma should engage – patients expectations Patients Expect Pharmaceutical Companies to Provide Services that Help Them Manage Their Health, Accenture, March 2014
  4. 4. Pharma should engage – seeking information Patients Expect Pharmaceutical Companies to Provide Services that Help Them Manage Their Health, Accenture, March 2014
  5. 5. Multi channel Marketing One large pharmaceutical company implemented an ICM model and increased the average duration of phone calls and personal meetings with physicians to 29 minutes—well above the industry’s average call time of about 5 minutes—and boosted customer satisfaction levels significantly in the process. BCG, Perspectives, Breaking Through the Noise: Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing in a Digital World, Sept. 2014
  6. 6. The mission for iPrezentr / Multi Channel Sales • Increase the Time customers spend on your product messages. • Increase the Frequency customers interact with your sales reps by enabling automated follow-up and incremental presentations. • Increase the Reach of your sales reps, by offsite remote interactions. • Enable orchestrated interaction strategies with multiple channels across the customer lifecycle. • Capture behavioral data cross channels and gain transparency of sales interactions and performance.
  7. 7. Product lifecycle – Multi-channel sales
  8. 8. Pharma companies are on Facebook
  9. 9. Pharma companies are on Twitter
  10. 10. Example of Twitter activity
  11. 11. Health: different drivers – different approach Bain and Company, Healthcare 2020, June 2012
  12. 12. How to measure ROI for Social Media
  13. 13. 1) Integration of digital tactics within MCM Prediction for 2015: • 2015 will be the year of integration of digital with other channels • Multi Channel Marketing will become the standard approach • Digital Channels will become the core of marketing campaigns • They offer the most advanced data collection capabilities • When integrated, Big Data will deliver behavioral patterns, segmentation and optimized content for campaigns
  14. 14. Prediction for 2015: • Medical conferences are vital for pharma. • Cost of attending are high and regulations are limiting. • Compliment (if not replace) physical meetings with digital (virtual) presence Virtual conferences are • cheap to organize, • free to attend, • accessible worldwide, • not limited in time. 2) Virtual conferences / webcasting
  15. 15. 3) Social Media – connect the dots Prediction for 2015: • It has to come some day: Pharma in Social Media • Industry was long hesitant to enter social media due to drug safety considerations • But remind, information that is needed for valid Adverse Event: • An identifiable patient • An identifiable reporter • A suspect drug or biological product • An adverse event experience suspected to be due to the suspect drug or product • Pharma should listen to the conversation and engage whenever appropriate • Influencers of 2014 are in the social web
  16. 16. 4) Mobile apps decline, raise of the mobile web Prediction for 2015: Due to the war of operating systems and difference in mobile usage habits between regions and countries, to reach your target audience you need to prepare several versions which very often such costly effort is done to find out that content is not compliant weeks after launch and can not be updated easily. Solution: not apps – but the mobile web as free accessible for customers (QR codes referring to mobile friendly webpages) Smartphones: operating systems Tablets: operating systems
  17. 17. 5) Visual and digital content marketing Prediction for 2015: The last trend is directly connected to Digital, Social and Mobile trends. Content is the king for marketers for Pharma, but in the digital age it cannot be text-only / paper developed content. Content will be developed for digital media from the beginning. Furthermore, a image is worth more than thousands words. We will see videos, interactive infographics, images and animations on Youtube, slideshare, Instagram, … content will be accessible mobile and shared on social platforms (DTC) Key: How to visualize medical / scientific information …
  18. 18. • eHealth Nordic provides consulting within marketing and sales organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. • We are focused on how digital activities can add value to the existing marketing and sales activities. • We have vast experience from the pharmaceutical industry such as sales, marketing, regulatory and IT. • eHealth Nordic have developed iPREZENTRTM , a Multi Channel Selling platform, to improve sales force efficiency. • For further information please contact : Janne Pamsgaard, CEO,, Phone: +45 4240 4705,