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Social Media for GlobalGiving


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How Obama used social media to become president

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Social Media for GlobalGiving

  1. 1. Social media
  2. 2. How do messages spread? Word of mouth Email Newspaper Website Radio Phone texting Television Twitter ‘blog’
  3. 3. Example: How Obama became president through social media
  4. 4. From this
  5. 5. to this…
  6. 6. A good message is simple, short, memorable , and even iconic CHANGE “ Yes we can”
  7. 7. Because someone may want to spread your message for you… Template for stencil painting Obama’s message
  8. 8. And complex messages are hard to remember. Image stenciled on the street 500m from GlobalGiving headquarters.
  9. 9. A complex message: USA government’s bank bailout. (Don’t do this!) ? ? ? ?
  10. 10. Your message is a cause! Time is ticking! Give , Donate, Send money now. You must take action . We are competing.
  11. 11. Your friends will be the first to adopt your message: my cause = our cause
  12. 12. The Biggest Word Is You!
  13. 13. A “blog” lets your friends (and everyone) tell your story in their own words.
  14. 14. A good message will spread. Source: David Wilcox, The Social Reporter
  15. 15. Corporate = control = democracy + + Source: “What’s next in media: by Neil Perkin
  16. 16. Your supports need different messages and languages.
  17. 18. Where is this?
  18. 19. Where is this? Hint: think strategically!
  19. 20. Strategic thinking: In Germany there are ZERO voters… but they will be future allies.
  20. 21. Not every message will applaud you. But if you talk openly about failure, most people will want to help you.
  21. 22. Obama won through social media Source: “The Social Pulpit: Barack Obama’s Social Media toolkit” by Edelman
  22. 23. Engage people. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Source: “The Social Pulpit: Barack Obama’s Social Media toolkit” by Edelman
  23. 24. Source: “Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map” by Beth Kantor In the end: Iconic Obama art becomes everyone’s tool for self-expression.
  24. 26. The Internet is about interacting… & dialogue!
  25. 27. “ Being on the internet” means….
  26. 28. there are A ‘blog’ is one of 200,000,000 conversations happening this minute!
  27. 29. is where all the people are posting and watching video.
  28. 31. Recent survey: A quarter (25%) of “engaged” donors think the organizations they support are NOT honest or ethical!
  29. 32. Viral marketing has a simple message, tells you why to share it, and how to “pass-on”
  30. 34. Make your message count (and spread)