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How to sell wine online


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A few tips to sell wine online succesfully, got from the experience launching wine shops.

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How to sell wine online

  1. 1. How to sell wine online
  2. 2. Devote your time.....or simply dont try!
  3. 3. Wich wines are you going to sell?  Best-Sellers vs. Top Wines  Bottles vs. Box  Only wine??
  4. 4. Publish detailed information  Pictures (yes, more than one!)  Description  Prices  Tasting notes  Vintage  Variety  Proof  Prizes ...
  5. 5. Be different!  Dont do like the others Run away from “built in 5 minutes” shops  Customize yours
  6. 6. Make it simple!!! Graphical Design  Product Sheet  Buying Process Billing, shipping,…
  7. 7. Take care about legislation  From any country where you want to sell  Get info about age constraints Dont relate your wine with success or popularity...
  8. 8. Invest in marketing  No product is a self selling product  How much is a client worth?  Advertise your shop through different media  Create the “Wine of the Week”  ...or “special wine for a romantic dinner” Add your products to Google Shopping, eBay, Wine-,,...
  9. 9. Be Agile  Answering questions and comments...  Sending orders  Making a reimbursment …
  10. 10. … and trust in experts and professionals!Coding, Design, Marketing, logistics, SEO, social media, legislation,...
  11. 11. Trust in VoidBrains! VinoShopping by