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Failsafe 1 hour 2013


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The pay as you go model of cloud removes barriers to entry, and allows small teams to build popular services. But as they say in the super hero movies, with great power comes great responsibility. The challenge? Not that many customers know how to write distributed systems, understand SLAs (especially in the context of service composition), and you have failures at scale. The FailSafe initiative - across MS effort - collects and shares data to avoid them, informed by real world projects. This session is a whirlwind tour through key areas and considerations and application using our technologies that we share with customers and internal teams.

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Failsafe 1 hour 2013

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  3. 3. Retail HQ Manufacturing Project Point of Sale Industry Operational Workloads HR Finance SRM Expense HCM Sales and Distribution Customer Care Citizen Portal Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Administrative Core Horizontal Operational Workloads CRM Workloads
  4. 4. Fault Domains • Failed component can’t take down service • Isolated infrastructure • Physical hosts, racks • Network equipment • Two by default • Role instances across 2+ fault domains Upgrade Domains • VM rolling upgrades, no availability impact • Logical grouping of role instances • Five by default • Role instances spread over upgrade domains • Deployment upgraded for all or one at a time
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