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Multi Channel Sales Pharma 2014


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iPresentr is a multi channel sales platform for Pharma sales reps and increases time spend with the HCPs on product messages by using the iPad (eDetailing). Furthermore, an increase off frequency (enabled automated follow-up) on the sales visit with the physician as well as an increase of your sales reach can be achieved, by offsite remote interactions.
iPrezentr enables orchestrated interaction strategies with multiple channels - across different stages of the product lifecycle (eLearning, disease awareness, eDetailing, follow-up presentations by email, online detailing supplementing Tele Sales Reps or rep calls, or a self-service site).
All data from each channels are collected (items or slides viewed during the sales call) and can be sorted and analysed.
It is important to mention that the tool is flexible and allows custom created sales pitches / interactions (not one size fits all).
iPrezentr is connecting the dots and closing the loop within Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales (Close Loop Marketing)!

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  • Great PPT, I have come across this great application which helps the Healthcare Sales Professionals all the tools to enhance the engagement with the customer. The platform provides a blend of planning, messaging and reporting tools to fuel higher sales conversions.
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Multi Channel Sales Pharma 2014

  1. 1. A Multi-Channel Sales Platform
  2. 2. The number of no-see HCPs is increasing ZS Associates 2013
  3. 3. HCPs spend 73 more time online than with a sales rep Manhattan Research 2012
  4. 4. Physicians experience with iPad / tablets Manhattan Research, Cognizant: How to Properly Deploy the iPad Within the Pharma Sales Force, 2013
  6. 6. Multi channel Marketing One large pharmaceutical company implemented an ICM model and increased the average duration of phone calls and personal meetings with physicians to 29 minutes—well above the industry’s average call time of about 5 minutes—and boosted customer satisfaction levels significantly in the process. BCG, Perspectives, Breaking Through the Noise: Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing in a Digital World, Sept. 2014
  7. 7. Product lifecycle – Multi-channel sales
  8. 8. The mission for iPrezentr • Increase the Time customers spend on your product messages. • Increase the Frequency customers interact with your sales reps by enabling automated follow-up and incremental presentations. • Increase the Reach of your sales reps, by offsite remote interactions. • Enable orchestrated interaction strategies with multiple channels across the customer lifecycle. • Capture behavioral data cross channels and gain transparency of sales interactions and performance.
  9. 9. 1 presentation – multiple channels HTML5 presentation iPREZENTR administration iPREZENTR reporting iPAD app Self-guided presentation Online meeting (Remote) Self-Service site (webpage) CRM system
  10. 10. Activating Multi-channels – fallback options Online meeting Book meeting
  11. 11. Remote detailing calls are LONGER Because HealthCare Professionals choose the date and time of a call to suit their own schedule. Because while listening, watching and speaking, HCPs lose track of time. Remote detailing duration 16 17 25 35 GP Specialist Hospital Pharmacist in minutes* *Averages based on 20.000 webcalls
  12. 12. Self-Service site – pre-launch
  13. 13. Self-service site – Bricks not covered
  14. 14. • eHealth Nordic provides consulting within marketing and sales organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. • We are focused on how digital activities can add value to the existing marketing and sales activities. • We have vast experience from the pharmaceutical industry such as sales, marketing, regulatory and IT. • eHealth Nordic have developed iPREZENTRTM , a Virtual Selling platform, to improve sales force efficiency. • For further information please contact : Janne Pamsgaard, CEO,, Phone: +45 4240 4705,