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Enjoy Your Time in "Cloud Vegas"


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The Cloud - be it private, public or hybrid - is kind of like Las Vegas. There's lots of interesting things you can do, it can be an amazing experience, but there are also alot of smart people making bad decisions. This session aims to help make the trip to "Cloud Vegas" an enjoyable one. The session reviews a number of the recurring themes we've seen in 60+ services engagements on Azure. Specificalyy, scenarios, misconceptions and mistakes we've seen in customers, partners and ISV engagements - and more importantly, how to avoid them.

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Enjoy Your Time in "Cloud Vegas"

  1. 1. Always implement retry logic in your code Implemented in Azure Storage client Required for success with SQL Azure Queries can fail for various reasons – a malformed query, network issues, etc. Some errors are transient, the problem often goes away by itself It makes sense to retry the query after a short interval If the query still fails after several retries, you would report an error Not just for storage operations A best practice when calling cloud services
  2. 2. Part of Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure Set of reusable components for adding intelligent retry logic into applications leveraging: SQL Azure Windows Azure Storage Windows Azure Service Bus Windows Azure Caching Service Enables the developer to select from the following retry strategies: Incremental Fixed interval Exponential back-off Extendible strategies Error detection Custom retry logic
  3. 3. Volume Velocity Variety Sensitivity Queryability
  4. 4. • Canonical 3 tier app scales by adding and removing nodes in front and middle tiers. • Federations extend the model to the DB Tier • In SQL Azure partitions have associated per db costs • In highly elastic scenarios partitions may be needed for just a few hours or days • If load is predictable, partition before load commences, de-partition after load has subsided
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